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Shuke and Peach Blossom 舒克与桃花 Episode 12 Recap

Ye Huifang returned to the company with a smile to continue to work. Shortly after Shu Ke returned to his post, he voluntarily resigned. He suddenly felt relaxed and advised Beta to go back to work well before leaving. Tao Shu came to the company to find Ye Huifang for his daughter. He happened to be met by Ming Wanpeng. Tao Shu just came to tell Ye Huifang that her daughter was with him, but was misunderstood by Ming Wanpeng. He thought that Ye Huifang was still having an affair with Tao Shu, and he was immediately angry.

After Shuke resigned, he looked for a job everywhere, but Beijing seemed to have no place for him. After Tao Hua left home, all the cards were stopped, because she often missed work and her salary was very low. Ye Huifang deliberately did this to treat her daughter. Shuke and Tao Hua met in the teahouse and knew that each other’s situation was very helpless. In fact, they both liked each other very much. At this time, they couldn’t help encouraging each other and not worrying too much. They made an agreement to witness each other’s happiness.

Pangya made a lot of snacks during the day and made a special trip to send them to Liu Yu, but found that Liu Yu had stood beside a magnificent Zhong Yuhua, and suddenly lost confidence in herself. In the evening, she went out with Tao Shu and others to buy vegetables. When she came back, she happened to see Shuke and Tao Hua sitting together. She wanted to keep him for dinner, but Tao Shu did not welcome him at all. Shuke knew Tao Shu’s psychology, so he consciously proposed to leave. Tao Hua reluctantly watched him leave.

At night, Pangya and Tao Hua chat in the boudoir. Tao Hua saw that Pangya’s heart belongs, indicating that she was going to take her to the world. After finally, she coaxed Pangya to sleep, but she thought that Shuke couldn’t sleep. This night, Shuke and Tao Hua had difficulty falling asleep.

However, it was agreed that she would take Pangya out the next day. Tao Hua still got up very energetically. She gave Pangya to her friend. After arriving at the company, she received a big task. Tao Hua had never taken over. Ye Huifang’s move directly let Tao Huadi.

Tao Hua had no way to ask for help, so she had to go to the meeting place by herself. Unexpectedly, she met her predecessor Liu Yu and was a competitor. She had little chance of winning without preparation. After the meeting, Tao Hua and Liu Yu walked out of the conference room together.

They happened to meet Zhong Yuhua, who came to Liu Yu for dinner. This time, Tao Hua did not sarcasm any more. I wish them a happy date and left. Tao Hua’s first thing after returning to the company was to apologize to her mother. She is really doing a long life now.

On the other hand, after a transformation from Tao Hua’s friends, she was already young and more beautiful. She also made a special appointment to teach her how to fall in love. Before leaving, she also talked with Beta a few words. Beta was a little worried and secretly followed Pangya.

In the restaurant, he happened to see the fat girl’s appointment in the light and thin fat girl, and he immediately rushed up to fight with the man. Fat girl not only didn’t understand Beta’s kindness, but also scolded Beta, which also made Beta particularly hurt. Shuke saw that Beta was in a mess and also learned about Fat Ya.

When he saw Fat Ya, he couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed that she was bent on marrying into a rich family. Tao Hua didn’t know anything about Pangya. She was also not smooth at work because of her quarrel with her mother.

At this time, Ming Wanpeng came to interrupt the conversation between them and said that she would sign a contract. As the elder of the company, Ye Huifang signed the contract unpreparedly.

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