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Shuke and Peach Blossom 舒克与桃花 Episode 11 Recap

Shuke and Tao Hua began the life of “two”, but Shuke’s mother was still worried that she did not want her son to make an inverted door.

At this time, in Ye Huifang’s company, Ming Wanpeng went with her to meet the customer. Before the customer arrived, Ming Wanpeng stubbornly believed that Ye Huifang refused to accept himself because of Tao Shu. He thought that after Ye Huifang’s only daughter got married, Ye Huifang would consider being with him, but Ye Huifang strongly opposed it. She did not consider it at all. Go with anyone who is Ming Wanpeng or Tao Shu.

At the same time, Zhou Yingying is also very bad in the company. Originally, according to the company’s regulations, she should indeed be punished, but because of Tao Hua’s relationship with Zhong Yuhua, she insisted that Zhong Yuhua had driven her away her means and left the company angrily. This scene happened to be caught by Liu Yu. Liu Yu came to Zhong Yuhua’s office and asked Zhou Yingying about it.

After all, Zhou Yingying is an old employee of the company. He didn’t want Zhong Yuhua to be difficult. He would deal with this matter himself.

Tao Hua planned to buy something for his mother and his family with Shu Ke. When Ye Huifang came home, only Shu Ke’s mother was at home. Shu Ke’s mother took the initiative to chat with Ye Huifang, which surprised Ye Huifang.

In the final analysis, Shuke’s mother wanted to buy a house with her for Shuke and Taohua, but their family’s economy was limited, and Shuke’s job was just a salesperson, so he could not buy a house in Beijing at all.

Ye Huifang did not care about the money to buy a house, but suddenly grasped the key point, Shuke’s work! Shuke’s mother did not expect that she casually mentioned the big deal. Everything about Shuke’s disguise was exposed. What made them even more unbelievable was that the marriage certificate in their hands was still fake, which made the two mothers dumbfounded.

When Shuke and Tao Hua came home, they saw their two mothers with serious faces and forced them to kneel on the ground. Shuke told the truth under the pressure of his mother’s questioning, but in the face of the two, he could only say sorry.

Shuke’s mother tore up the broken passport again in front of Shuke, and immediately got up to let Shuke and Go back to your hometown by yourself. Shuke hesitated for a moment and picked up the fragments of his passport to find his mother, but he still couldn’t stop his mother’s behavior.

Tao Hua still knelt on the ground. Seeing that Shuke was going to leave with his aunt, he hurriedly caught up with him, but still did not stop them.

After Shu Ke and his mother left, Ye Huifang began to scold Tao Hua. Her blood pressure was high and she tried her best to prepare for the wedding. Everything was to live a safe life after Tao Hua got married.

Now the wedding has been completed, but she and Shu Ke are fake. If Tao Hua remarries her, she will be married for the second time.

Tao Hua had bitter words. Although she realized her mistake, everything was still too late to recover, and she could only cry helplessly. Shuke and his mother returned to their rental room, immediately admitted their mistakes, and explained the whole story clearly. Shuke’s mother knew that her son was doing good deeds and forgave her son, but regretted that she really tore up his passport to go abroad. Shuke suddenly fell into confusion.

Tao Hua’s mother was really angry this time, and directly swept Tao Hua out of the house. Tao Hua saw that her mother kept explaining for herself and really left under the aggrieved situation.

After hearing that the matter was exposed, Tao Shu rushed out immediately. He rushed into Tao Hua and Ye Huifang’s villa and hurriedly leaked his mouth. Ye Huifang knew that he had known about this long ago, and she was even more angry, so she immediately let him get out of here. Tao Shu called Zhou Yingying.

As expected, he saw Tao Hua at Zhou Yingying’s home. Tao Shu took Tao Hua back to his teahouse. Fat Ya enthusiastically took Tao Hua to pack her bags. Shukdi passport needs to be reissued, but he will start school in three days. It is still too late. He is very troubled now.

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