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Shuke and Peach Blossom 舒克与桃花 Episode 10 Recap

Afterwards, Liu Yu pointed out the defects in the design one by one. Shuke was not a procrastinator. The cooperation between the two was very pleasant. Shuke did not know that his mother took the attention of his study abroad certificate, sneaked into his room with Tao Hua, and hid his ID photo.

On the other hand, Pangya eavesdropped on the conversation between her father and Tao Shu. In order to stay in Beijing, she rushed in and lied that she and that she and Beta were already together. Uncle Yang was so angry that she went directly to the place where Beta worked to trouble him.

Uncle Yang didn’t listen to their explanation, and hit Beta when he came up. The manager was so scared that Shuke quickly asked Shuke to solve the problem. Uncle Yang chased Beta and left. Shuke and Pangya followed him closely, and the manager was greatly relieved. Wave after wave, Shuke’s mother called the aunts to the open space of Ye Huifang’s villa area in order to strengthen her health and dance, causing the security guard to fine her.

At night, she was worried. Before Shuke had time to intervene, the security guard came to the door. He recognized Shuke’s mother at a glance and put her After all the deeds were explained, Ye Huifang rolled her eyes by Shu Ke’s mother’s quality.

Shuke’s mother was very guilty. She took the opportunity to invite everyone to dinner and also had to call her in-laws, otherwise she would not leave Beijing. Shuke sighed and could only agree.

At night, when he was sorting out his things, he suddenly found that his passport could not be found. Shu Ke didn’t pay attention to it for the time being. What’s more headache now is to put Ye Huifang and Tao Shu on a table. He could only ask Tao Hua to negotiate with her mother about this matter.

Ye Huifang lost her temper on the spot and did not want to say anything with her ex-husband who he wanted to see. Let’s have dinner together. Tao Hua persuaded Ye Huifang for a long time, and finally persuaded Ye Huifang. Ye Huifang thought that if Shuke’s mother could leave after eating, it was not impossible.

Shuke’s mother secretly hid Shuke’s passport to go abroad. She quietly told Taohua that of course, Taohua could not destroy Shuke in this way, so she wanted to take the passport and secretly returned it to Shuke.

Unexpectedly, Shuke’s mother did not want to give it to her. The two tosssed around and tore Shuke’s passport in half, and Tao Hua was suddenly unlovable. In the evening, the family still had to have a meal together. Tao Hua could only think that nothing had happened. Tao Shu was very happy to come to eat this meal, but Ye Huifang never said a word and did not look at Tao Shu at all.

Shuke’s mother called Taohua on the pretext of taking vegetables and left her heirloom to Taohua. Taohua was flattered. Shuke’s mother had already regarded her as a real daughter-in-law and wanted her to pass on her family. Shu Ke’s mother proposed to take a family photo. Although Ye Huifang’s face was not good-looking, she still took a picture. After dinner, she sent the Tao Shu Shuke’s mother looked at the photos taken by Tao Hua for her in the room. Shu Ke thanked Tao Hua for taking care of her mother after seeing it.

Shuke expressed her gratitude to Taohua. While taking care of her mother, she also thanked her for supporting her to go abroad for further study. Taohua maintained her superficial calmness and couldn’t stand it when she went to the toilet. She really didn’t know how to ask Shuke and said that her passport had been torn.

At night, Shuke and Tao Hua both had some insomnia, so they talked about their own family. Shuke’s father was a policeman. He and Shuke’s mother were very in love. Taohua’s parents also had times of love. However, as Taohua grew up, the two still broke up. Taohua’s only wish for growing up in a divorced family was to have a meal with her parents. And Shuke helped her realize this wish.

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