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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 15 Recap

After a period of introspection, Zhang Anren knew that his handling of this matter was not proper, so he apologized to Jiang Nansun and hoped that they could sit down peacefully and discuss the matter. However, Jiang Nansun bluntly refused to help. In fact, there is no right or wrong theory between the two of them. He has her own way of doing things and she has her own life attitude. The estrangement due to the collision of three views shows that this relationship is not appropriate.

Now that the debt has been paid off, the old grandmother and Jiang’s father are discussing the housing problem. After all, they can’t live in Zhu Suosuo’s house. In the end, they find that there are hundreds of thousands of deposits left. If you want to buy a house in Shanghai, it should be. It is difficult to find suitable listings.

Father Jiang has been idle for most of his life, originally planning to go out to find a job, but thinking that he is old and has no possessions, the imbalance from the rich has become helpless for him, and then evolved into despair. The old grandmother sat in the room waiting for her son to take a shower and take her out. Unexpectedly, it didn’t take long for her son to jump off the building. At this moment, the bathroom window was wide open, leaving only the sad old man in the empty bathroom.

Due to the sudden incident, everyone except the Jiang family was in shock. Zhu Suosuo asked Fan Jingang for leave as soon as he heard the bad news, and then hurried home. Even Xie Hongzu invited his ancestral friend Xiaohe to help.

Jiang Nansun was very calm in contacting the funeral affairs and connecting with the creditors. Everything seemed to be in order, until his aunt Dai Qian came back from abroad to handle the accounting issues for her. Jiang Nansun returned to the room, as if tranced like a dream for the previous few days, especially when facing Zhu Suosuo, she was finally able to unscrupulously release the emotions that were pressing in her heart, sobbing and crying under the blanket.

Fan Jingang was shocked by the news of Jiang’s father’s death, which made him be cautious, and even began to prepare for an appointment for a medical examination and a will. After Ye Jinyan learned of this, he instructed Fan Jingang to transfer Zhu Suosuo’s job and deal with her affairs.

Zhang Anren didn’t know how to face the Jiang family, so he asked Professor Dong to visit Jiang Nansun on his behalf and handed in the few wages. As Jiang Nansun’s mentor, Professor Dong was naturally as tempting as an old father, and helped her when she was most helpless. Jiang Nansun was grateful to Professor Dong and couldn’t help crying, but when he heard Zhang Anren was nearby, he refused to meet.

The old grandmother couldn’t accept the shock of her son’s death. She was locked in the room all day, not being elegant and decent, as if she lost her brilliance instantly. Jiang Nansun hoped that the old grandmother would accept the reality, so on the day of the funeral, she helped her prepare clothes for attendance and tidy up her makeup. At the same time, Zhu Suosuo found Xiaohe downstairs, and after asking about it, he found out that Xie Hongzu let him stay here to help everyone take care of the funeral.

Since Yang Ke was promoted to deputy general manager, the sales manager has been replaced by someone else. Just as colleague Aipel mentioned this to Zhu Suosuo and asked her how to attack Ye Jinyan, Fan Jingang suddenly appeared and took Zhu Suosuo to a new position. . As a result, Zhu Suosuo didn’t follow, turned into Yang Ke’s office, and couldn’t help but complain about Fan Jingang’s squeeze on him.

After realizing it, Fan Jingang immediately called Zhu Suosuo back to the office and reassigned her office space. Originally, Zhu Suosuo thought that she would have the same large office as Fan Jingang, but what caught her eye was a desk that was comparable to a child’s use. There was nothing other than the desk, and there was no trace of the chair. Fan Jingang did not care about Zhu Suosuo’s protest, and even called it a golden work position. His eloquence made Zhu Suosuo completely convinced and had to accept it.

Through Dai Qian’s proposal, Jiang’s mother agreed to take Jiang Nansun to Italy to start life again. As for the old grandmother, she stayed in Shanghai and could live in a nursing home with better conditions. But the old man did not care about the amount of money at this age, and he hoped that he could be accompanied by relatives.

However, Jiang’s mother had made up his mind to leave, but Jiang Nansun listened to everyone’s conversation, and couldn’t make up his mind for a while, and simply went to learn from Professor Dong. Professor Dong thinks that since the matter can’t be solved, you might as well let the flow go and let time help her make a choice.

At the dinner table, Jiang Nansun directly confessed that she thought that her mother had been depressed in this home for more than 20 years, so she wished to let Dai Qian take Jiang’s mother to Italy, and she would stay to take care of her grandmother. When the old grandmother heard Jiang Nansun’s words, her heart fell. She took Jiang Nansun’s hand that night, tears filled her eyes with excitement.

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