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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 13 Recap

The old grandmother saw that the debt collector had taken out an IOU of 2.3 million and bluntly said that she was unable to pay off this part of the money, and she had to wait for Father Jiang to come back and find a way. However, at this time, Jiang’s mother asked everyone to go with her to get the money, saying that she could pay 200,000 yuan first. Because she was worried about Jiang Nansun’s situation, she told Zhang Anren to accompany Jiang Nansun and asked Jiang Nansun to contact Jiang’s father.

Father Jiang hid in the dark and saw the debt collector leave and sneaked into the house. After seeing the son’s return, the old grandmother immediately asked about the debt. It turned out that Jiang’s father borrowed far more than that. Jiang’s father was worried that debt collectors would come one after another, so he planned to move to Zhang Anren’s house and proposed to bring Zhu Suosuo.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Anren thought that the house was too small to accommodate so many people. In addition, the other party might go to school to make trouble when he knew it, which would cause a bad influence, so he suggested to stay in a hotel. Jiang Nansun understood that he was afraid of getting into trouble and decided to let his family live in his rented house. Zhang Anren hoped that Jiang Nansun would leave a way for him. Jiang Nansun bluntly said that he was making a way for himself.

Yang Ke took Zhu Suosuo to rent a house. Zhu Suosuo wanted to rent a small apartment to live alone, but when he received a call from his girlfriend Jiang Nansun, he immediately rented a house of more than 150 square meters. Afterwards, Yang Ke reminded Zhu Suosuo that he shouldn’t reveal his intentions just now, so that he was unable to make more discounts when bargaining. Zhu Suosuo bluntly said that when he heard Jiang Nansun’s family had nowhere to go, his head was almost exploded. Yang Ke once again mentioned his resignation, Fan Jingang asked him to make a price at will, and Zhu Suosuo promised to follow Yang Ke to leave.

Several members of the Jiang family moved to Zhu Suosuo’s house. Zhu Suosuo left the largest bedroom to Jiang’s father and Jiang’s mother, and prepared a sunny room for his grandmother. Jiang Nansun was pleased with Zhu Suosuo’s care for herself, but hoped that she would not mention Zhang Anren’s refusal to let the Jiang family live in the past. Mother Jiang, who had never cooked, began to cook. Although Jiang’s father and others felt that the food was not good, they were gratified that the family could be together, but the old grandmother was unwilling to eat. He called Mother Jiang to the room and prepared to teach her to cook.

That night, Jiang’s father went out to lend money, Jiang Nansun reminded him to come back even if he couldn’t borrow money, because he caused the current things. Zhu Suosuo said that Jiang’s family still needs 10 million repayment, so he wanted to consult Jiang Nansun’s ideas.

Zhu Suosuo was called into the office by Ye Jinyan, hoping that she would go around in various departments. If she sells the house just because she is beautiful, she will easily be replaced in the future, so selling the house must be professional. Zhu Suosuo wanted to make money to help Jiang Nansun pay off his debts, so he was unwilling to leave. Ye Jinyan mentioned that Yang Ke was about to leave the sales department as the vice president of the company. Zhu Suosuo immediately realized the problem and agreed to his decision on the spot.

Jiang Nansun went to the school to look for Zhang Anren. Zhang Anren changed his former gentleness and angrily mentioned that Jiang’s father went to the office to find himself to borrow money. He even thought that his actions were embarrassing. After this incident, Jiang Nansun finally understood Zhang Anren’s hypocrisy.

However, life is not completely hopeless. She learned from Professor Dong the good news that she was admitted to the doctorate. Professor Dong knew about the farce between Zhang Anren and Jiang’s father in the office, hoping that the news would make Jiang Nansun feel better, and also mentioned that Wang Yongzheng, who was far away, was also concerned about her family’s situation.

Zhu Suosuo is about to be transferred to other departments. In order to sell many houses as soon as possible, she privately called Ye Jinyan’s friend Mr. Yang, hoping that the other party could agree to the change of houses. After Ye Jinyan knew about the incident, he immediately called Zhu Suosuo to the office to give a lesson, thinking that even if she was selling tofu, she had to refer to which piece of tofu.

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