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llustrated Book of Beauty in Martial Art 武林秘案之美人圖鑑 Episode 11 Recap

The mayor once told Chu Yunxiao that there was a secret road leading to the outside world. Leng Xingchen took the drawing and found the switch on the wall. She pressed the back door to open automatically. The three of them entered the secret path. Chu Yunxiao didn’t understand why she found the switch. Leng Xingchen explained that there had been a collapse here.

The dilapidated palace, covered with spider webs, and there are still some dead human bones in the secret road, which looks quite crippled. They discovered in the secret path that the former princess Lin Shuhua and her daughter Lin Wanniang’s excellent writing, Leng Xingchen realized that his mother committed suicide instead of being killed by the General Zhen Guo. It makes sense to think about it. If Lin Wanniang and Lin Shuhua are not dead, how can Tie Zhongtang let the women and children in the palace go.

Hu Wanhua brought everyone to look for them, and was a little scared when he saw the dry bones in the secret path. Leng Xingchen took the drawing and found the exit. After coming out, Chu Yunxiao sighed that they not only walked out of the misty forest, but also walked out of their nightmare. They didn’t even know that the Chuxun people followed them all the time. Ji Xuanyuan found that Gao Yue was a little depressed after coming out of the misty forest.

When asked why, Gao Yue was unwilling to confide. They temporarily rested in a flat place, Leng Xingchen and Chu Yunxiao went looking for firewood, and the blowing Xun man saw them together, and clenched the Xun in resentment. Hu Wanhua wanted to know what Gao Yue saw in the illusion, but Gao Yue resisted to talk about it. Ji Xuanyuan followed Jin Hao to hunt prey, and Hu Wanhua also followed. Later, he discovered that Jin Hao’s men had been killed by something unknown.

By the time they arrived, the person was no longer angry. Jin Hao was anxious and insisted on catching the murderer, but Hu Wanhua stunned him with a punch. The Chu Xun people used the Xun sound to lead Chu Yunxiao and the others away, leaving only Gao Yue and the three women. When they were not paying attention, Jin Hao and Awei stood up and walked away quietly. They searched for the night and finally found the kidnapped victim and Jin Hao who was close to madness.

Leng Xingchen checked the victim’s wound and felt that the shape of the wound was more like a human tooth mark. The blood in their bodies was sucked away, as if they had hypersensitivity. Shangguan Qianqian didn’t know what hyperphilia was, so Leng Xingchen simply explained it. After disposing of the body, they hurriedly left, and Chu Yunxiao heard a strange xun sound again.

Chu Yunxiao and Ji Xuanyuan followed the xun sound, but found nothing. At this time, Jin Hao made an excuse to relieve his hand, and met a bloodthirsty woman. The other party was reluctant and the target was his neck. Jin Hao desperately broke free, his screams attracted everyone, after they controlled this bloodthirsty woman, Leng Xingchen asked them to lay down Jin Hao flat. Leng Xingchen checked Jin Hao’s injuries, some of them were serious. Whether he can survive tonight depends on his luck. The identity of the woman aroused their speculation.

Chu Yunxiao had seen Duo’er’s portrait and knew that this woman was Duo’er. Leng Xingchen could see that she seemed to have been poisoned by a poison that could be manipulated. When everyone was resting in the cave, Shangguan Qianqian was extremely unhappy when he saw Chu Yunxiao and Leng Xingchen together. He learned that his sister liked Chu Yunxiao very much, and Shangguan Rufeng said that he would help her fight for it.

The picture of the two leaning against each other irritated Chu Xun, and her eyes were full of hatred. The next day they left Huihungu, Duoer was also placed to rest, Jin Hao had survived the most dangerous moment. When she woke up, Duoer told them that she had been knocked out and she was already in the Valley of Souls when she woke up, and she could vaguely hear the xun. At this time, the key is to find the Xun Xun. By coincidence, the sound of Xun sounded again. This time they saw the Xun Xun and everyone chased him.

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