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llustrated Book of Beauty in Martial Art 武林秘案之美人圖鑑 Episode 10 Recap

Chu Yunxiao walked out, the people outside disappeared one by one, and he heard the xun sound that made him unbearable. Chu Yunxiao chased it out, only to see a man in black passing by. At this time Leng Xingchen and the others met with a group of martial artists. Gao Yue, Hu Wanhua, and Ji Xuanyuan also walked into the mist, and separated from Chu Yunxiao and Shangguan Qianqian. Chen Feng found a palace in front of him, and everyone walked in. Shangguan Rufeng touched a switch opening, resembling a gemstone necklace of Leng Xingchen.

He guessed that the person who stole the necklace had already arrived here first. The group of martial arts people just now started to fight each other strangely. Chen Feng and Nangong Ye told everyone to stop fighting, but they seemed to be unable to hear the outside world. At this moment, the palace began to collapse, and Nangong Ye was crushed by the pillar and unable to move. Leng Xingchen and Shangguan Rufeng rescued him with the help of Chen Feng.

Chu Yunxiao’s hallucinations were even more serious. He saw another himself, and the other party actually called him Tie Chengyang, and he claimed to be Chu Yunxiao. Chu Yunxiao kept asking who he was, and the masked woman appeared in front of him. She ran, and unexpectedly brought Chu Yunxiao out of the illusion. Another person who fell into the illusion was Ji Xuanyuan. He saw Hu Wanhua and Gao Yue’s son Hu Wanyi. At first he did not believe that Gao Yue and Hu Wanhua had become relatives and had children. Until seeing their family, Ji Xuanyuan’s heart was like a knife. Although he usually looks cold, he has a certain affection for Gao Yue. How can he not feel sad when the person he likes becomes the wife of his good brother.

Ji Xuanyuan was drinking at the inn in the fantasy world, and unexpectedly saw Hu Wanhua who was so drunk. He mumbled that he wanted to return to the rivers and lakes. Later Gao Yue came to help him back. Hu Wanhua resisted, Gao Yue directly knocked him drunk and brought him home. Gao Yue has a deep affection for Hu Wanhua, but Hu Wanhua is dedicated to freedom and hates Gao Yue for holding herself with children. Ji Xuanyuan couldn’t stand it, and let Gao Yue and herself leave. But Gao Yue didn’t want to, and she also told Ji Xuanyuan to ignore her housework. Ji Xuanyuan shouted heartily, but he couldn’t get Gao Yue’s turn around. After a while, the three of them were all awake. Their dreams seemed to be connected. Gao Yue was the first to wake up, followed by Hu Wanhua and Ji Xuanyuan. They suddenly realized that everything just now was a dream.

Shangguan Qianqian was looking for people everywhere, and Shangguan seemed to have heard her voice in a trance. Afterwards, Shangguan Qianqian finally met Gao Yue and the others, and the group continued to search for Chu Yunxiao. Chu Yunxiao only heard xun sounds. Nangong Ye and Shangguan Rufeng felt uncomfortable when they heard these xun sounds, but Leng Xingchen and Chen Feng were fine. Chen Feng went after the xun blower and met Chu Yunxiao, who mistakenly thought he was a xun blower. After a few tricks with him, Chu Yunxiao clicked on his acupuncture point and declared that he was not the xun blower he was looking for. . Following the direction pointed by Chen Feng, Chu Yunxiao found Leng Xingchen.

Leng Xingchen was also affected by the xun, vomiting a mouthful of blood and fainted. Fortunately, Chu Yunxiao rushed to support her in time. Chu Yunxiao took them to the hall that had just collapsed. Chen Feng found the xun blower and was injured by her. Nangong Ye vomited blood, congested blood from internal injuries, and Leng Xingchen asked him to lie down to regulate his blood. Chen Feng returned and said that he hadn’t caught the Xun blower, Gao Yue and the others saw a ruin and were about to walk in. Chu Yunxiao found that this palace was different from the palace on the drawings, and couldn’t help wondering if the mayor was lying to him.

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