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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 26 Recap

Father Liang felt that Grandpa Liang had already appeared on this matter, and he couldn’t leave it alone, and Xiao Ran did not dare to sell Liang Fan. Liang Sishen laughed. Humanity is unreliable when a real crisis occurs. After all, she is the only person in the family who has suffered a loss and shed blood in the market. Liang’s mother felt sorry for Liang Sishen and couldn’t help crying, saying that she regretted letting her go to the United States to suffer so many crimes, but Liang Sishen felt that these made her stronger. After the fallout with her grandfather, she was worried about her future livelihood and wanted to invest in earning some money.

Money, I didn’t expect to lose a lot at the beginning, and then Song Yunhui made a lot of money when she asked her to represent Jinzhou Chemical products. Liang Sishen called Song Yunhui and wanted to ask him to help investigate Xiao Ran.

Yang Xun went home. Mother Yang happened to be away. His younger brothers and sisters were eating. Yang Xun was a little sad to see them eating brown rice all day long. Yang Li was still angry that Yang Xun owed the money to Mother Yang. Yang Xun said that he would pay back the money bit by bit, as long as they study hard and work hard, they returned 200 yuan per person. As a result, Mother Yang came back at this time and took the money back from them and gave it to Xun Yang.

Yang Xun took 30,000 yuan back, although it was a little bit less, but it also gave the creditors peace of mind, thinking about paying off their debts and buying a house in the East China Sea for them to live in the city. Mother Yang suddenly had a stomachache, and Xun Yang hurriedly filled her with a hot water bottle, planning to take her to the hospital tomorrow, but Mother Yang refused. Yang Xun received a call from Song Yunhui, but there was no signal here, so he could only go to the village to call back.

Song Yunhui asked Yang Xun to talk to Liang Sishen about Xiao Ran’s situation. Yang Xun agreed, and then received a call from Liang Sishen. Yang Xun Mingming heard clearly but pretended to be a bad signal, and asked Liang Sishen for Shanghai. The address says that I’ll be there at noon tomorrow. Yang Xun planned to take Liang’s mother to the hospital after finishing the work tomorrow. Liang’s mother asked him to do business well, so that the second child would take her to the county hospital for a check. Yang Xun drove to Shanghai overnight and arrived at the hotel where Liang Sishen lived.

Yang Xun asked the front desk for help to call Liang Sishen, but Liang Sishen was not in the room. The front desk was going to receive the next guest. Yang Xun took out a wad of banknotes from his bag to open a room, and then called to find someone. Liang Sishen came to the hotel lobby at this time. Yang Xun was deeply attracted by her temperament, but she did not expect that she was Liang Sishen. Liang Sishen politely asked Yang Xun if he wanted to take a break, and Yang Xun found an excuse to take a rest for half an hour, then quickly changed into a suit and came out. Half an hour later, Liang Sishen changed his clothes and went to the cafe with Yang Xun. Yang Xun opened the English menu and couldn’t understand a word, so he quickly handed it to Liang Sishen.

Liang Sishen heard that Yang Xun was one of Song Yunhui’s few good friends. He didn’t expect that he would rush to Shanghai in person and directly said that he wanted to know about Xiao Ran. Yang Xunluo talked a lot about Xiao Ran. The heart is too big and has never seen his own market. Liang Sishen believed that these two shortcomings were both advantages. Yang Xun was obviously not guilty of both sides in the irony. This was because Liang Sishen was very dissatisfied with his attitude, and his expression suddenly changed.

Yang Xun didn’t converge. He changed his method to flatter Liang Sishen and praised his market. Liang Sishen got up and left. Yang Xun hurried to catch up, saying that she was Song Yunhui’s friend and he wouldn’t lie to her, but Liang Sishen scolded Yang Xunzhiyan for being in charge. He came today to be involved in relationships. She has seen this kind of people since childhood, in order to build relationships Personal self-esteem is ignored. Yang Xun was irritated by these words. He is a villain who tends to gain influence, but he earns every cent of his money.

Who wants to be a humble man? After all, it is not for living! Yang Xun and Liang Sishen told their stories, so they cooperated with Xiao Ran. Some time ago, his market funds had a problem. Xiao Ran didn’t settle down and allowed him to last month, which is considered to have saved him. After listening to these, Liang Sishen hastily apologized, and wanted to ask Yang Xun to have a meal to inquire about Xiao Ran and Song Yunhui’s current situation. They have not seen each other for twelve years.

Hong Wei wanted to see Lei Dongbao. After Lei Dongbao was sentenced, he was the first to see him, but Wei Chunhong saw that he was going to see Lei Dongbao. Hong Wei said that the equipment in the factory in the village was aging and the system was not good. He wanted to change Lei Shigen but kept stopping him. Wei Chunhong didn’t care about Xiao Lei’s factory at all, and Yang Xun kept them only for Lei Dongbao. Hongwei wants Lei Dongbao to support his contracting.

He has prestige. Wei Chunhong didn’t stop him. He just told Hongwei that when he saw Lei Dongbao this time, he must not say that the people of Xiaolei’s family should speak ill of him outside, nor should he let him. Know that Lei Mu can’t live in the village anymore. Wei Chunhong and Hongwei said in front of Lei Dongbao that the people of Xiaolei’s family were very concerned about him, but Lei Dongbao knew that something went wrong in the village.

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