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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 25 Recap

Lao Du came to Yang Xun to scold him for being ungrateful, but Yang Xun and Xun Jianxiang had a tough attitude. Lao Du and others decided to rent after thinking about it. The East China Sea Wholesale Market was opened, and the business was very prosperous, and Lao Du and others were even more happy. Yang Xun and Xun Jianxiang were very happy looking at the market full of people. Cheng Kaiyan and his friends went to the wholesale market. Yang Xun hurriedly came to receive him. Cheng Kaiyan had something to say and Yang Xun said separately. The two went to Yang Xun’s office. Yang Xun said that he used his experience in the Northeast Street to go door to door. Propaganda, the fair is so prosperous.

Cheng Kaiyan took out a gift and said that it was the heart of Cheng’s father and Cheng’s mother. Cheng Qianli would not do business and sold it thanks to Yang Xun’s help. Yang Xun said it was just a matter of effort, not to mention Song Yunhui told him to keep it secret. If he accepts it, how can he explain it to Song Yunhui? If Cheng Kaiyan really wants to thank him, do him a favor and ask the family of the Donghai factory in charge of logistics. Cheng Kaiyan said that their family members did not come today. Yang Xun said that Donghai logistics helped to organize the fair. He wanted to thank others. Cheng Kaiyan didn’t feel very good at first, so Yang Xun moved her with a few words.

Therefore, Cheng Kaiyan took Gao Xiangrong’s wife Liu Jie to the Yangxun market, and Yang Xun took the two to stroll around the market, holding large bags and small bags behind them. Cheng Kaiyan was really weak, so Yang Xun drove them back, and bought some gifts for Gao Xiangrong and took them along. Returning to the market, Yang Xun was already half tired, and Xun Jianxiang said that the market was not enough fire extinguishers and he would buy another fifty.

Yang Xun was busy all night, and finally the Donghai factory’s New Year’s Day benefits were snapped up in their market. Xun Jianxiang thought Song Yunhui helped him, but he didn’t expect that he bypassed Song Yunhui and went to Gao Xiangrong. No wonder he was right these days. Cheng Kaiyan is so diligent. Xun Jianxiang was worried that Song Yunhui would be implicated. He most hated Cheng Kaiyan’s association with those officials and wives!

Yang Xun came to pay Xiao Ran the balance and interest. Xiao Ran was surprised that he was able to collect the payment in such a short period of time. He also directly expressed that he was interested in his market, so he did not plan to collect the money. Even if it was his shares, the two would partner together. dry. Yang Xun naturally refused, his market is now more than 1.5 million, not to mention all kinds of contacts are also funds. Xiao Ran offered another two plots of land as conditions. Yang Xun was curious why Xiao Ran was tempted to cooperate with him. Xiao Ran said that after the Southern Tour speech, the spring of the private economy has come, and Yang Xun’s market is promising.

Yang Xun was still not persuaded. Xiao Ran simply confessed to him that he had to borrow from the bank for office development in Shanghai. The bank felt that the collateral was not enough, so Xiao Ran planned to install Yang Xun’s market and borrow 10 million. Xun Yang was shocked. He worried that his market would be affected if Xiao Ran didn’t get the money. Xiao Ran said that he could ask a lawyer to sign an agreement with him, but once he fell, no agreement would be useful. Yang Xun gritted his teeth and gave Xiao Ran 50% of the shares in exchange for two plots of land next to the market.

Liang Sishen returned to China and landed in Shanghai. Liang’s mother came to meet her at the airport, and Liang’s father had a temporary meeting. Liang’s mother introduced Xiao Ran to Liang Sishen, who was Liang Fan’s friend, and Liang Fan came soon afterwards and graciously presented a bunch of flowers to Liang Sishen. Liang Sishen expressed fear. Liang Fan and Xiao Ran sent Liang Sishen and Liang’s mother back to Grandpa Liang’s house, but Liang Sishen said that he would go to the hotel with his parents at night, so he refused to give Liang Fan this face.

Liang’s mother and Liang Sishen explained that Liang Fan plans to build an office building in Shanghai. Xiao Ran is his partner. Liang Sishen feels very puzzled. She is in real estate and she is a chemical company, but she can’t invest in him. They have taken it seriously. However, Liang Sishen is now prosperous, and Grandpa Liang even gave her a special reception banquet, who can look down on them.

Grandpa Liang said that there are two themes today. One is to praise Liang Sishen, and the other is to celebrate the establishment of Liang Fan and Xiao Ran’s company. Liang’s father, as an elder, provides them with loans to support the Liang family’s third-generation business, so Liang’s father is today’s protagonist. . In the evening, Liang Fan and Xiao Ran talked to Liang’s father and Liang’s mother about the loan, and Liang Sishen couldn’t help but issue an eviction order.

After the two left, Liang Sishen asked Liang’s father why he wanted to lend Liang Fan to them. Out of professional considerations, he believed that Liang Fan was not capable of doing business in office buildings. Although the economy is growing rapidly, they must avoid risks. Liang Fan has family members. Protecting him from harm does not mean that the loan that Liang’s father released can also be harmed. Xiao Ran looked like a quiet person. If he really encounters risks, he will definitely sell Liang Fan.

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