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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 24 Recap

Director Zhou inspected the Donghai Chemical Plant. Director Zhou asked when the second phase would be launched. Song Yunhui quickly stated that he had contacted Rhoda in the United States and Total in France. He just didn’t know the time of their visit to China. Director Zhou said Donghai Chemical The progress of the second phase of the factory is indeed a bit slower, but if you can negotiate with these companies, the progress can be slower. They are also advised to try boldly. Equity swaps and joint ventures are all possible. Song Yunhui is very happy.

After the Southern Tour’s speech, the policy was fine. Yang Xun’s market sold 800,000, and 500,000 was given to Xiao Ran, and all the remaining money was invested in the East China Sea market. Yang Xun and Xun Jianxiang were staring at the construction site all day long. Yang Xun even spent ten thousand to get the National Taiwan University Brothers. Xun Jianxiang was anxious. Now when they are short of money, he still spends the wronged money. Yang Xun bought the eldest brother to pretend to be lavish and talked to Xiao Ran about deferred payment, and finally agreed to pay before October. During this time, Xun Jianxiang had to stare at the construction site and had to find someone to rent the shop.

Xun Jianxiang said bitterly that he had ran a lot of small stores during this period, but none of them were tempted. They all felt that the location was not good and the business was not good. Yang Xun thought about it and wanted to find a supplier, but the price was low. It doesn’t matter, it must be opened before the Mid-Autumn Festival, and it will be the first shot in the market. Yang Xun added interest in order to negotiate business with Xiao Ran. If he didn’t return the money to the market within three months, he would have to be named Xiao. Xun Jianxiang was very anxious when he heard about it. How much effort he put into this market, Yang’s mother also borrowed money. It’s all in the market. Yang Xun himself has a big heart. As long as his mind does not slip, there are more ways than difficulties.

Yang Xunzhuang went to the Lao Du grocery store to show off. Lao Du successfully became interested in his market and said that he could be a soap wholesaler. He also promised to take Yang Xun to see the wholesaler of tobacco, alcohol, sugar and tea. Yang Xun called He just left the phone to himself and left him a contract for renting a shop. Lao Du had doubts at first, seeing that Yang Xun quickly called him the supplier.

Liang Sishen, who works on Wall Street in the United States, helped Song Yunhui recommend Donghai Chemical Plant to Luoda, the United States. Liang Sishen resigned the next day and proposed to join Luoda and be responsible for Luoda’s projects in China. She is in charge of the entire team. She knows better than anyone. Chinese market. Although Gene hoped that Liang Sishen would join Luoda, he could not let her be in charge of the entire team. Liang Sishen said that being in charge of the entire team was the prerequisite for her to join Luoda.

Under Liang Sishen’s argument, Gene still agreed to Liang Sishen’s condition. Song Yunhui received a fax from the United States and quickly called Liang Sishen. Liang Sishen said that he had persuaded Luoda that they would go to China within the year. The East China Sea was one of the stops, and she joined Luoda and was responsible for Luoda’s investment in China. Song Yunhui was very happy and revealed to the Japanese manufacturer that Roda would be in the East China Sea within this year.

Mayor Wang came to inspect Yang Xun’s market. Mayor Wang said he would help their market. Yang Xun wanted Xun Jianxiang to give a gift to Mayor Wang. Xun Jianxiang never gave it out. Mayor Wang said that he helped the market because Song Yunhui’s face. Lao Du and other tenants came to see Yang Xun to make trouble, saying that Yang Xun had rented out their favorite shops to others. Yang Xun said that they were optimistic about not renting the shops. What was wrong with him, not to mention that the future development prospects of the market are very good. It will rise to four hundred. Lao Du was very angry. The first batch of tenants in the market was his relationship. Isn’t Yang Xun crossing the river to demolish the bridge?

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