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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 36 Recap

Zhu Ming’s firetail was born in the gas forest. Here, the patrol disciples will carry anti-qi things. How should he search for anti-qi sachets on the two Qingyungou disciples? The two met Yang Di, who was chasing after a few steps. It turned out that Qingyungou was about to change the head, and Yang Di learned that the two had entered the forbidden area regardless of life and death, so they could chase him alone.

Li Yan, who is not aware of Zhu Ming’s firetail grass and is not good at martial arts, does not want to leave the two people to hide and wait alone, so she has to venture to enter together. When it was difficult to resist, Li Yan suddenly had a whim that Yang Yu hung the sachet around her neck and carried her forward with her back, so that she could smell the incense and detoxify together.

The three of them went deep into the forest all the way, and Zhu Ming’s firetail was also between the rocks not far away from them. There are many eggs laid by poisons in front of you. Once accidentally crushed, they will be covered by the attracted poison in an instant. Li Yan was delicate and agile. She walked alone and successfully took off Zhu Ming’s firetail in Yang Di and Ying He’s worried eyes.

At the same time, Hu Tianying was bringing a group of disciples to Qingyungou, and turned over his hands to faint the guard disciples, like entering an empty land. Hu Tianying happened to meet Qingyungou’s re-election of the head, so she was long and short with the elder in the name of comparing medical trials. She was good at poisoning and invulnerable to all her own poisons. She easily made the elders lack of vitality and blood, and she had no resistance.

Hu Tianying is good at using drugs and claiming to be the only heir of Dayu Yaogu. He and other people control all the disciples of Qingyungou. Only then did the elder recognize that the other party is the traitor who burned the Great Medicine Valley.

The elder did not want to betray Li Yan and others, but Hu Tianying threatened the lives of his disciples, resulting in a disciple who was unwilling to sacrifice his life. Only then did he take the initiative to reveal the story of two strangers who had come to Gu Zhong.

After successfully taking the medicine, Li Yan and her three fled straight to the bottom of the mountain and passed a mountain teahouse to rest. Only then did they learn from the store that there had been a group of evil people passing here.

After the woman in charge asked where Qingyungou was, she threw a fruit to the wild dog casually, which immediately killed the living creature. How could she know that the person must be pitying Hu Tianying?

Yang Yu secretly returned to Qingyungou from the path, but Qingyungou was poisoned hard. Only when he deliberately created chaos and let Ying He Cong and Li Yan take the opportunity to steal the antidote.

Unexpectedly, the two failed to find the antidote for a long time, so Hu Tianying came back first. When should he hide in the cabinet again, the shadow of childhood invaded his heart again.

When the Great Medicine Valley collapsed, what should he do now hide in the cabinet and watch Hu Tianying kill his master with his own eyes. This is the pain and fear that he will never forget in his life. Ying He looked at Hu Tianying getting closer and closer from the cracks in the cabinet. She was sweating all over her head and her hands could not stop shaking.

Yang Qian’s sudden appearance gave Li Yan and her a respite. Although he didn’t know whether it was effective, he had to take out the antidote he made and gave it to Li Yan to detoxify everyone, and he was determined to face the fear. Similarly, Hu Tianying betrayed her teacher to destroy the door, which is a stain that she can’t wash away in her life, and what should she should do is the best proof of her infidelity and injustice.

He Cong has been devoted to studying how to deal with Hu Tianying’s poison needles, and all the disciples were poisoned. The detoxified Qingyungou disciples became surrounded, and Hu Tianying had to order to retreat under his own instability.

After this incident, the elder Qingyungou finally understood that Yang Di was the head of the family to protect his disciples who were dedicated to medical research, so as to avoid the tragedy of the Great Medicine Valley. Li Yan, with the permission of the Qingyungou elder, was so excited that she took Zhu Ming’s tail grass openly, but she decided to stay in Xiaoyao Valley.

Li Qian once entrusted Zhu Chen to wait here and told Zhou Fei that he and Wu Chuchu were in the feather class. Zhu Chen also wanted to have reason to meet the people she liked again, but unfortunately, this situation was difficult to fruit. Zhou Fei was so concerned about Xie Yun that he set out for Qingyungou again after Mu Xiaoqiao arrived and performed the careful seal.

Yin Pei incarnates Qinghui real person, set off a bloody storm in the rivers and lakes, and forced other sects to surrender with force everywhere. Before that, Yin Pei found Zhu Chen’s brother and sister, and it was also Zhou Fei who rescued him to survive.

Li Qian wanted to unite with the people in the world to fight against it, and Yuyiban was his first backing. Although the feather-clothed class has always been avoided, Mrs. Neon saw that Yin Wenlan’s son had gone astray and would not stand idly by.

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