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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 35 Recap

Many years ago, Hu Tianying was expelled from the hospital for not being addicted to researching poisons and knew nothing about the method of treating diseases and saving people. Therefore, she was expelled from the house for the reason that her mental skills were not correct.

Since Hu Tianying was taken in by Shen Tianshu, her greatest wish in life is to fulfill the ambition of the other party to dominate the world. The first step for Hu Tianying to return to the world is to go to Qingyungou to get Zhou Fei’s life in person and regain Shen Duyin.

Zhu Ming’s firetail grass only grows in Qingyungou. Zhou Fei set out again without seeing Xie Yun. He also went to Anping Barracks to meet Zhou Yitang to find out what the sea and sky are. Coincidentally, Zhou Yutang has found a treasure knife for Zhou Fei, which is called “Shatter Cover”. Although this knife is not made by a famous master, it is most suitable for Zhou Fei and is the only work of the forger Lu Run.

Legend has it that Lv Run is the last protégé of Guigu, proficient in military tactics, medicine and martial arts, and is a very famous figure in the previous dynasty. Lv Run studied three disciples all his life, one founded the Great Medicine Valley, the other founded Qimen, and the youngest disciple, Huang Shen, studied military tactics and entered his official career.

Twenty-five years ago, the rebels of the previous dynasty mutinied. Huang Shen compiled as the former general of the Anping Army. In order to preserve the strength of the imperial court, he shipped all the treasures outside the palace and hid them near the Great Medicine Valley. This treasures are the legendary sea and sky. Since Huang Shen’s death, the secret of the sea and the sky has spread in the rivers and lakes, which led to the destruction of the Yin family and the slaughter of the Great Medicine Valley.

Shen Tianshu, who used to be a member of the Anping army, became the leader of the earth, so he made the sea and sky known to everyone. No one knows what the treasure itself is. It is said that there are the Yaowangjing created by Huang Shen, or some things that change their lives against the sky. It is just people’s desire to think about it.

Xie Yun was the prince of the previous dynasty, and the sea and sky were prepared for the restoration of the country. Even if he disdained it, people’s greed would make the sea and the sky become a bone entangled with Xie Yun. Zhou Fei learned the cause and effect, and also strengthened his heart to save Xie Yun and help him achieve his wish.

While talking, Chen Zichen, the third prince, suddenly came to visit. Seeing Zhou Feitong here, his eyes could not be transferred from the other party for a moment. Even if Zhou Fei refused him thousands of miles away, he would still be intoxicated with his left figure and could not recover for a long time. Chen Zichen said that he came to propose marriage when he wanted to clarify his intention.

Xie Yun, who is not aware of the situation on Penglai Island, woke up in his sleep. It seemed that when he returned to the world in his dream, he did not know the hardships of the world and the value of Qian Yin and other things outside his body. By chance, Xie Yun found that writing lyrics and compositions can also make money to read, which led to the worries of thousands of years later.

Xie Yun didn’t know if he could still wake up until Zhou Fei came back, and now he had to draw what he thought and thought into a painting in his hand. Perhaps I don’t know what the way forward is. No matter how Xie Yun has experienced all kinds of sufferings, since he met Zhou Fei, it has been all the beauty of his life.

At this time, Yang Yu and Ying Congzheng tried herbs and tried hundreds of poisons to solve the poison of bone blue. Li Yan received a letter from Zhou Fei and went to Qingyungou to ask for medicine for him first. When the three came to the entrance of Qingyungou, they needed to cover their eyes with black cloth to enter. Even if Yang Yu was the head of Qingyungou, there was no convenience and no prestige of the head.

Zhu Ming’s firetail grass grew in the Qingyungou forbidden area. It was extremely dangerous and had no access to go. Yang Yu and Qingyungou elders failed to ask for medicine. They actually wanted to return the tokens of the head of the door.

They insisted on entering the forbidden place to get medicine, which made the elders unhappy and ordered the arrest of Li Yan and what should he do. Seeing bad, the two ran away and inadvertently came outside the forbidden place. The confused patrol disciples wanted to enter the dangerous place to get medicine with them.

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