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Hush 허쉬 Episode 5 Recap

Luo Sung-won proposed to refresh the daily image of South Korea in society. Online posts will determine the direction of the struggle. The president cares more about correcting internal discipline. Through this refresh and rectification, it will be an opportunity to rectify organizational discipline and strengthen competitiveness, while separating formal and intern reporters.

Han Jun Hyuk has already begun preparations, first carefully check the trial records. Prior to this, Han Junhyuk first received an order from Luo Chengyuan, requesting that the intern reporter be immediately transferred to other departments.

When Yan Chenghan came to Luo Chengyuan’s office, he envied the coffee machine in the office at first glance. Unexpectedly, in the next moment, Yan Chenghan received the appointment document that was promoted to the head of the daily Korean editor, and also got his own coffee machine. For this reason, Yan Chenghan was so excited that he burst into tears, and showed his loyalty to Luo Chengyuan with gratitude.

Li Zhixiu misunderstood Han Junhyuk because she was afraid that she would know what she was doing, so she deliberately transferred herself away, and she wanted to stay and stare at what the other person would do. Han Jun Hyuk also thought that this was an opportunity for Li Zhixiu to leave the place of right and wrong. He deliberately brought Li Zhixiu to the Ministry of Social Affairs to give her a chance to become a real reporter.

Lee Ji-soo was left in the Ministry of Social Affairs by Han Jun-hyuk’s radical method, so he met Kyung-woo and quickly became friends. Lee Ji-soo was also very curious, Kyung-woo could give her a familiar and comfortable feeling. A traffic accident caused by drunk driving stopped the conversation between Li Zhixiu and Jingyu abruptly.

Surprisingly, the person who appeared at the press conference was not the traffic chief, but the bulletin officer. Although drunk driving is a felony, in contrast, reporters are more concerned about the truth about changing the driver, which is more serious than drunk driving.

Han Junhyuk asked Kim Hyundo to come out to understand the case. At his reminder, Han Junhyuk learned that M News Agency had made corrections and affected the trial results, and Luo Sungwon had long known that he was not on the list of Ko Soo Do. While Han Junhyuk was investigating on a computer, the drunk driving incident distracted him, and after he left, a person who couldn’t see his face touched Han Junhyuk’s computer.

The suspect in the drunk driving and collision incident was Cheng Tae-young, the son of Congressman Cheng Cheol-wook. Lee Ji-soo and Kyung Woo also rushed to the hospital immediately to visit the families of the victims in order to obtain first-hand information. The whole incident was recorded by surveillance, but it was not recorded who was driving. Therefore, Han Junhyuk thought of the insurance company and obtained exclusive information.

This is the first time Li Zhixiu has come into contact with social news. When she stood behind a group of reporters, she felt a little funny listening to the reporters asking the victim’s boss. On the contrary, Li Zhixiu’s questions left the boss speechless, so she was praised by her predecessors and gave her the right to write her own news.

The report that Jingyu finished late at night was withdrawn by Luo Chengyuan in the first place. The computer suddenly returned to the desktop. It was obvious that someone had touched the computer. For this reason, Han Junhyuk turned on the front camera. However, all signs indicate that there seems to be a problem inside them, otherwise Luo Chengyuan would not be able to know everything so quickly.

The overwhelming news has framed the victim as the perpetrator, and public opinion can sometimes reverse right and wrong. Li Zhixiu feels deeply resentful of this. Han Junhyuk specially invited Li Zhixiu to eat beef bone soup, originally wanting to encourage her like Li Longmin did at the beginning, who knows that every word of Han Junhyuk is like a knife in Li Zhixiu’s heart. It wasn’t until this moment that Han Junhyuk knew that Li Zhixiu was Li Minlong’s daughter.

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