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Hush 허쉬 Episode 4 Recap

In the funeral home, Han Jun-hyuk took the initiative to sit opposite Li Ji-soo, and when he reached out to get the wine poured by the other party, he was told that it was for Xiu-yan. In another world, Soo-yeon can no longer drink the roast beer prepared by Li Ji-soo. She can only mourn in this way.

Soo-yeon’s death was instantly fermented in the media, and the impact of the incident has exceeded daily Korean imagination. The company’s senior management immediately held an emergency meeting. Finally, Luo Chengyuan proposed to take this opportunity to dig deeper into the information, so that the declining click-through rate would increase, and this was approved by the president. In the eyes of Han Junhyuk and others, if Luo Chengyuan is a person who can’t see through, then the president is a person who can’t see the end.

Currently, Han Jun-hyuk proposes to investigate the report and first confirm the list of Mr. Gao Zhudo’s request. Although Luo Sung-won will definitely not agree to such a move, the initiative of whether to interview has always been in the hands of front-line personnel. However, before Luo Chengyuan could deny it, he was strongly opposed by Jin Jihe, but this did not stop the action of Han Junhyuk.

Every day, South Korea began to post internally to guide public opinion, portraying Soo-yeon as a suicide who could not withstand social pressure. Even if there are reluctant people like Lee Ji-soo, they can only do what they tell. Using the deceased to create public opinion, disrespect the deceased, and distort the facts, Han Junhyuk is the only person who dares to question the higher authorities.

Han Jun Hyuk does not think he is a kind of hypocrisy. He has always carried the reporter handbook that Jin Ji Ha gave him with him, never forgetting that he should work hard in adversity. Li Jixiu saw Han Jun Hyuk’s excitement not far away, and took the initiative to show his kindness. Perhaps at this moment, Han Jun Hyuk’s image in his heart has begun to gradually change.

It was originally the four people who used alcohol to dissipate their sorrows, but Han Jun Hyuk’s emotions became more and more excited because of the effects of alcohol. Han Junhyuk’s inability to accept the media’s use of human lives in exchange for money suddenly reminded him of the pain that could not be erased, and will never forget that he failed to pick up his daughter from school due to official business.

Under the comfort of his father, Han Junhyuk gradually recovered his calmness. After returning home, he sent messages to all the seniors who helped him and sincerely apologized. Han Jun Hyuk was ashamed that he failed to become the senior who helped him. He gave the same help to Lee Ji-soo, and he failed to become a good father like Jin Ji Ha. Han Jun Hyuk’s anger has always been to blame himself for not being a better person.

The next day, Han Jun Hyuk took the initiative to meet with Lee Ji-soo alone, and admitted that he had insisted on reporting at the beginning, but someone else should have changed the content of the report. When Han Junhyuk learned the truth, the door of South Korea couldn’t be opened every day, so he missed the time to pick up his daughter from school.

Han Jun Hyuk did not shirk responsibility for this. He has always felt guilty for indirectly killing Li Longmin. People cannot be resurrected from the dead, and their family members have already experienced various pains. Even if the deceased’s reputation is restored after the truth becomes clear, it is no longer useful to the family. Han Junhyuk hopes to persuade Li Zhixiu to give up the investigation and work hard to stay in the job that he finally got, and leave the rest to his senior.

Han Jun Hyuk came to the “Mei Shu’s House” where he would go to dinner all the time with anxiety. The empty place made him feel disappointed. After the three seniors and the boss came out from the back kitchen, he finally smiled. Here is full of Han Jun Hyuk’s memories, including the good memories of working hard for Soo Yeon to become a reporter.

Before that, Han Junhyuk would put his index finger on his mouth and maintain a “hush” posture. Han Jun Hyuk still wouldn’t choose to give up, but he knew that until the truth came, he should keep it confidential and not spread any information to the outside world.

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