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Hush 허쉬 Episode 3 Recap

Jun-hyuk told the chief that Soo-yeon committed suicide after hearing that the chief was about to kick her, but the chief only cared about whether Jun-hyuk revealed the matter to the police, as if Soo-yeon’s life and death had nothing to do with him. After Zhi Junhyuk did not do that, he was greatly relieved, which made Junhyuk angrily smash the vase with his bare hands.

Subsequently, the director interviewed all the interns. He showed the interns the fake list of Suyeon accepted to cover up his evil deeds, and pretended to be unknowingly asking if Lee Ji-soo and others had discovered Su-yeon’s suicide precursors, which made Lee Ji-soo angrily Gritting his teeth, but didn’t dare to rebuke the director, the other interns had to keep silent in order not to cause trouble to the upper body.

Minister Yan, in accordance with the director’s instructions, asked Jae-en to write a letter of resignation and a letter of reflection, because it was Eun Rang Xiuyan who was on her night shift. He also forbids everyone to upload articles on the Internet at will. All articles must be reviewed by him, and everyone has to obediently obey. After the meeting, the president asked Junhyuk why Soo-yeon committed suicide and asked Junhyuk to write an obituary news, but Junhyuk said nothing.

Jun-hyuk muttered to himself while looking at Soo-yeon’s suicide note on the rooftop. Lee Ji-soo walked over and told him that Soo-yeon was not a suicide, but homicide, but Jun-hyuk thought that Lee Ji-su was talking about social homicide, so he didn’t take it seriously. Li Ji-soo refused to reveal what she saw on the night of Soo-yeon’s death, so she went to investigate Soo-yeon’s death alone.

Minister Yan was worried that the interns would speak up in front of the media and affect the image of the newspaper, so he prevented the interns from offering condolences, which made Li Zhixiu very angry. She seemed to insist on condolences, but the other two interns obeyed the arrangement in order to keep their jobs. At this time, Junhyuk just came back from the mourning hall, and Minister Yan misunderstood that Junhyuk went to be chic again, and reprimanded Junhyuk for being indifferent and ruthless.

When Junhyuk drinks coffee, he finds that Eun Kao called Soo Yeon where she fell. He has no guilt about her indirectly killing Soo Yeon, and he feels Soo Yeon is unhappy. Junhyuk couldn’t stand it. He couldn’t understand that love takes advantage of others, so he relayed Minister Yan’s reprimand to Jae-en, so scared that he didn’t dare to speak out.

Mr. Gao’s request is also in court today, because the list of applicants is not sure who it refers to, allowing the cunning Mr. Gao to escape. The acquitted Senator Gao was very arrogant in the face of reporters, ridiculing Jingyu and others for engaging in false news regardless of professional ethics. At the request of President Park Myung-hwan, the director issued a corrected report before the trial, which caused a blow to Jun-hyuk and others.

After that, Jun Hyuk finally understood that the meaning of the obituary was to untie Soo Yeon’s heart with Lee Ji Soo’s suggestion, so he deleted the news that he had written before and started writing again. But he still didn’t release it immediately. Instead, when he saw that Xiuyan’s former classmates and colleagues came in the mourning hall, he realized that Xiuyan’s death did not cause a disturbance in reality, and then made up his mind to post it.

Netizens who saw this obituary not only spontaneously mourned Xiuyan online, but also came to the mourning hall to express their condolences. Soon, the deserted hall was instantly filled with passionate young people, and Li Zhixiu, dressed in black and black hat, was also mixed in it. He drank happily that she had been her nightmare and reminded her of her dead father’s spicy beef soup.

The director accompanied President Park Myung-hwan to the mourning hall, but a long line of people outside the hall blocked their way, giving the media a chance to chase and block them. Forcing them to break into the mourning hall, Park Myung-hwan apologized to Xiuyan’s family and promised to compensate them, but Xiuyan’s mother only hoped that Xiuyan could live.

Park Myung-hwan and others wanted to leave, but were besieged by crazy media, and the director was even pushed to the ground, which made Park Myung-hwan dissatisfied. Jun-hyuk watched the director bow and see off Park Myung-hwan’s back with mixed feelings, and then chatted with the director. At this time, the director suddenly had a conscience, lamenting that he didn’t say goodbye to Soo Yeon, and even allowed Jun Hyuk to keep hanging on the obituary news with huge response.

When he returned to the mourning hall, Jun-hyuk met Lee Ji-soo by chance. He criticized Lee Ji-soo for dressing casually, while Lee Ji-soo explained that Minister Yan would not allow them to express condolences. He dressed like this to prevent his colleagues from the company from recognizing it. Lee Ji-soo persuades Jun-hyuk to investigate the real killer who killed Soo-yeon and make it public. He also gives Soo-yeon a fair deal and hopes that he will not repeat the mistakes he committed six years ago. The red-eyed Lee Ji Soo shocked Jun Hyuk. He didn’t know why Lee Ji Soo knew about it, nor did he know that Long Min’s daughter was Lee Ji Soo.

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