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Hush 허쉬 Episode 2 Recap

Junhyuk and Police Kim talked about Li Yongmin’s suicide. They were very guilty. Kim Hyun-do comforted Junhyuk that this was a high-level mistake and shouldn’t be punished. Later, Jun Hyuk saw the intern Jing Woo led by Deputy Chief Liang at the subway station. Jing Woo sat down in a chair dejectedly. Jun Hyuk guessed that it was the Secretary’s disapproval that they had written news about Senator Gao and hit him, so he went on. Before enlighten Jingyu.

Junhyuk told Jingyu that if he wanted to write headlines, he must ensure the authenticity of the news and the legitimacy of evidence collection, and promised to accompany Jingyu to the informants to obtain more effective evidence. The informant was the victim of the violation of records by the company involved, and she provided them with the original handwritten version of the evidence requested by Congressman Gao.

The president here also agreed to write an article to expose Mr. Gao, and Deputy Chief Cheng, Deputy Chief Liang, Jun Hyuk, and Kyung Woo gathered together to discuss how to write an exclusive headline. After seeing the original evidence, Deputy Chief Liang was overjoyed. He wanted to put Jingyu’s name on the headline and promote Jingyu to be an official reporter. Jingyu cheered excitedly.

In the middle of the night, Jun Hyuk finally released a report about illegal loans cheating young people. As he stretched his waist, he found that Zhixiu suddenly appeared next to him. He was shocked. Afterwards, Li Zhixiu asked Junhyuk to eat fried chicken, and the shochu she made personally made Junhyuk praise again and again. Lee Ji-soo tells Jun-hyuk that she knows that he and Soo-yeon ate alone, and she also pays attention to his blog, but it is a black fan who writes bad reviews, making Jun-hyuk confused.

Li Jisu packed up a fried chicken for Jun Hyuk and asked him to go back and eat the fried chicken and reflect on it. Jun Hyuk distributes the fried chicken to his father who is suffering from liver disease, and asks what kind of person his father is. Dad claimed to be a man who dared to expose the ugliness and passion in the world, and he advised Junhyuk not to think too much, which made Junhyuk a dumbfounded.

The news exposing Mr Gao really made the headlines. The Secretary heard that Junhyuk was behind the scenes, so he invited Junhyuk to have lunch. Today is also the last day of the internship. Soo Yeon wants to invite everyone to have a good meal, and she happens to be sitting next to the director and Jun Hyuk. However, there was a partition blocking it, and the director did not know that the interns were there.

The director asked Jun Hyuk about the progress of the interns, knowing that Soo Yeon was the strongest and had the highest evaluation, but he still minded that Soo Yeon graduated from a miscellaneous university and asked Jun Hyuk to dismiss So Yeon. Soo-yeon lowered her head in sadness and wept secretly when she heard this conversation, while Lee Ji-soo stared at Junhyuk viciously, Junhyuk looked embarrassed and at a loss.

After returning to the office, Junhyuk’s expression solemnly encouraged the interns not to stop thinking, not to care about others’ denials, and to burn themselves enthusiastically. Soo-yeon knew that she was talking to her, and couldn’t help crying, but Jun-hyuk couldn’t comfort Soo-yeon and left in despair.

After the Deputy Chief Liang learned of this, he urged Junhyuk Yoo Soo-yeon to come out to drink to relieve boredom, but Soo-yeon refused on the grounds of being on the night shift. Jun-hyuk and Kim Hyun-do ate beef bone soup again. Jun-hyuk complained that the news agency would dismiss the most capable interns, and let the interns who knew about the matter be on night shifts. Kim Hyun-do encouraged Jun-hyuk to be a real reporter and revive. Xiongfeng in the past is responsible for the past and the future.

Jun Hyuk accepted the encouragement and determined to be himself. He bought coffee and fried chicken for Xiuyan, and hurried back to the company, only to see Xiuyan falling from the building and shouted in horror. In the face of police interrogation, Junhyuk knew that Soo-yeon had lost the election because of discrimination, but lied that Soo-yeon had no sign of suicide, but the sweat on his head had already betrayed him.

Soon, Soo-yeon’s suicide note spread on SNS, reporters rushed to the police station to get the latest news, and Minister Yan also informed Jun-hyuk of the matter. Jun Hyuk saw the reporters approaching, he was in a daze, so he had to go home to rest. He saw Xiuyan committing suicide in the taxi, which made it to the top of the hot search.

Before Soo-yeon jumped off the building, Li Ji-soo brought Soo-yeon with seaweed rice and wanted to wait for Soo-yeon to get off work. Soo-yeon asked Li Ji-soo to leave first because she missed the last train. After Li Zhixiu left, Xiuyan posted her suicide note on the Internet and jumped down from the window with small wild flowers. The elevator broke down, and Li Zhixiu, who had to walk up the stairs, also heard the loud noise, so she went to the police station to record her statement.

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