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Hush 허쉬 Episode 1 Recap

Lee Ji-soo, who had dreamed of becoming an excellent reporter since she was a child, finally graduated from university. She came to the Daily Korea News Agency to apply for an intern reporter. This is Li Zhixiu’s first interview, and it is also known as the news agency of the national public opinion. She wiped the dust from her leather shoes nervously, clasped her hands, panting, but did not notice that the sign on her chest was crooked.

Wu Soo-yeon on the side wanted to help Zhixiu level, but Li Zhixiu was so scared that she grabbed Soo-yeon’s hand and then reacted. In this way, the two chatted, and Li Zhixiu knew that Xiuyan had worked hard for many years to become a journalist, and this was her last chance. If she fails, she will say goodbye to her career as a journalist forever.

Afterwards, the two entered the interview room together. The interviewer asked them how to define a reporter. Xiuyan first stated that the reporter was a voice for the citizens and opposed the existence of evil capital and political power. Li Zhixiu thinks that “meal” is more powerful than a pen. The reason she wants to be a reporter is to support herself and her family, and a reporter can get a monthly salary even if she doesn’t lie. This made the interviewer very satisfied with their answers, and both admitted them.

Li Zhixiu and three other executive students came to the office area of ​​Daily Korea, but the seniors ignored their self-introduction and bowed their heads to busy with their work. Xiuyan, who had eye problems and quick hands, immediately stepped forward to help senior. Two other interns joined in when she saw it. Li Zhixiu then began to ask senior if she needed help.

It coincided with the big mobilization of personnel in the agency, and many seniors were dissatisfied with it. Minister Yan of the Internet News Department took the opportunity to organize a dinner and invited the director. When Minister Yan came to inform the old fried dough sticks in the ministry, he saw that Zhao Dongxu was addicted to games, Lee Jae Eun just returned from shopping, and Han Junhyuk did not come to work. Only Team Leader Jin was working honestly, lamenting that it was the daily life of the exile ministry.

At this time, Jun Hyuk was playing billiards with his police friend in order to avoid the dinner party. The police friend took out a document about college students being entrapped by illegal loans and asked Junhyuk to write a report to expose the matter, but Junhyuk refused on the grounds that he was no longer a reporter. The police friend was so angry that while complaining that Junhyuk was not doing his job properly, he stuffed the information into Junhyuk’s bag.

The colleagues all started to eat before Jun Hyuk appeared. Jun Hyuk had a headache when he heard that the director was coming, and the former Deputy Chief of the Political Department, Zheng, who was opposite, complained and mumbled because the director not only failed to promote him to the Minister of Political Affairs, but also exiled him to the Internet News Department, so he hated the director very much.

The director first expressed his understanding of everyone’s dissatisfaction with this personnel transfer, and then began to draw a big pie, asking everyone to temper themselves into all-round reporters and create a new future. Before the Secretary left, he personally poured soju for everyone and shouted slogans to encourage everyone. This made Deputy Chief Zheng unbearable. He stood up and interrupted the Director. He ridiculed the Director and prevented the Director from coming to Taiwan. He had to be one step ahead of the Director. He stumbled and left with the support of Team Leader Jin.

Team leader Jin sent Deputy Chief Zheng to another barbecue restaurant, where he was looked after by Deputy Chief Liang of the Ministry of Social Affairs. This Deputy Chief Liang was born in a female police captain and is not afraid of being bullied. He also raises two children alone. He is one of the few true reporters in the society and speaks for the people in a down-to-earth manner.

After the dinner, Jun Hyuk came to take Deputy Chief Zheng home. During this period, Deputy Chief Liang praised these interns, all the new born calves were not afraid of tigers, and the interns brought by him made a big news before they became regulars. And Jun Hyuk also remembered the “special care” that Deputy Chief Liang gave to him when he first joined the company.

The director asked Junhyuk to train the interns, and Junhyuk invited the interns to drink coffee. During the period, Junhyuk got to know everyone one by one, and even teased that Lee Ji-soo is a rich second-generation with a background, so even if he said an answer that the examiner didn’t like during the interview, he could pass. This made Lee Ji-soo very embarrassed and annoyed, but she couldn’t. Offending seniors, had to endure.

After that, Junhyuk taught the interns to create explosive topics. The efficiency and achievements of the interns made him admire him, but their pure admiration and expectations for the Internet News Department also made him laugh helplessly. But Lee Ji-soo was dissatisfied with Jun Hyuk’s teaching, taunting Jun Hyuk as a recognized junk reporter.

Soo Yeon learns that Jun Hyuk, like herself, only became a reporter when she was very old, so she admires him very much. So she asked Jun Hyuk to have dinner and asked Jun Hyuk about business. She has always had a low self-esteem for her background in a miscellaneous university. She was worried that she would not be able to make a smooth transition, so Junhyuk encouraged Xiuyan to do her best to pursue her dream bravely.

Jun-hyuk returned to the news agency and ran into the director in the toilet. The director persuaded Jun-hyuk to get married as soon as possible, reminding him of the crime of Li Yong-min, the former trade union chairman who wrote false news and spread rumors six years ago, and caused Li Yong-min to commit suicide by lying on the rails. And Lee Yongmin is the father of Lee Ji-soo, and Lee Ji-soo hates Jun-hyuk when he learns that the fake is written by Jun-hyuk.

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