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Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 Episode 27 Recap

Eight years ago in London, a sophomore student Shen Siyi came home after a party at night, turned on the computer and unexpectedly received a greeting written by Lu Ke three years in advance for her 20th birthday. This blessing would be automatically sent to her on Siyi’s birthday. Seeing Lu Ke, who was still in high school in the video, and listening to her warm words of encouragement, Siyi couldn’t help crying.

When time came back, Lu Ke walked into the ward and saw Siyi, who was hit by the car, fell asleep with her arm wrapped in gauze. After a while she opened her eyes and saw that Lu Ke couldn’t help but smile. She thought she would not be coming. Yao Yuan hurried to the hospital but was told that Siyi was picked up by a friend. He took out his mobile phone and saw the message Lu Ke had sent him saying that she had brought Siyi home.

In the taxi back home, Siyi leaned her head on Lu Ke’s shoulder and said that she had a quarrel when she dreamed of high school in the hospital. Then she woke up and remembered a lot of things. She had a bad time two years before going abroad. Drinking every day and not wanting to go to school, until Lu Ke sent her that birthday video, in the video, Lu Ke said that she believed Siyi would be a great girl, but Siyi felt that she was not so good.

They were like two The gap between people in the world is getting farther and farther, and Lu Ke said that those things have passed. Siyi sat up and said that after Lu Ke left that day, she didn’t want to face anything. Although she knew it was wrong, she couldn’t help but fall down. Lu Ke held Siyi’s hand and said she would not let her become That way, she would be by her side and not going anywhere.

Siyi went back to her residence that day and found that Lu Ke was drinking too much. Lu Ke said with a laugh that she drank Siyi’s friend away, and no one would take Siyi out to fool around. She would protect her, she would hold her Siyi asked her to agree to drink with her alone in the future. Yao Yuan came to the bar. Old Huang handed Yao Yuan the gift box that Wen Ruxin had handed over him. Yao Yuan knew that she was angry because he left her to find Siyi last night. He told Old Huang that he really liked Siyi, he Will make it clear with Wen Ruxin.

Lu Ke helped Siyi take annual leave and worked out a life plan for her. She will strictly supervise her by her side and let her return to a normal life track. Lu Ke felt that it was not a coincidence that she met Bai Hua on the day of the due diligence. Zhang Mang said that if they had evidence, they could go to Yanchuan Fund to expose Song Yan. Lu Ke thought they could give it a try. She went to Yanchuan and went straight to Mr. Chen’s office. Ask him to give the living family another chance. She explained to him that it was a misunderstanding last time and that she has nothing to do with Mao Nang.

When Lu Ke went home, she saw Siyi in a daze by the kitchen sink. The red thing on her arm seemed to be blood. Then she took a closer look and didn’t look like it. Siyi smiled and said that it was syrup. Make fun of Lu Ke. Seeing that she was resurrected with full blood, Lu Ke asked her to go to Mr. Chen tomorrow, saying that he was going to re-enable due diligence. Siyi was very happy.

Song Yan couldn’t help being annoyed when she learned that Yanchuan had re-started the livelihood. She asked her assistant to find all the news from the livelihood for half a year. She didn’t believe that there was no flaw. Just as the life family celebrated the upcoming contract with Yanchuan, Manli found an article popped up on the Internet saying that the Jia Xiaoning incident had been reversed and the factory surveillance video was exposed, and it was Song Yan who exposed the matter.

In an interview, she said that the living family had early evidence that Guan Yue was wronged, but she always chose to conceal it. After Lu Ke saw it, she couldn’t help but scold Song Yan for not having a lower limit. Siyi, with a heavy heart, felt that it was her problem. Song Yan was caught by her concealing the evidence. Then Yanchuan called and asked to reassess the termination of the contract.

This incident has had a great negative impact on the life family, and word of mouth plummeted. Siyi, who was very worried, set up building blocks at home. Wen Ruxin came to find her. Siyi said that she had nothing to do with Yao Yuan. Seeing that Yao Yuan was so caring about Siyi but she was so merciless, but he did not cherish Yao Yuan so hard. very sad. She told Siyi that there are two kinds of people in this world: one can make people beautiful, and the other can only inspire malice. She thinks Siyi is the latter. Then Yao Yuan came to the cake shop to apologize to Wen Ruxin. He didn’t want to deceive her or deceive himself. The sad Wen Ruxin returned the ring to him.

Siyi came to the company and proposed to Mr. Kang to resign. She felt that only by leaving her home can she save the readers. Then she said goodbye to her colleagues that she believed that the home would get better and better. Before leaving, she was in Lu Ke’s office. A big white rabbit toffee was left on the table. Then she and Yao Yuan met in a store. Yao Yuan said that he broke up with Wen Ruxin. He showed her his heart, but she felt that they were children. He desperately grabbed things but didn’t cherish them, and she desperately destroyed them. ,

All the people close to her were ruined by her, she asked him if two people like him were suitable. Yao Yuan was rebuffed by Siyi again, so painful he went to the bar to get drunk. In the evening, Lu Ke received a text message from Ye Zhou saying that his friend at the airport had seen Siyi. She was on a flight to Japan. Lu Ke suddenly thought of a place, which was Kamakura Enoshima where Siyi wanted to go in high school. .

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