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Across the Yalu River 跨过鸭绿江 Episode 10 Recap

Under the double bombardment of the US air force and ground tanks, the volunteers fought hard in artillery fire. Soldiers one by one threw blasted bombs at the tanks using relay of life. In such a tenacious counterattack, the U.S. military retreated and retreated. They had never encountered a unit with such a strong resistance and combat effectiveness. The cavalry division commander Guy ordered the soldiers to attack again with the help of airplanes during the day and informed the Eighth Regiment to Keep the path of retreat Chu Ren Bridge.

Bai Shanye came to the headquarters to remind him to prepare for the defense of Chu Renqiao as soon as possible, but Pal tacitly agreed that they did not need to retreat at all, and they were about to hit the Yalu River soon. Bai Shanye had no choice but to ask for instructions to take back his troops. They no longer had the combat power to be the forefront of the offensive, and asked if the U.S. troops were so brave, why their reinforcements had not arrived. The enemy was far stronger than they thought.

The Thirty-Ninth Army saw Yunshan’s enemy retreating and seemed to flee, but the 38th Army had not yet reached its destination. Commander Wu Xinquan asked for instructions to launch a general offensive as early as 17:00, and telegraphed the divisions to prepare for the offensive in advance. President Peng received a telegram that Bai Shanye’s first division was going to run. This Bai Shanye was a general of the puppet Manchukuo and he knew China’s tactics well.

Hong Xuezhi and others suggested to attack immediately, but the 38th Army was delayed for another day on the march and encountered a small group of troops, which made Peng Dehuai angry. But when the matter was over, he ordered the 39th Army to immediately launch a general offensive against Yunshan, and even eat a few legs of lamb if it could not eat the whole lamb.

The Thirty-Ninth Army launched a general offensive in Yunshan, drove the American troops back and captured the prisoners of war. Mao Anying introduced to Peng Dehuai the details of the US First Cavalry Regiment. This troop has yet to fail. President Peng let out a cold snort, and the 39th Division must teach this unit a lesson.

The old horse of the car company drove to report. The 39th Division sent a company to rush into the center and then start the main attack outside. He brought back many American cotton uniforms along the way and took the soldiers directly to the center. The command of the First Cavalry Division carried out an attack.

Palmer finally discovered that the enemy on the opposite side was the Chinese army. He mobilized soldiers as long as they guarded the plane and reinforcements tonight. He tried to arouse the soldiers’ will with the glory of the army, but the soldiers had lost their fighting spirit. During the day, reinforcements could not come in, and how could it be possible to survive without the aid of airplanes at night. Palmer ordered his subordinates to hurry up to defend Chu Ren Bridge, if they retreat there will be the only way out.

Yunshan’s retreat has been intercepted, and the U.S. Eighth Regiment is facing life and death. Commander Milburn ordered Johnson to make a gap and let the large troops retreat. In order to withstand the attack of the US tanks, the Volunteers paid the price of their lives. When the Charge blew, they finally rushed into Yunshan, and the US Eighth Regiment would be wiped out. The first division was already weak, and they had to give up the retreat of the eighth regiment, otherwise they would face annihilation of the entire army.

The 39th Army suffered heavy casualties. The 343 Regiment’s blocking mission was finally completed. The head of the regiment, Wang Fuzhi, ordered all wounded soldiers and soldiers’ remains to be brought back. There were not many soldiers alive, and even the wounded had to carry their comrades. They couldn’t bear to leave their comrades in this foreign country.

Through the captured American soldiers, Peng Dehuai learned of the strategic deployment of the US military and informed him of the disastrous defeat of the US military in this battle. The captured US military flag is still in their hands. China’s steel production is far from that of the United States. The US military asked China how to fight against them. Peng Dehuai only answered that history will witness.

The deployed pockets are already shrinking, but the 38th Army has not reached the designated position. They will become the most uncontrollable factor in this battle. But it’s not easy to intervene on this route. Mao Zedong cabled Governor Peng to urge the 38th Army to focus on building a military in Junyu, cutting off the ties between the North and South enemies and annihilating the enemy forces and approaching Pyongyang to the south. If this battle can be won, it will be great. Control the battle.

Walker was rewarded. The U.S. military was greatly suppressed and the tactics were novel. It is very likely that China has already participated in the war. He ordered the troops to retreat and stop the northward advance, and dispatched planes to immediately bomb the north of Qingchuan.

The Thirty-Ninth Army has found signs of the enemy’s retreat, and the enemy’s elite troops are still in strength. Peng Dehuai ordered all ministries to immediately launch a pursuit. Liang Daya, who received the telegram, immediately ordered the whole army to advance at full speed and ordered the 112th Division to advance for two days lightly to reach the military corner to intercept the enemy’s retreat.

Nie Rongzhen reported to Mao Zedong that the enemy army had retreated to the Qingchuan River, but the 38th Army had not yet arrived. Mao Zedong advised him not to be discouraged. It takes time for the enemy to cross the river. Many troops are still north of the Qingchuan River. He ordered Nie Rongzhen to call President Peng that the key to this battle is whether the 38th Army can be inserted in time and cut off the north and south to annihilate the tens of thousands of enemy forces north of the Qingchuan River. The gateway to the military corner is Feihu Mountain, and Chief Peng telegraphed that the most capable unit of the 38th Army must seize Feihu Mountain.

The 112th Division and the 335th Regiment had to drop heavy objects and advance lightly in order to rush to the military corner on time. When they finally reached the battlefield, they quietly cut the protective fence and crawled into the enemy’s position. The sound of screaming and guns rang across the sky instantly, and the flag of the volunteer army was finally planted on the Han army’s position at dawn. But in order to move forward lightly, the soldiers didn’t have enough food and bullets and even had to dig trenches with their hands. The civil servants took the soldiers’ shovels and saw that they could finally dig the US planes and flew back to start bombing.

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