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Unique Lady 2 絕世千金完結篇 Episode 15 Recap

Lin Luojing learns that magpies like Zhang Ji, and Zhang Ji is also interested in magpies, but has not confessed yet. So she gave a lesson to Magpies, and the topic was how to get boys to confess first. The first trick was to be caught and indulged. The two of them are now very familiar. He is used to this state. If he suddenly ignores him at this time, ask Magpie Zhang Ji what he would do.

Magpie ignored Zhang Ji for a few days. He didn’t expect Zhang Ji’s elm head. He thought he must have done something wrong. He first apologized and punished himself for running fifty laps in the palace. Magpie couldn’t react a little bit. How could Zhang Ji’s reaction be different from what he expected. He wanted to stop him, but he had already run away.

The first move failed, so Lin Luojing taught the magpie the second move to be jealous, pretending to like another boy, making Zhang Ji eat the wrong thing, and then confessed. Looking at Zhang Ji coming here from a distance, the magpie and Xiaoyu, who was disguised as a man, were playing grandiosely, and desperately alluding to Zhang Ji. Seeing this scene, Zhang Ji thought that although he admired the magpie for a long time, as the prince’s guard, he did not know that there would be danger that day, if he died in battle. If this Young Master could really rely on her, then he would willingly bless her. He decided to bless the magpie, then turned and left. When the magpie saw Zhang Ji left, she thought Zhang Ji didn’t like her, and cried aside.

Zhong Wumei took the men’s chasing book he found from Lin Luojing’s bedside, thinking that Lin Luojing was going to get a red apricot out of the wall and ate it wrong. Lin Luojing clarified the situation with Zhong Wumei, and he suggested that the magpies could directly talk to Zhang Ji for explanation, or he could give them a marriage. His proposal was opposed by Lin Luojing. Zhong Wumei felt that Zhang Ji should care about his identity. After all, he was Zhong Wumei’s guard, and his life might be in danger at any time, so he didn’t dare to promise Magpie.

Zhong Wumei thought of a way. He asked Zhang Ji to get a bucket of water in the backyard and heard Xiaoyu talking with Magpie. Then Zhong Wumei and Lin Luojing dressed in black and covered their faces pretending to be an assassin, killing the magpie, and then they left. Zhang Ji ran over and hugged the magpie. The magpie pretended to be dead, and Zhang Ji expressed his inner love for magpies. The magpie heard it, sat up happily, and embraced him excitedly.

Lin Luojing went out to teach the Qiyu people. She talked about the exchange of resources and asked them to take notes, which can be used in daily life when they go back. If there are any questions, they can ask questions. If there are any questions after class, then contact the pigeon. The students who attended the class honored her as Teacher Lin and actively asked questions.

Lin Luojing came back to the house and ran into Ye Chenxi and Zhong Wumei in the same room with a lone man and a widow. He was very angry and asked Zhong Wumei to give an explanation. Ye Chenxi told Zhong Wumei about seeing Lin Luojing and Liu Xiuwen meet. Zhong Wumei’s eyes were red and asked her. The two had a big fight with tears in their eyes. Lin Luojing said that he was not his princess and was her doctor.

The two refused to bow their heads first, ignored each other, and had to talk to Zhang Ji and Magpie. The two choked each other and refused to apologize. Zhang Ji and Xi Que decided to assist and show their affection in front of the prince. After seeing this, the prince decided to forget it. A good man would not fight a woman. If Lin Luojing ignored her, what should he do if he really ran away with Liu Xiuwen? I don’t think it’s worth it. Besides, Zhang Ji now has magpies with him. It’s a shame to be alone.

Lin Luojing was very angry, and went out shopping to buy special items, and asked the vendors to wrap them all up for her. Xiaoyu followed behind and told each vendor to return to the Yuanzheng Palace.

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