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Unique Lady 2 絕世千金完結篇 Episode 14 Recap

The second game is about cooking. Jiang Xuanyu intends to study hard and come up with the best work. Seeing the design artwork on the desktop, Tang Meng thought it was the masked woman who won the first game, so she trusted her especially. In order to thank Tang Meng, Jiang Xuanyu made her a dress. She was very happy to see it. Jiang Xuanyu said that she would often tailor her clothes in the future.

The masked woman came to find Tang Meng again. Tang Meng trusted her very much and asked her how to win the second game. The woman handed her a sachet and asked Tang Meng to find a chance to add spices to Jiang Xuanyu’s pot and win the game. Tang Meng believed it and nodded. Jiang Xuanyu was puzzled when he saw the design drawings on the desktop, and he didn’t know what it was.

Tang Meng dropped the poisonous Afurong into Jiang Xuanyu’s pot, and the taste became very good. This is an addictive poison and won the game by crushing it. People in Qiyu’s caravan questioned that Jiang Xuanyu had joined Afurong in his soup, and the people talked a lot.

After checking that Aphrodite was indeed added to the soup, everyone was shocked. The soup master Tong denied joining Afurong, and Jiang Xuanyu asked him if anyone else entered during the soup. The prince had no choice but to deprive Jiang Xuanyu of his qualifications and announced that the Qiyu Chamber of Commerce had won.

King Jingyuan came to spread the word, and the saint let Zhong Wumei represent the Shengjing Chamber of Commerce in the third game. He is a prince and a close friend of Jiang Xuanyu. If he wins this game, he will not only stabilize the people’s hearts, but also rehabilitate Jiang Xuanyu. This is the best arrangement. Zhong Wumei is not proficient in commerce, he is afraid that he will not be competent.

Because of this, Jiang Xuanyu used alcohol to dissipate his sorrows and get drunk. He also promised Tang Meng’s father to take good care of her and protect her, but now the Jiang family’s property has been criticized one after another, and the Tang family’s property is also involved. What else could he do to protect her, he felt that he was tired of her.

The third game officially started. The theme of the game is business, and the rule is one hundred taels of principal. Whoever can earn more silver taels within three days will win. As soon as Zhong Wumei returned to the mansion, he held a large stack of books and looked at it.

The result of the game came out, two hundred and two to one hundred and eighty, and Qiyu Chamber of Commerce won. The people felt that Zhong Wumei and others shouldn’t lose. After a quarrel there, King Jingyuan had to vote anonymously to determine the outcome. The result of the vote was 100 to 100, and it was a tie. The referee announced that the winner would still be determined by the number of silvers. At the last moment, a masked woman appeared, claiming to be Ye Shenxi from Tianyi School, and voted for the Shengjing Chamber of Commerce. The Shengjing Chamber of Commerce won.

When Liu Xiuwen learned that the Afurong incident was caused by King Jingyuan, he warned him not to use such tricks. King Jingyuan retorted arrogantly, if he hadn’t disqualified Jiang Xuanyu and the Zhong family would have been defeated, how could Liu Xiuwen have a chance. Jingyuan Wang asked Liu Xiuwen back, he knew how much help it would help them if he won the game. King Jingyuan asked him if he knew how difficult it was for him to gain a foothold in Shengjing.

Liu Xiuwen replied to his gentleman’s benefits and took the right way. This miserable defeat can only prove that Jingyuan Wang’s poor thoughts. King Jingyuan was confronted by Liu Xiuwen, and Liu Xiuwen told him not to call the shots without permission and endanger the people. Liu Xiuwen would never give up.

King Jingyuan looked at Liu Xiuwen’s back and said that he was becoming more and more prestigious and more and more like a prince. When he took out his assassin, Liu Xiuwen would know how correct his choice was.

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