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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 29 Recap

The Huo’s old shop is not a safe place to live. Wu Xie and the others accidentally got stuck in the quicksand under the bathroom. It turned out that Mrs. Huo used the old abandoned shop as a training ground. This is not ordinary quicksand. Every time you breathe across your chest, the sand will sink a little bit, and you will be suffocated alive. Wu Xie and the others took a lot of effort to get out.

As soon as they climbed out, a stone gate appeared in front of them, with the word entrance written on it. The three of them went in and took a look. It should be some kind of building simulated by Huo’s family, an octagonal house, either a tower or a building.

Before they analyzed all the details, the countdown display on the wall made everyone panic. Wu Xie suddenly thought of something, and took out the pattern mine drawing from his bag. Sure enough, the layout was exactly the same. Did Mrs. Huo simulate Yizhuang? No wonder she is so concerned about this drawing. Since there is a training ground and it is related to the pattern mine, there must be monitoring here.

The countdown on the wall is getting closer and closer. It is not advisable to stay here for a long time, so I should find a way to get out soon. At this moment, the little brother slowly approached the unicorn in the middle of the building, put his hand on it, as if thinking of something, he muttered: The end, my end…

Wu Xie hurriedly took out the drawing again. The rivets on the pillars in front of him corresponded to the ones on the drawing. Can the door be opened by pressing it? But they didn’t have time to implement it, and the countdown was over in no time. As the countdown ended, a large amount of alkaline surface was emitted from the room, making it extremely difficult for them to breathe. Without further ado, Wu Xie immediately pressed the rivet, and the door on the second floor finally opened.

When they got to a safe place, Wu Xie thought about it carefully. Mrs. Huo must know that they were hiding in the old shop. Otherwise, they would not have fallen from the bathroom for no reason, nor would they have entered the building. It seems, It was arranged again…

Wu Xie’s guess was correct. At this time, the old lady Huo was looking at the three people in the screen with interest in front of the monitor.

This style of Lei drawing designed a Yizhuang. During the Renzong Period of the Northern Song Dynasty, Fan Zhongyan first established Yizhuang to support the Ji people in Suzhou. Later, it evolved into a place for temporary storage of coffins, which was used to park the death of a guest who had nowhere to go. According to feng shui, Yizhuang is a place of great evil.

The more people who die, the more unlucky the Yizhuang. The ancients were superstitious, so the Yizhuang would not set up stairs and passages, so it would break the Feng Shui, but there will always be some hidden passages to facilitate the entry and exit of craftsmen. This pattern of thunder drawings should be passages.

According to the direction facing the unicorn statue, the unicorn is facing the Shengmen. In the Qimen Dunjia, the Shengmen is the East Gate. In fact, in the Western Queen Motherland, this routine is used. I did not expect the thunder in the form of thousands of years later. It’s still this routine. The three of them slowly stepped into the so-called east gate. Just after entering, the mechanism behind them was activated and the door was closed.

Then no matter where the three of them went, the moving door would automatically close at the back. What is the life gate? Obviously lead people to the dead end, Wu Xie suddenly realized that this is Yizhuang, maybe there will be a way out by going to the dead door in the southwest, but when they think about this, it is too late, and the maze-like octagonal building makes them lost A sense of direction.

Fortunately, this is not the original building of Yizhuang. Once the three of them got down, they still found the pillar that the dead door pointed to. Not only the dead door was found, but also a bookshelf. In these materials, Wu Xie found a photo. It was the young third uncle holding the baby flower, and Wu Xie’s third uncle giving him his birthday when he was a child. What shocked Wu Xie was that Mrs. Huo still had a collection of pictures of a man who looked exactly like Wu Xie.

What is Granny Huo thinking about, and where did she get these photos? When they came to the third room, they found that there didn’t seem to be any mechanism here, and some were just a statue of a human-faced turtle.

Huo Xiuxiu returned to the old shop and found that Wu Xie and the three had no trace, and they secretly shouted badly. At this time, the people sent by the old lady Huo were also ordered to pick her home. Huo Xiuxiu knew in her heart that the disappearance of Wu Xie and her grandmother Can’t get rid of the relationship, this must have been arranged by her.

After returning home, Huo Xiuxiu seemed to find Mrs. Huo in anger and begged her to let her friend go, but Mrs. Huo’s temper, how could she let her go wild, and sent away after a few words of training. Old lady Huo knew that she couldn’t get the style thunder from Wu Xie’s hands, so she could only force him to go step by step in this simulated building, so that it was no different from getting the drawings.

Although there is only a statue of a human-faced turtle on the third floor, the statue still reveals a lot of information. Wu Xie took out a pen from his bag and slowly began to draw on the ground…

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