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The Message 风声 Episode 18 Recap

Li Ningyu asked Jin Shenghuo if he knew anything about that old opponent, Qing Deng? Jin Shenghuo told them: Qing Deng is Xu Enzeng’s confidant, and he is extremely talented in capturing and deciphering. The only thing he missed in his ten-year spy career was when he fought himself at the Lanxin Theater. Back then, he only saw the side of Cing Deng’s face, but knew that his left ear would move when he was nervous. He once consulted an American biological anatomy expert. A small part of this biological phenomenon is genetic, and the other part is a super spy.

Li Ningyu asked Jin Shenghuo as a spy better than Qing Deng, would his ears move? Jin Shenghuo performed his right ear movement on the spot, saying that the difference between the two is that the ear moves when the blue light is tense, but he can control it whether he is tense or excited. Jin Shenghuo still can’t understand why Qing Deng used the contradiction between Dai Li and Xu Enzeng to act in advance and deliberately let go of the target? After that failed arrest, Qing Deng, a senior spy, also lost Xu Enzeng’s trust in him.

Later, he suddenly defected with fake death. For several years, Xu En had sent a lot of manpower to catch him but found nothing. Li Ningyu said indifferently that a senior agent like Qing Deng disappeared without any curiosity, but Jin Shenghuo had to make sure that he was not identified as an old ghost first. After Li Ningyu went upstairs, Jin Shenghuo told Gu Xiaomeng that he felt that everyone in this building had ghosts in their hearts.

Back in the room, Li Ningyu recalled that Jin Shenghuo just talked about the operation at the Lanxin Theater ten years ago. She was also in that theater at the time. The disappearing top secret agent was his current husband Pan Hanqing, his name at the time. His name is Li Mingcheng, the elder brother of his own compatriot. She saw the gun shot by her brother, and then told her that her superior had been arrested by Dai Li, she must cut off all contact with them, and remember: there is no soldier who never fails, let alone a spy who never reveals .

On the other side, Pan Hanqing was also thinking at home: that piano piece was the secret signal of the crisis between their brothers and sisters. When she heard Li Ningyu play this piece again in the lobby of the East Building that day, she was a warning to herself and also asking for help. Although the siblings have a deep relationship, because they have worked for the enemy camp for ten years, my sister’s work avoids him. They never ask about each other’s tasks, so they don’t know anything about Li Ningyu’s organizational relationship and Pan Hanqing. Now my sister is in In a dangerous situation, he could only do his best to search for all of Li Ningyu’s belongings at home, trying to find clues, but he still found nothing.

Li Ningyu felt the crisis approaching: Jin Shenghuo guessed the blue lantern and was only one step away from the truth. The oriole was still tracing the entire intelligence line. If this went on, her offline old man and even the online old gun would be exposed. And while she is in prison, it is almost impossible to find out the transparent spy outside the prison, but it is the mission that she must complete as an old ghost.

Wang Tianxiang interrogated Qian Huyi’s second wife in the West Building: let her name the old ghost of the same party. The second wife stated that Chen Sanpi’s father was employed by Qiuzhuang in the 5th year of the Republic of China, and Wang Tianxiang drank her. The second wife then said that Wang Tianxiang’s surname and enduring humiliation was not to arrest a few agents for the Japanese, but to track down the Qiuzhuang. Fortune, he will not share the money he has fished out to outsiders, so he is not allowed to survive. The second wife is called Wang Tianxiang Chen Sanpi.

Wang Tianxiang waved the whip anxiously to execute her torture. At this moment, his subordinates brought in the information passed by the old ghost. While Wang Tianxiang was watching, the second wife suddenly rushed up with a knife, and Wang Tianxiang knocked her out in desperation. The content of the intelligence is: At 9 o’clock on the 21st, the Japanese Lieutenant General arrived at Pier 2 and signed the old ghost.

Wang Tianxiang suggested to Longchuan to check the handwriting of the five people to find the old ghost. After obtaining Longchuan’s consent, he immediately distributed letter paper to the five people in the East Building, asking them to write a family report, and bluntly stated that the purpose was to check the handwriting. He has collected all the handwritings of the files of the five people since elementary school, so they can write the content at will, but the handwriting must be true.

The five people went back to the room to write a letter. Li Ningyu was able to confirm that the old man had been arrested, but there was no defect. Intelligence was the way she and the old man agreed to deal with the crisis, imitating the handwriting of one of the five, Li Daitao Zheng, just took this step to himself In terms of pain. Gu Xiaomeng came in to borrow Li Ningyu’s pen and said that if she was Li Ningyu and was suspected of being an old ghost, she would definitely find someone to imitate his handwriting and make him his scapegoat, and this person was Wu Zhiguo, because he Have a bad heart for Li Ningyu.

The identification result checked by Japanese handwriting experts was that Wu Zhiguo and the old ghost’s handwriting were highly consistent. Long Chuan instructed Wang Tianxiang to interrogate Wu Zhiguo immediately. Wang Tianxiang detained Wu Zhiguo to the West Building and executed him. He took Wu Zhiguo’s credit and testified that he had caught Jiang’s little ghost, and he never killed Jiang without killing the communist, and his handwriting was highly consistent with the old ghost.

Gu Xiaomeng also testified that Wu Zhiguo had broken into Li Ningyu’s room to threaten her, and that Wu Zhiguo had asked Li Ningyu about the content of the intelligence on the code boat. Wu Zhiguo sneered and did not plead. Long Chuan asked Wang Tianxiang to stop the interrogation after seeing it on the second floor.

When Long Chuan came to the East Building to look for Li Ningyu, she was copying a sketch. Long Chuan said that Li Ningyu was a beautiful and dangerous woman. After the handwriting verification results came out, everyone seemed to come to the conclusion of Wu Zhiguo. Only Li Ningyu was in front of Director Wang. Keep silent, this is her love and character. Li Ningyu argued that this was the result of his own rational reasoning, because the real old ghost would not use his handwriting to convey information, and he also left a signature. Long Chuan said that it was possible that someone else deliberately imitated his handwriting. Li Daitao Zheng, but Li Ningyu was noncommittal.

Wu Zhiguo never confessed on the torture frame. He remembered his acquaintance with Li Ningyu. They were on a train. He held Li Ningyu but was rescued by her. Li Ningyu went back to the room thinking: Jin Shenghuo’s probing of Lao Pan’s true identity is too dangerous, Wu Zhiguo and Jin Shenghuo must make a choice.

Wang Tianxiang reported to Longchuan: The handwriting expert once again conducted an appraisal, and Li Ningyu’s writing habits and pen strength are completely inconsistent with the old ghost. Long Chuan announced that the handwriting appraisal had completely failed, and Li Ningyu could imitate anyone’s handwriting without leaving a trace by copying it.

How could a genius like her succumb to a suppression headquarters. Wang Tianxiang did not understand why Jin Shenghuo, Gu Xiaomeng, and Bai Xiaonian accused Wu Zhiguo at the same time. Long Chuan reminded him to look at Jin Shenghuo’s resume. He is a high-level spy, and it is impossible to believe that the old ghost will leave a signed message on the note.

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