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The Message 风声 Episode 17 Recap

Pan Hanqing carried the script of Henry V in English to show off his talent. Long Chuan praised him as Xu Gesen’s personal translator. He turned to ask Liu Zonglin how to learn the performance. Liu Zonglin replied that he learned from a few British people who fled. Yes, at this time, the subordinates and Long Chuan whispered a few words, he got up to say goodbye, and whispered to Wang Tianxiang as he left: Take them to the East Building to meet the five people. Only by taking a risk can you find the old ghost.

When Commander Zhang and others stepped into the East Building, Li Ningyu calmly played the piano in the living room. Wang Tianxiang reminded Li Ningyu that her husband was coming. Wu Zhiguo suddenly caught Wang Tianxiang off guard and quickly pulled out his gun. Aiming at Pan Hanqing, Li Ningyu exclaimed. Pan Hanqing escaped the bullet. Li Ningyu ran to support Pan Hanqing who fell to the ground and asked what Wu Zhiguo was going to do. Wu Zhiguo said that he would kill Lao Pan sooner or later, even if Li Ningyu killed himself. , Also to break her prison, promised her before. Seeing Wu Zhiguo’s madness, Wang Tianxiang quickly asked the soldiers to send him upstairs to rest.

Liu Zonglin protected Gu Xiaomeng and said it was too dangerous. He didn’t expect to be slapped in the face by Gu Xiaomeng, saying that he was embarrassing here, so he hurried away. Pan Hanqing didn’t accept Li Ningyu’s love, saying that they weren’t all along. He was going to Shanghai soon. When we meet again next time, he will be an assistant to the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Now there are only two ways. She chooses which way to go. Pan Hanqing finished cursing. To leave.

Wang Tianxiang reported to Longchuan that the person who had the most problems at night was Wu Zhiguo. Wu Zhiguo’s actions were a signal to convey that he was imprisoned here. Liu Zonglin was just a little white face. Wu Zhiguo was scared and paralyzed as soon as Wu Zhiguo started. Pan Hanqing said so well. It’s impossible. It’s normal for Jin Shenghuo to be nervous for his daughter.

Long Chuan thought that Wang Tianxiang didn’t tell the truth at all, and everyone who attended the dinner at night had doubts. Liu Zonglin said that he had learned acting from the British, but he was at a loss when he heard Sha Weng’s lines; Pan Hanqing, a poor intellectual, even avoided the guns of Wu Zhiguo’s first-class killer; Jin Ruoxian was not an official lady but a prostitute, she rubbed it.

The cup is a habit of drinking with guests. The daughter of a military commander cannot be an old prostitute who has tied his feet. Wang Tianxiang can never see this. Long Chuan took out a rouge box and called it the owner of Qiu Zhuang. After his death, Young Master Qiu rented out the West Building in order to make a living. The tenant opened a brothel. The owner of the brothel was nicknamed Chen Sanpi. Long Chuan asked Wang Tianxiang to tell himself earlier what his relationship with Chen Sanpi was.

Li Ningyu was playing the piano downstairs. Bai Xiaonian told her that this German piano was bought by Mrs. Qian’s second wife, and there was a blade hidden on one of the piano’s keys. He understood Qiuzhuang’s bricks and stones. If Li Ningyu wanted to escape When they get out of here, they can make a deal. The rule is: if he tells Qiuzhuang’s secret, Li Ningyu will tell his own secret, which only involves her personal feelings and does not involve work secrets.

Because Chief Jin linked himself and Bai Xiaomeng yesterday, and wanted to push Wu Brigade as a replacement for the dead. In the final analysis, it was because Li Ningyu sent Wu Zhiguo. The Wu Brigade, who has always been infatuated with Li Ningyu, knew that he would not leave Qiuzhuang alive, but he still had to do it. She killed someone, so he wanted to know Li Ningyu’s legendary emotional experience.

Li Ningyu first said: Her first husband was Zhou, the only son of a big squire in her hometown, but on the day of worshipping with her, she sent herself to the steamship to study in Germany. He was half before returning home. In May, I had a car accident. Bai Xiaonian was surprised by the rumors that Li Ningyu abandoned his fiancé and made him commit suicide. The first sentence Bai Xiaonian said was: The treasure of Qiuzhuang, which is so rich as the enemy, does not exist at all. Because of such a huge wealth, the owner of Qiu Zhuang could not help telling his heirs, and the young master had already planed Qiuzhuang back then. Over and over, Commander Qian also asked Li Ningyu to decipher all the passwords, but failed to find them.

The second sentence Li Ningyu said was: his second husband died of tuberculosis. He was handsome and talented, but he hated him. He knew that his condition would not last long, so he would not consider Li Ningyu if he had no future. In addition to ideals, his future will not leave anyone alive. What Bai Xiaonian said is: The owner of Qiu Zhuang has three children. The eldest daughter and the eldest son are all born to his ex-wife. One is married to Japan and there is no news.

The other was out of town in panic the night before the Japanese army occupied Hangzhou. It is said that he is still a Communist. The young master is still alive, but he is not Liu Squadron. Liu Squadron is just a counterfeit that Commander Qian asked to deceive the old butler. He wanted to draw out Qiu Zhuang’s secret, but he was quickly found out by the old butler. He unintentionally saw the flaw, so Commander Qian had no choice but to quickly transfer him away. It is estimated that he was killed.

Li Ningyu’s third sentence is: She met Lao Pan at the funeral of her second husband. Among a group of mourning and sorrows, he was the only one who was full of spirits. She liked this feeling. Bai Xiaonian asked: Republic of China 20 In six years, Ambassador Xu Gesen was severely injured by the Japanese army at low altitude. Was Mr. Pan there at that time?

Because he had a life-and-death acquaintance, he also died unclearly in this attack. Li Ningyu told him that it was not Ambassador Xu Gesen that the Japanese wanted to kill, but Chiang Kai-shek. At that time, Chiang Kai-shek was going to Shanghai to supervise the battle. Bai Chongxi suggested that he take Ambassador Xu Gesen’s special car to go there. Unexpectedly, the news leaked.

The Japanese mistakenly regarded the ambassador in the car as the ambassador. He did not hesitate to fight against Jiang Jieshi and wanted to kill him. At that time, Old Pan was not present, but the ambassador was injured. He was entrusted by the ambassador to participate in the negotiations with the Japanese and the internal investigation of the Nanjing government. According to Dai Li’s investigation, the intelligence was A person named Huang Jun leaked it to the Japanese female spy, Nan Zao Yunzi.

He was the confidential secretary of the Executive Yuan and was traveling with Secretary Bai. Li Ningyu guessed that the young master of the Qiu family had returned to the Qiu family. Bai Xiaonian told him: The young man had returned, but he was inhumane. Qiu Zhuang had fallen into Qian Huyi’s hands, and Qian Huyi’s second Taiyuan is the daughter of the old housekeeper and the playmate of the young master’s childhood sweetheart. Hearing this, Li Ningyu guessed that Commander Qian was killed by the young master of the Qiu family. The motive was to retake Qiuzhuang and his lover.

Bai Xiaonian said it should have been such a story, but the second wife, like Li Ningyu, believed that a man was lost. After the original halo, he was no longer that man, so the most dangerous blade was hidden in the most beautiful notes, and the most deadly murderous opportunity was in the love words the woman said. Li Ningyu said that a murderous person like herself could always survive. Bai Xiaonian said sincerely that she hoped she could get out of Qiuzhuang alive. Li Ningyu asked if his second wife had walked out of Qiuzhuang alive, but Bai Xiaonian was silent.

The CCP’s Hangzhou intelligence agent, Eagle Eagle, reported to his superiors: The reason for the arrest of the old man has nothing to do with the exposure of his identity. On the second day of his arrest, the gendarmerie and secret service personnel brought out the Qiuzhuang murder case file from the police station again. It is a clumsy blind trick of the enemy, but the identity of the old man has been completely exposed.

He suggested that all intelligence clues related to the old man should be cut off immediately. In order to ensure the smooth flow of the information chain, it is recommended that the organization organize and prepare candidates immediately, instead of ten days later, he has already done enough. Ready to adjust the work, the superior instructed the Eagle’s work to absolutely obey the organization and arrangements, and there are still seven days.

Qian Huyi’s second wife was arrested by Wang Tianxiang, and Longchuan asked him to let out the wind, saying that the second wife had been arrested because of Qian Huyi. At the breakfast table, Jin Shenghuo told everyone that the Blue Lantern who fought against himself at the Shanghai Lanxin Grand Theater ten years ago was the top spy.

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