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Shuke and Peach Blossom 舒克与桃花 Episode 9 Recap

Pangya’s father was anxious to take his daughter to meet his hometown. Pangya quickly contacted Shuke. Shuke saw Tao Hua take his mother shopping and returned to the shared rental house with Beta. He also wanted Pangya to go back.

Unexpectedly, Pangya suddenly caught Beta and said that he was her boyfriend, so he did not want to go back. Shukla took Beta to Taoshu’s teahouse to hide Uncle Yang. Uncle Yang chased him to the teahouse and almost fought with Taoshu. Fat Ya quickly persuaded the two.

On the other hand, Tao Hua took Shuke’s mother to shopping and didn’t buy anything for her mother-in-law. Instead, she changed a lot of clothes for herself. Shuke’s mother did not blame, and asked her to take herself to the alleys that Shuke’s father once took. However, the matter of Pangya could not be solved.

Uncle Yang sat down with Tao Shuke to discuss Pangya’s signing of the contract in the teahouse. They accidentally talked about tea. Uncle Yang also tasted tea for many years. Tao Shu saw that he loved drinking his own tea, and suddenly met a bosom friend.

Beta asked her big client Miss Wan to wait for him for 20 to 30 minutes because of the Fat Ya’s matter. When he arrived at the company, Miss Wan had already left. If he couldn’t solve this problem, the manager asked him to brush it. So he asked Shuke. Shuke only asked him to explain the matter of Fat Ya clearly.

Beta smiled happily. After appeasing Pangya’s father, Tao Shu called Tao Hua. Unexpectedly, Tao Hua mistakenly thought it was a sales call and hung up directly, which made Tao Shu very frustrated.

When Shuke came home, he saw Tao Hua and his mother’s joyful appearance, so he secretly called Tao Shu to report his safety and told him not to worry so much. Tao Shu finally felt relieved. He talked to the fat girl’s father, who had become a good friend, about the way to teach his daughter, and suggested that it was better for Pangya to stay and have a try.

After all, she had a talent for tea. Fatya’s father felt that he said it very reasonable, so he asked Tao Shu about how he got along with his daughter. If they met a bosom friend, they made each other understand each other and drank wine together.

Shuke has tried his best to help Beta at work, and the rest depends on himself. Seeing that he still looks unimmacy, Shuke has to be glad that Pangya did not really fall in love with Beta. She looked down on him so much that Beta’s ambition was immediately aroused and no longer afraid to go to Miss Wan to negotiate a contract.

Through Shu Ke’s guidance, Tao Shu summoned up the courage to go to Taohua Company to find her. Tao Hua saw that he was in a hurry but deliberately wandered outside, so she took the initiative to go out to find him and told his father that he could contact him often in the future. Tao Hua’s attitude finally eased, and Tao Shu was very surprised.

In addition, the cooperation between Shuke and Liu Yu is not over. Liu Yu asked him to go to the kendo hall again. They have become friends. Liu Yugang planned to tell him the defects in the design drawings, so Tao Shu called. He only said the big deal on the phone. Liu Yu heard that it was Tao Hua’s father, and immediately drove Shuke to Tao Shushu’s teahouse. .

When she knew that Tao Shu’s big event was a happy event, Shu Ke couldn’t laugh or cry. At this time, Pangya and her father in the room also came out. Pangya saw her great hero Liu Yu at a glance.

Although Pangya’s father and Tao Shu are well together, he still wants to take Pangya away. Pangya really has no choice but to ask Shuke to speak well for himself. Shuke is very helpless. Take himself as an example to persuade Pangya, but in the end, he still stays in Beijing. He can’t think of anything to dissuade Pangya.

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