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Shuke and Peach Blossom 舒克与桃花 Episode 8 Recap

Shuke’s business level is particularly good. It is the gold sales of their company. Shuke, who was originally going to resign and leave, was stopped by the manager and asked him to help him make another order. Shuke did not want to sell the house commission, but asked the manager to give the bonus to the members of the team members.

The manager immediately smiled happily. Miss Wan received by Shuke on this day was their big customer this time. She came to choose a wedding room. Shuke’s enthusiasm attracted Miss Wan’s attention. Before leaving, he also sent Miss Wan his usual accumulated notes on learning English, expressing the enthusiasm of ordinary working people.

Shuke is about to go back to his hometown, just like going abroad. Taohua reluctantly invited Shuke to have a casual dinner, but before that, Shuke still had to finish his last order. Shuke was busy until noon and didn’t remember the meal he had made with Tao Hua. He was so angry that Tao Hua ran directly to stir up the situation, almost stirring up Shu Ke’s last business, but Tao Hua did not know it and blamed Shu Ke’s good or bad.

After listening to her narration, Zhou Yingying felt that Tao Hua really did something wrong this time. Shu Ke was despised by Ye Huifang, and now she is disturbed by Tao Hua. It is strange that she can be in a good mood.

Tao Hua suddenly felt that she was right for her own loss, and unexpectedly asked Zhou Yingying how to solve it. In the past, she quarreled with Liu Yu. She never thought of a solution, but wor ked hard. Zhou Yingying felt that Tao Hua had changed and had some dependence on Shu Ke. Tao Hua refused to admit it, but she had so me other ideas in her heart. When she got home, Shuke was already tired and fell asleep. After she quietly walked out, Shuke opened her eyes.

What Shuke didn’t know was that his mother suddenly called, and the leopard in the teahouse did not know why, so he said that Shuke lived with his mother-in-law, and Miss Wan’s business also became. Because Shuke was busy going abroad, he needed Beta to follow up later.

Shuke cooperated with him and was very busy. Shuke’s mother has found Taohua’s house. The housekeeping aunt mistakenly thought that she was the aunt who came to help. After pulling her into the house, she began to greet her to clean.

When Ye Huifang came back, she happened to see her sitting at the table eating. She thought she had broken into the folk house. Then Tao Hua also came back. Several people tossed about it to know the real identity of the person. They were very surprised that the person was Shu Ke’s mother.

Even Shu Ke, who came home from work, was shocked. Several people looked embarrassed. When she saw Shu Ke coming back, Ye Huifang found an excuse to breathe, but before Shu Ke could chat with his mother, Ye Huifang’s scream came.

Shu Ke learned from his mother that Pangya’s father had also come to Beijing, but Pangya herself did not know that Yang’s father found the place where Pangya now lives. Pangya and Beta were completely unprepared, so that Yang’s father bumped into the scene of the two of them eating.

Both Beta’s home and Taohua’s home were in chaos. Shuke’s mother stayed in the villa. Shuke and Taohua discussed hiding it from their mother. Although Shuke’s mother knew her son’s nature well, Shuke said that she still did not ask much, but asked Shuke to leave the matter of going abroad for two years.

Shuke’s mother’s life and rest are completely different from those of Taohua’s family. She got up early and wanted to make dumplings for everyone. Unexpectedly, she woke up Ye Huifang and her. Ye Huifang, who had not slept well, did not look good.

Tao Hua did her duty to entertain her “mother-in-law” and said that she would take her “mother-in-law” shopping. On the other hand, Pangya’s father asked Pangya to pack up early in the morning and planned to take her home. Pangya didn’t want to leave Beijing, so she had to ask Shuke for help.

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