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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 12 Recap

Now that the financial turmoil is suddenly coming, life in various industries is not easy. Under this severe situation, it has become a problem to be able to sell a few houses. Therefore, Yang Ke encourages everyone to show their magical powers and must not give in to the environment and lose their fighting spirit. Xie Hongzu put aside the signing time because of something, and specifically called to inform that Yang Ke saw that Zhu Suosuo was depressed and asked her to prepare with both hands.

On the opening day of “Dongli”, Ye Jinyan personally brought his friend Mr. Yang to open the first order, and Mr. Yang happened to set the 12C unit that Xie Hongzu had previously fancyed. Zhu Suosuo didn’t want to break the trust of Xie Hongzu, so he explained the situation to Ye Jinyan. Yang Ke was afraid of Ye Jinyan’s power and prevented her from continuing.

It just so happened that at this time, Xie Hongzu, who was late, came to Zhu Suosuo to sign a contract. He was immediately disappointed when he learned that the house had been picked up quickly and turned away without looking back. Zhu Suosuo and Yang Ke borrowed 10,000 yuan to buy foreign wine, and then took the wine to apologize to Xie Hongzu, and wanted to restore the other party’s willingness to buy a house.

However, for a wealthy child like Xie Hongzu, Zhu Suosuo’s behavior in his eyes is nothing more than a poor technique for gaining orders. In order to express his apologies, Zhu Suosuo drank a whole bottle of beer on the spot, and then left the bar happily. Unexpectedly, Xie Hongzu hadn’t been chased by him.

Just as Zhu Suosuo called Yang Ke to complain that he had lost his wife and broke down, he accidentally received a call from Xie Hongzu. It turned out that Xie Hongzu admired Zhu Suosuo’s determination, so he introduced two customers to her by using personal connections, and successfully opened two deals.

Jiang Nansun attended the birthday party of the old grandmother. Jiang’s father thanked Jiang’s mother for her tolerance through the wine, and reminded Jiang Nansun to be careful about the deception outside. When the banquet was over, Jiang’s father asked Jiang Nansun to stay with his grandmother for a few days, and lied that he had something to go out.

Zhu Suosuo left the bar and strolled alone on the bustling streets of Shanghai. While eating bread, she was looking for the most suitable place. She believed that it would not take long to have her own home. Thinking about it this way, Zhu Suosuo finally felt that there was hope in life and she also had the motivation to fight.

After returning to Jiang’s house, Zhu Suosuo shared his achievements with Jiang Nansun. Jiang Nansun felt sorry for Zhu Suosuo, so he held her in his arms. In different situations, the two girls have the same feelings and comfort each other.

Since Zhu Suosuo sold two houses in one day, it caused heated discussion among colleagues. Fan Jingang’s gossip Zhu Suosuo can save Xie Hongzu in just one night, which is self-evident. Zhu Suosuo drank too much last night and caused a gastric attack. She asked Yang Ke for leave to go to the hospital. After Ye Jinyan learned of this, he asked Yang Ke to take care of his subordinates in a mocking manner.

Even though Zhu Suozuo took some drips in the hospital, she still didn’t forget to work, and even joined the discussion between uncles and aunts, taking the opportunity to sell them the house and leave a business card. The sales office frequently received pre-order calls from the hospital. Fan Jingang felt that Zhu Suosuo was a talent, and also explained that Yang Ke was too harsh on his subordinates.

When Fan Jingang received the news and confirmed that Yang Ke was going to leave Jingyan Group, Ye Jinyan thought for a moment and instructed Fan Jingang to try his best to keep the other party and let him make the price at will. Although Yang Ke is indeed outstanding, Fan Jingang believes that it is not necessary to spend such financial resources to keep him, but Ye Jinyan is not only to keep Yang Ke, but also the elite soldiers behind him.

When Xie Hongzu came to the hospital, he happened to see Zhu Suosuo selling real estate to everyone, so he told Zhu Suosuo that Xie Jiayin was going to see the house in Dongli. Since Xie Jiayin scheduled the time tomorrow, Xie Hongzu comforted Zhu Suosuo to take some drops at ease, and then accompany him to dinner.

Jiang’s father didn’t return overnight, and even the phone was turned off. Jiang Nansun had to send a message to contact him. At this time, Zhang Anren appeared with the takeaway. Knowing the situation the Jiang family was about to face, Jiang Nansun also prepared for the worst, that is, selling the house to pay off the debt for his father. When the family was in a dilemma, the creditor suddenly came to the door.

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