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llustrated Book of Beauty in Martial Art 武林秘案之美人圖鑑 Episode 9 Recap

Chu Yunxiao had no intention of conflicting with them. He insisted that Duoer’s disappearance had nothing to do with them. Just when they were about to leave, the deputy mayor of Huihun Town asked them to show evidence that they were innocent, otherwise none of them were allowed to leave. Chu Yunxiao intends to help them find Duo’er. In exchange, the mayor will tell them some secrets about Huihungu.

The Shangguan Rufeng everyone here has approached the address on the beauty map, and he took out the bird’s-eye view of Huihungu, and showed it to the martial artist. The real mayor of Huihun Town appeared in front of them, and Chu Yunxiao checked and said that Duoer might have left by herself. The mayor still didn’t believe it, but later Wang Jun, the blacksmith’s son, was taken in.

Wang Jun said that Duo’er didn’t come to him last night. He accidentally saw Duo’er being taken out of the mayor’s mansion by a man in black. The mayor knew he was wrong with Chu Yunxiao and the others, so he kept them and told them by the way the story of returning to the soul valley. Chen Feng said that a small road was found during the patrol, and it should be the one they were looking for. Presumably someone could not help leaving tonight.

The deputy mayor was dressed in black and masked to assassinate Chu Yunxiao, but Chu Yunxiao saw through him instead. The guard Zhao Yi stabbed the deputy mayor. After the misunderstanding was resolved, they knew that the mayor had sent someone to kill Chu Yunxiao. At this time, Leng Xingchen was in a coma all night, Shangguan Ru Fengdan worried about her body, so he let other martial artists enter Huihungu first.

After Leng Xingchen woke up, he decided to immediately set off with Shangguan Rufeng and enter the Valley of Returning Souls. The mayor told them that Huihungu is the location of the Shenshui Palace, and Huihun Town is formed by relying on the Shenshui Palace. At that time, Tiezhongtang ordered to destroy the Shenshui Palace, which affected many people in Huihun Town.

On the day Chu Yunxiao and the others came, a man in black found the mayor and threatened Duo’er’s life to let him assassinate Chu Yunxiao. The mayor was forced to have no choice but to send the deputy mayor to assassinate him. Chu Yunxiao let the blame go and promised them to find the mayor’s granddaughter Duo’er in the Valley of Return to Souls. The mayor therefore gave him the blueprint for the construction of the Shenshui Palace, and hoped that he could keep his promise and bring Doer back.

Leng Xingchen asked a few words when he saw Shangguan Rufeng always stepping on the place Chen Feng had stepped on. Shangguan Rufeng said that although he had poor vision, he had a keen hearing, and Chen Feng would remind him of everything he saw. Leng Xingchen dispelled his doubts and continued to walk with them, but Leng Xingchen seemed to have hallucinations on the way. Chu Yunxiao and the others found the corpses of many martial arts people when they were advancing.

They were all shortly after their deaths. As they went further back to the Soul Valley, these corpses spread all the way. Chu Yunxiao inspected the wounds of these people and found that they were killing each other. He speculated that these people were poisoned, causing confusion and killing people around him.

The sound of fighting just came from the front, and they went to stun the poisoned people and saved their lives. Leng Xingchen and the others left for about an hour, and she felt her headache worsened again. Chu Yunxiao and the others also entered the mist of the forest. He saw a star-shaped back and hurriedly pursued it.

Shangguan Qianqian behind him fell down because of chasing him. When Chu Yunxiao chased him, he had a hallucination. When he saw a mansion, no one in the mansion had a pulse or breath. The black masked woman who followed Chu Yunxiao quietly behind her, staring thoughtfully at him who was in a hallucination. At this moment, Chu Yunxiao entered the study, and a man suddenly disappeared in front of him.

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