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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 23 Recap

Gao Xiangrong came to Song Yunhui to talk about going to a meeting in the ministry and met with Director Lu in private. Although Director Lu had a good attitude, he had something to say, and asked Song Yunhui to build the East China Sea according to his own ideas. So Gao Xiangrong hoped that Song Yunhui would take a trip to the road in person.

The director eased the relationship. He knew he was for the good of the factory, but opening up required a process. Song Yin called to urge Song Yunhui to take her to the children’s paradise, Gao Xiangrong left, and persuaded Song Yunhui to think about it. In the car, Cheng Kaiyan heard the factory employees scolding Song Yunhui and scolding others harshly. When he was in Jinzhou, he ate soft food to climb up. Cheng Kaiyan couldn’t help but got up and quarreled with them.

Song Yunhui returned home to pick Song Yin to the Children’s Paradise. Song Yin took Cheng Kaiyan to let her go. Cheng Kaiyan said that she was not feeling well. Song Yunhui found the wound on her head and quickly helped her wipe the medicine. Cheng Kaiyan asked him how he was working in the factory recently. Hearing that the second phase had made things unpleasant, Song Yunhui told her not to talk to her parents for fear that they would be upset.

Cheng Kaiyan heard from Secretary Shui that he was not afraid of being an official in the factory to talk about him behind his back, but workers should not be allowed to poke their backs. Song Yunhui suddenly realized that Cheng Kaiyan might have met someone, but Cheng Kaiyan refused to say. .

The mayor of Chu township came to Yang Xun, saying that he was to take back the market management power on behalf of the county government. All accounts and cash had to be handed over. There was a car outside with people from the county. The mayor Chu was afraid that they could not tell, so he came to persuade him Advise him. Yang Xun was in a hurry. They said yes at the beginning, not to mention that his market was done with his own money! Yang Xun is injustice, and if anyone moves his market, he will desperately! Yang Xun was mad and wanted to drive the head of Chu to leave, Xun Jianxiang rushed in to stop him, if he hit someone today, there would really be no room for recovery!

Yangzi Street was taken away by the county. Yang Xun had only a hundred thousand yuan left in his hand. Yang’s mother owed more than two hundred thousand yuan. Yang Xun looked at Jiang Mian and tried to calm himself down, bragging that he would pay the bill. Go back, take back Yangzi Street, Xun Jianxiang comforted by Yang Xun, but Yang Xun couldn’t stand it anymore. A Zhao Xiaobo could take his Yangzi Street back. Xun Jianxiang said that he would find Song Yunhui again.

Yang Xun is discouraged, and now the government wants to collect his market to pay the debts of Xiaolei’s family, what can he do? Xun Jianxiang still called Song Yunhui. Yang Xun lost his energy. Although Song Yunhui couldn’t solve it, he had to take care of it. Otherwise, Yang Xun would really not see hope. Song Yunhui comforted him. Don’t worry. Just go to Golden State.

Ma Baoping found Song Yunhui, which was still about equipment procurement, but Song Yunhui insisted that he wanted to find the best equipment for Donghai because it was his duty. Song Yunhui took a day off before leaving and went to Jinzhou. Song Yunhui and Yang Xun went to visit Lei Dongbao. Lei Dongbao was sentenced to two years. I want to know that Song Yunhui was exhausted by running around for him. Song Yunhui criticized Lei Dongbao, Xiaolei’s family and Yang Xun for bribery. He was bothered by him, but Lei Dongbao didn’t have to be discouraged.

The city even held a special meeting for Lei Dongbao’s problem. Although his crime problem was real, his attitude towards reform was affirmed, so Lei Dong Bao has a chance to show it well inside. The Southern Speech clarified the problem of self-employed, and Yang Xun’s affiliation should be resolved soon. This is a new era. Song Yunhui persuaded Lei Dongbao to reflect on it, and he could do a lot when he came out. Song Yunhui took out the dishes made by Song’s father and Song’s mother and gave it to Lei Dongbao. Lei Dongbao instructed Yang Xun to go to Donghai and do it well, and the two left.

Song Yunhui rushed back to the East China Sea without stopping to attend the meeting. Director Zhou is coming to inspect, and Ma Baoping attaches great importance to it. At present, the biggest problem of the East China Sea plant is still the second phase. Song Yunhui said that this is his own responsibility. The symposium will report this matter to the leaders tomorrow. I hope to mention the issue of purchasing equipment with Japan.

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