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Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 Episode 26 Recap

On this day, Yanchuan sent a representative to the living house to conduct due diligence. As Shen Siyi reminded everyone in advance, when they were asked about the relationship between Siyi and Lu Ke, everyone said it was very good. It will be Lu Ke’s turn soon, just when everyone is worried that she will come. Siyi smiled and walked to her, put a small gift box in front of her and said to give her a present.

Lu Ke originally wanted to refuse, but seeing that Yanchuan’s representative was here, she no longer resisted but silently watched Siyi put on her brooch. When accepting due diligence, when asked about her dispute over Guan Yue and Si Yi, she said that she did not agree with Yi’s decision. Representative Yanchuan asked her why she had compromised again. Lu Ke believed that Siyi’s decision was correct from the standpoint of a living family, and she respected Siyi’s decision. It is not easy for the living family to walk all the way. She and Siyi are emotional and rational, sometimes incompatible with fire and water, but more often they are complementary. Lu Ke thinks she and Siyi are the best partners.

Yanchuan representatives are very satisfied with the due diligence. Next Monday they want to talk to the management about future plans. Seeing that this financing win was in hand, everyone clamored for Siyi to entertain and celebrate. Lu Ke went to the door to express her gratitude. Lu Ke took off the brooch and returned it to her. She felt that the adjustment was over. After the play was over, Siyi explained to Lu Ke that she really gave her this, but Lu Ke felt that she deliberately put it on in front of Yanchuan representative. Siyi explained that she didn’t, but Lu Ke left without wanting to listen. Zhang Mang is going on a business trip. Lu Ke helps him pack things at home. Zhang Mang thinks Siyi is very pitiful. She did not smile all night at the celebration party last night.

Song Yan also wanted to fight for Yanchuan’s investment, but when she heard that Yanchuan’s leadership was more and more interested in investing in living households, she got her brains. She learned that the assistant had a good relationship with the front desk of Life Home, so she asked the assistant to make an appointment with the front desk for dinner. Then the front desk came to Siyi’s office and reported to her that Yanchuan had just come to inform that she and Lu Ke had to adjust the due diligence time to tomorrow, and Siyi asked her to inform everyone. The front desk asked the editor Lu how to inform. Seeing Siyi was silent, she said that she would email Lu Ke and call to confirm.

Wen Ruxin’s mother is celebrating her birthday, and Yao Yuan accompanies her to buy gifts for her mother. Xinxin plans to introduce him to her family on her mother’s birthday party, but Yao Yuan is not very happy. In the bar, he talked to Lao Huang about it. He felt uncomfortable with Xinxin, and Lao Huang felt that Yao Yuan still had Siyi in his heart.

The next day Lu Ke came out after practicing yoga and just met Mr. Bai. Mr. Bai invited her to the cafe downstairs to chat. On the life side, Si Yizheng and Yanchuan representatives anxiously waited for her to make adjustments in the conference room. However, no one answered Lu Ke’s call. Siyi asked the representative of Yanchuan to wait a while, saying that Lu Ke might be stuck in traffic on the road. Seeing that the representative of Yanchuan was impatient, Siyi got up and prepared to urge her again. At this time, a representative received a text message to tell her not to urge her. The representative said that she received a photo of editor-in-chief Lu Zheng and the publisher of Mao Nong magazine. Chat, I guess even the treatment has been negotiated, and Siyi couldn’t help being surprised to see the photos.

Lu Ke opened the locker in the locker room and saw that there were many missed calls from her mobile phone. She called back to find out that Yanchuan came to live today. She hurried back to her home. The people in Yanchuan had already left. Si Yi’s expression was very ugly. She accused Lu Ke of not wanting to come and just said, why do these ghosts behind her back. Lu Ke explained that she met Bai Hua at the yoga studio today and they chatted casually, and she didn’t know how to adjust it today.

Her mobile phone was put in the locker room and she didn’t receive an email informing about the adjustment. Siyi felt that all this was too coincidental. She thought Lu Ke was lying, and Lu Ke felt that others could suspect that she was the only one Siyi could do. She was so aggrieved that she shed tears and told Siyi that it was impossible for her to make fun of her future. After that, Lu Ke walked away angrily, and Si Yi was very sad when she held her head in her hands.

In the evening Siyi sat alone in a dark room drinking, she and Lu Ke couldn’t help but come to mind from high school to now. The next day my colleagues waited for Siyi to have a meeting. She didn’t come until 11 o’clock and still smelled of alcohol. Not long after the meeting started, she ran to the trash can and vomited.

Zhang Mang was surprised to hear about this when he came back from a business trip. So many things happened only a few days after he had gone out, and the investment he had gotten so clear was gone. He told Lu Ke that the reason she didn’t receive the notification that day was because the little girl at the front desk of the Life Home was bought off. He also said that Siyi was going to the company drunk every day and seemed to be giving up Life Home. Lu Ke came to him immediately. Siyi’s residence. Siyi was drinking with a friend. Lu Ke persuaded her not to drink water but was knocked on the floor. Siyi who drank too much asked her not to hinder them from drinking, and Lu Ke left angrily.

After Siyi drank too much in the bar, she let herself go dancing and carnival with others. Yao Yuan went to attend Xinxin’s mother’s birthday party. He received a text message from a friend saying Siyi was drinking too much and was out of control, and then sent him a video, which Yao Yuan watched. Then he got up and went out to call Lu Ke. He said that Siyi drank too much in the bar, and there were several men who bullied her and asked Lu Ke to take a look.

On the way back in the car, Siyi was drunk when she saw a girl on the side of the road that looked like Lu Ke and called her out loud, but the girl kept walking forward, she hurriedly got out of the car to chase but was knocked down by a car . Lu Ke, who went to the bar to find her, received a phone call and his expression changed greatly. Yao Yuan received a text message from Lu Ke saying that Siyi had been in a car accident and couldn’t help being taken aback. He told everyone that he had left beforehand, and Xinxin went after him and asked him why Shen Siyi?

Yao Yuan said that she had a car accident and he went to see and came back. Xinxin couldn’t help feeling very sad when she saw him drop her. Lu Ke rushed to the hospital, and he was relieved when he heard that Siyi had just a skin injury and was tying the bread inside. The traffic police told Lu Ke that she was an emergency contact person registered with Siyi. Seeing that she was so important in Siyi’s heart, Lu Ke was right. Her dissatisfaction dissipated instantly.

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