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Across the Yalu River 跨过鸭绿江 Episode 9 Recap

There was a good news from the Volunteer Army Command. The two Korean regiments were beaten without resistance. Deng Yue and the others also captured a US military adviser and escorted him to the headquarters. Mr. Peng was very happy, and even commended them on the phone. The 120th Division of the Fortieth Army has also fought with the South Korean army, and valiantly suppressed the enemy in place. General Peng ordered the 118th Division that had just ended the battle to cooperate with the 120th Division to take down Wenjing and then go north to annihilate the seventh regiment of the enemy’s sixth army.

Deng Hua felt that our army was a little hastily in the battle. The 120th Division and the Han army fought against each other. If they can’t eat all of this enemy army, they are likely to expose themselves. President Peng also knew that this pocket was a little bit anxious, but time is not waiting. He asked Mao Anying to send Mao Zedong a message of the victory in the first battle.

In addition, the enemy’s tanks and cars ran too fast and wanted to wipe out the enemy’s two or three divisions in one fell swoop. The task is still difficult and difficult to guarantee confidentiality. He decided to annihilate one or two regiments in units of army and division, and strive to use several fighter jets in the first battle to annihilate one or two divisions.

When the western front is fought, the enemies on the eastern front will definitely come for reinforcements, so they must defend this Huangcaoling. The 42nd Army has already occupied the Huangcaoling Highland with a team, which makes Peng Dehuai very satisfied. Mao Zedong was very pleased with the victory. This was the first victory of the volunteers across the Yalu River.

October 25 was designated by Mao Zedong as the anniversary of the Volunteer Army’s resistance to US aggression and aid to Korea. For Peng Dehuai’s strategy of eating one bite at a time, Mao Zedong also expressed his approval that this annihilation war can be divided into several battles, and then gradually expand the results.

But as soon as our army starts fighting, it will be exposed. Nie Rongzhen suggested whether or not to disclose China’s troop deployment, but Mao Zedong still chose not to make it public for the time being. When the war is over, it will be as long as the enemy can be confused. .

MacArthur was playing indoor golf leisurely in his office in Tokyo, Japan. Willoughby reported to him that the situation of a large number of CCP troops had become worse, but MacArthur did not believe it. Willoughby is extremely convinced that there are already two or more CCP troops entering North Korea. MacArthur doesn’t care about the strength of these two regiments. He even claimed that he was able to become the best graduate in the history of West Point Military Academy because he was never credulous.

Intelligence only believes in their own judgments and reiterated that the Chinese military dare not leave the station. Willoughby repeatedly admonished the general not to be so arrogant, MacArthur chuckles tomorrow’s Japanese newspaper that the Yalu River is not a barrier separating China and North Korea.

Zheng Rui ordered the investigators to rest on the spot. He distributed the fruits he picked to everyone to eat, but saw an enemy vehicle dragging the prisoners by. In order to avoid exposing them, they had to take advantage of the enemy’s unpreparedness to assassinate and rescue them. The North Korean soldier. This guerrilla named Park Young-eun was arrested while he was investigating intelligence in Heecheon. According to him, the defenders of Heecheon had a battalion, and the whole position was divided into three levels.

Zheng Rui was about to pass the news to the military, but Ouyang Bao, who was in charge of sending the report, accidentally blocked the bullet with the transmitter behind him during the fight just now, causing the transmitter to be damaged. Zheng Rui asked him to return to report the situation immediately, and he led the investigation team to Xichuan to verify the authenticity of the information. Park Rongen got up and asked to take the initiative to lead the way. He knew that a shortcut could go back quickly. Zheng Rui hesitated a little and agreed to his request.

Mao Zedong knew everything about the Korean war, and Mr. Peng said with a smile that he wanted to send a telegram every moment, as if he had been with them all the time. Mao Anying on the side frowned, only thinking that the chairman was really worried. This attracted the attention of everyone, and others hurriedly pulled him to remind Secretary Liu not to talk nonsense.

Mao Anying noticed the failure and quickly explained that he was worried that the chairman would work too much to affect his health, and he would work hard to be worthy of the chairman’s hard work. Xiao Zhao reminded him that the officers and soldiers are equal. He can interrupt in front of the chief, but he must respect Chairman Mao and not just nag. Peng Dehuai called Xiao Zhao and ordered him to send a telegram to Liang Daya immediately, he must win Xichuan or the previous victory would be lost.

Xian Chu explained that the 38th Army’s marching speed had done everything possible, but Peng Dehuai would not tolerate this problem of principle. Deng Hua quickly called the secretary to clarify the content of the report, requesting that he must pay attention to the concealment during the day and step up the march and be careful not to reveal the strategic intent.

Liang Daya was also very ashamed of Mr. Peng’s repeated urging, but fortunately, they had rushed back most of the time. Commander Liang ordered that if the main force could not arrive on time, the 113th division in front should speed up to arrive and initiate the attack. One regiment was more than enough to pack their dumplings. At this time, the army received news from North Korea’s defeat of the army. There was not only a regiment of the Korean army and a black regiment of the US army stationed in Xichuan. This disrupted the 38th Army’s plan.

Commander Liang decided to order the leading troops to advance in concealment and organize investigations, requiring all the main forces to arrive and complete the encirclement of the enemy before they fully attacked to ensure victory in the first battle. At the same time, he requested that Zheng Rui and others continue to generate electricity, and it must be determined whether there is a black American group in Xichuan.

Zheng Rui and others lurked into Xichuan, watching Han Jun loading the car as if about to escape. Army Commander Liang had a meeting to discuss, and everyone suggested that they should prepare for the battle in accordance with the black regiments, so as to ensure victory in the battle. Peng Dehuai analyzed that he was attracting enemy reinforcements to fight in Xichuan. The 38th Army was 60 kilometers away from Xichuan. Regarding the Negro Regiment Command they asked for instructions, they believed that there was no evidence to disregard.

Mr. Peng was angry that the big tooth wanted to ignore it. Wearing shoes for yourself is unfounded. Deng Hua proposed that it is a bit far away from Xichuan to fight the aid. It is better to put it in Yunshan. The Forty Army itself is in Wenjing area, which can attract troops and let the 38th and 39th Army march into something to attack. Cut off the enemy’s back and line up to outflank, and the timing is just right. Peng Dehuai ordered all ministries to arrive on time. Whoever delays the fighter will need his head, and he called back to Mao Zedong this time that the key is the cooperation of the three armies, especially the 38th army.

The 38th Army has dispatched investigative teams to investigate the false and real information. Peng Dehuai is very dissatisfied with their hesitating style of requesting to advance toward Xichuan as originally planned and boldly advance toward Tianshui Cave. It is never light to miss the opportunity. The news of Zheng Rui’s investigation team finally came. There was only one regiment of the Han army in Xichuan and was about to escape. Liang Daya quickly ordered the team to attack quickly so that the enemy could not run away.

Mao Zedong ordered Nie Rongzhen to tell President Peng that their plan was very good. As long as they cut off the enemy’s Qingchuan River and other troops interspersed in place, victory is safe. Although the 335 regiment caught up with the last small unit and intercepted a batch of supplies, Liang Daya’s regret was very difficult to calm. Zheng Rui returned to the army. He was very guilty because he failed to send back the intelligence in time and caused the delay.

The political commissar comforted him that this incident could not be completely bad, but he should still be punished. His position as platoon leader was revoked and he had to be transferred to the cooking class. Zheng Rui was excited to go to the battlefield. He would rather die in battle. Company Commander Qian hurriedly held him. How could he bargain with the commander.

The Thirty-Eighth Army only wiped out the No. 100 enemy, but it shouldn’t have been more than a thousand enemies to let go in Xichuan. Seeing Mr. Peng’s face getting more and more ugly, the comrades in the headquarters hurriedly enlightened, but Peng Dehuai worried that the 38th Army would be slow, and the fighters would be fleeting. If Yunshan’s enemies also fled ahead of time, they would have all done nothing Up.

The angry Peng Dehuai ordered the 38th Army to advance at full speed and must cut off the connection between the North and South enemies. Although the Forty Army is already at war in Wenchuan, from the information intercepted, the enemy has not yet known that the volunteers have crossed the river across the river. They only think it is a small force of several thousand people. President Peng said excitedly that there is only one such good fighter plane. If they can’t completely wipe out the enemy this time, they are really sorry for this opportunity.

Walker, the commander of the US Eighth Army, reported to MacArthur that there were already tens of thousands of Chinese soldiers in the Onjing area. MacArthur only believed that this was an excuse for the failure of the South Korean army. Walker further explained that even if China did not send a large-scale army, they must have sent an army. Interspersed in the Korean army. Willoughby admitted that there were indeed Chinese troops entering the war, but the number would never exceed 5,000. MacArthur firmly believed that they were victorious. They did not participate in the Busan blockade and the Incheon landing in China. Now the participation in the war has no effect. He ordered the troops to move north quickly.

The Thirty-Ninth Army has already fought a battle of positions. The Yunshan area extends in all directions, surrounded by mountains and is an important transportation hub.

The commander of the South Korean First Division looked at the bodies of the soldiers at the scene and concluded that they were definitely not the Korean People’s Army, but the Chinese army. But MacArthur had already judged that China would not send troops, the division commander asked if China would listen to MacArthur’s failure. He ordered his subordinates to immediately report to the UN Command. He was sure that there must be a large number of CCP troops hidden in Yunshan, and there must be a conspiracy for them to besiege and not attack.

The United Nations Command received a report from the First Division that the South Korean army is best at fleeing. This statement is to avoid responsibility. But the combat capability of the First Division was not very weak. MacArthur had set off to return to Tokyo. Willoughby decided to send the First Cavalry Division to conquer the last inch of land with tanks.

Bai Shanye has requested support from the US military, and the 39th Army sent 343 regiment to march during the day and must immediately rush to Longxingdong to stand firmly against the US military. The U.S. Cavalry Regiment flaunted in front of the Korean army, and completely ignored Bai Shanye’s kind reminders. The 343 Regiment braved the bombardment of enemy planes and marched hard. The US military concluded that their division commander was just about to swallow the defenders of Yunchuan.

But the U.S. military does not believe that Kim Il Sung’s troops will continue to make such crazy actions, but such a team that is not afraid of plane bombing cannot be taken lightly. They firmly believe that this is the final madness. The First Cavalry Division ordered Johnson to meet the enemy immediately to ensure that the road leading to Yunshan was clear, and then went north to join.

The Volunteers of the 343 Regiment dug fortifications under the bombardment of US aircraft, and the US military sent tanks to assist in the operation. Under such conditions of the disparity between the forces of the enemy and ours, the volunteer soldiers gritted their teeth while avoiding the planes in the sky and fought fiercely with the opposite US military.

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