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Across the Yalu River 跨过鸭绿江 Episode 8 Recap

Peng Dehuai’s location was only 30 kilometers away from the enemy, but he refused to set up a platoon of guards only to wait for the news of victory in the first battle. When MacArthur learned that South Korea had enough ammunition, he evacuated the ammunition that was about to be transported, and asked his subordinates to take a holiday more liberally so that he could spend Thanksgiving well.

U.S. planes dropped bombs frantically, and Hong Xuezhi and Deng Hua’s convoy could only evade on the road. But this bombing had no rules, and they had to rush to meet with Mr. Peng. The two met with President Peng, but they were anxious and angry. The military must not be uncomfortable for a day. This radio car is also a problem. Kim Il Sung did not have a radio station here for safety. President Peng came single-handedly and Deng Hong was very happy. admiration.

The Korean People’s Army is withdrawing north, and the main force on the western front is to annihilate the three South Korean divisions in the first battle, and arrange its forces to develop westward. Mao Zedong sent a telegram in the morning to judge that the enemy might not reach Guicheng and Taichuan without our troops. In order to guard against the emptiness of the sea for a year, Deng Hua decided to deploy the Sixty-sixth Army as a reserve.

The Northeast Army and the mobilized 30,000 people’s trade unions are actively responsible for logistics, ensuring the transportation and supply of food, grass, ammunition and other items. President Peng formally decided to set up the headquarters of the Volunteer Army in Dayu Cave.

Seeing President Peng got up and wanted to go out again, Deng Hua quickly stood up and said that Chairman Mao asked them to eat and live together. President Peng joked that Chairman did not ask to send a message. The telegram had to be three people together. Deng Hua and Hong Xuezhi took the potatoes and sat down to eat with a smile.

Mao Zedong received a call back from Peng Dehuai, and the stone in his heart finally fell. He sent the Sixty-sixth Army to the DPRK to support him in accordance with Peng Dehuai’s request. Mao Anying commanded everyone to set up a war room for Deng Hua and Hong Xuezhi, and China and North Korea finally met at the officially established Volunteer Army Command. President Peng has already understood the overall situation in North Korea, and the domestic plans are outdated. The US military is advancing too fast, and our advantage is assault. MacArthur advances in multiple lines and his forces are scattered. Peng always asks to use the opponent’s frivolousness to hit them severely.

The Forty Army assembled and annihilated the South Korean Sixth Division, the 39th Army marched around the spot to fight against reinforcements, and the 38th Army wiped out the Eighth Division of South Korea on the western front. The three armies together form a big pocket, and the 42nd armies are the most difficult. They must fight well to prevent enemy troops from crossing Huangcao Ridge.

The 38th Army and refugees coming from the south were crowded together. The road was bombed and damaged by the U.S. Army. This gourd-shaped mountain pass was the most congested. Zheng Rui finally returned to the team. Company Commander Qian and Commander Liang Xingchu quickly introduced the fierce general. The commander ordered Zheng Rui to take people to set up temporary refugee shelters in front of them so that the refugees could make a detour so that the army could go first. They also reminded them to pay attention to methods Conflict.

Mao Zedong received a telegram from Peng Dehuai. Zhu De analyzed that if the results of this sudden battle were not great and the enemy’s reinforcements arrived and forced the retreat, he would face a greater threat. Mao Zedong thought that if the US military uses air force to strike, our military can only operate at night. Except for large cities such as Pyongyang that cannot be occupied without air support, the other small towns can be wiped out.

This will force the United States to conduct diplomatic negotiations with China. Zhu De smiled and waved. The American hand stretched too long, and the support would definitely not be able to keep up. Mao Zedong ordered the secretary to sort out the content of the conversation and send it to President Peng, and demanded that all possible victories must be struck on a stable and reliable basis.

The 38th Division sent a telegram, and Peng Dehuai was so anxious that his clothes fell on the ground after seeing it. It was almost light on that day, and they had not yet reached Gurendong. Looking at President Peng, who was standing with his hand, the guards hurried to persuade that the 42nd Army has not yet found the enemy, but President Peng does not buy it at all. It’s good news that they are hiding and seeking in this ravine and the enemy and our armies never meet.

Mao Anying was grateful to tell him that our army is good at walking at night, but the enemy is not good at them. They will definitely come out during the day, and they will meet. President Peng praised Mao Anying’s analysis as good news, but at the same time he worried that Liang Xingchu Liang Daya marched too slowly, and Deng Yue had already exchanged fire before they arrived, so the whole plan would be ruined.

On the marching road of the 38th Army, the vehicles of the army headquarters rolled down the cliff in order to avoid the vehicles on the opposite side, and all the people in the vehicle died. The road is too narrow, the roadbed of the new road is not compacted, and the driver dare not drive the lights to see the road at night. There is no other way, but the road cannot be seen. This must be solved. Liang Daya took out the army stab and tore off the white cloth strips and tied them so that the soldiers were tied up like this. The driver used the moon to use this as a reference to avoid unnecessary accidents.

The 38th Army has narrow roads and accidents frequently occur. Fortunately, the Fortieth Army is almost at Wenjing and may soon meet the enemy. President Peng finally smiled and ordered the Forty Army to build fortifications and prepare for the encounter. Telegram ordered the 38th Army to eliminate all interference and approach Xichuan at full speed.

The South Korean army was advancing slowly on the road with tanks coming. The commander Ham Byung-sun didn’t dare to let up the battle, but his subordinates felt that they had a chance to win. After all, they were about to approach the Yalu River and the North Korean army was retreating. It’s great.

The regimental commander ordered him to immediately prepare for defense and be careful of encountering Chinese volunteers. The troops led by Chu Chuanyu, head of the 345th regiment of the Fortieth Army, will meet this unit in 2 hours, and Mr. Peng instructed that the guests must treat them well. But Deng Hua thought that their original plan was to completely encircle the enemy before attacking, and now it is exposed whether the gains outweigh the losses for such a regiment.

President Peng believes that this encounter is inevitable, and hiding and dragging are impossible. The most important thing at the moment is for the 38th Army to speed up its actions and tighten its pockets. The 42nd Army must also seize the commanding heights in front of the enemy to block things. Enemies on the two fronts must not be allowed to join.

Lu Chengfeng’s Forty Army finally arrived at Huangcaoling. He touched the gun on his body and felt that the enemy had not arrived yet. The 345 regiment quickly prepared fortifications to fight an ambush. The South Korean army slowly entered the encirclement and was greeted by volunteer guns and grenades ambushed on the mountain. Unprepared, they dispersed in panic. With the bayonet on, Chu Chuanyu led the soldiers down the mountain, and the two sides began a fierce battle.

Lu Chengfeng’s team had also been in ambush, seeing the enemy swaggering out of the car and shooting without a word. Lu Chengfeng deserves to be a sharpshooter with one shot and one headshot, revealing fierceness in his stability.

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