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A Love So Romantic 少爷与我的罗曼史 Episode 19 Recap

Xiaoya woke up and missed Xin Ziqian. She thought that Xin Ziqian had left. When she was sad, Xin Ziqian came back. After a whole night of thinking, she felt that Xiaoya was right. He should go back and face what he should face To help the family solve some problems.

Ever since he saw the kiss between Su Xiaowan and Gu Yanxi, Cheng Qianyu felt a little uneasy. He also understood that Gu Yanxi and Su Xiaowan were stunned on the surface, but they actually cared.

After Xiaoya accompanied Xin Ziqian back, she went back to the Cuju team happily. Seeing that Xin Ziqian could figure it out, Xiaoya was overjoyed. When Xiaoya was in a trance, Cheng Qianyu came out with a food box and the two collided. Together, no one cares.

Xin Ziqian took out all of his property to Gu Yanxi, hoping that Gu Yanxi would forgive his mother for the mistakes committed, but Gu Yanxi said that he didn’t care about these things. He cared about Xin Ziqian from childhood. The look of brother. Since he was going out recently, Gu Yanxi asked Xin Ziqian to take charge of family affairs. This was an expression of his trust in Xin Ziqian, and Xin Ziqian was deeply moved.

Gu Yanxi met with the prince and wanted to postpone the application, but the prince had long heard about the destruction of the phoenix crown. Knowing that Gu Yanxi’s purpose was resolutely refused to meet, the butler had to dismiss Gu Yanxi and let him hurry to make it. Phoenix crown is necessary.

Cheng Qianyu lied about eating food and lied that his sister Su Xiaowan sent the food. Su Xiaoan didn’t know that Cheng Qianyu was here to test, and accidentally said that he was Su Xiaowan’s younger brother. This made Cheng Qianyu very Angry, tantrums at Ruying. She knew that Ru Ying must also know about this, but only to hide from her, Su Xiaowan was Su Xiaoan’s sister, the person who entered the mansion as Gu Xiaowan, but she was treated as a fool, even thought Ruying knows everything, just watching jokes beside her.

Seeing her grandma in a coma, Gu Yanxi felt distressed and personally wiped her hands. She remembered that her mother had just passed away, and it was her grandma who supported the family alone and protected Gu Yanxi, hoping that Gu Yanxi could grow up safely. Inherit everything in the family. Gu Yanxi held her grandma’s hand and vowed to guard Gu’s family.

The next day, Su Xiaowan came to see her grandmother and found that Gu Yanxi was already asleep in a chair. Su Xiaowan sadly covered her with a blanket, and was seen by Xin Ziqian who came over. When Xin Ziqian left silently, The servant rushed over and told many merchants now that they were refunding them, because they all knew about the loss of the Phoenix Crown, and they were worried that they would offend the princess and the Gu family would be finished. In order to make Gu Yanxi sleep longer, Su Xiaowan went to see the merchants with Xin Ziqian.

Xin Ziqian proposed to pay liquidated damages if there is no problem with the product in accordance with the previous contract, and Su Xiaowan also proposed that there is a response plan now, so that everyone can stay and witness the effect of the plan so as to be at ease.

Yuan He ran to wake up Gu Yanxi, claiming that someone from Cheng Qianyu’s family came, and Gu Yanxi hurried over. The person was the housekeeper of the Cheng family. The mother heard about the Gu family’s affairs and proposed to write down the pill. The coupon was given to Gu Yanxi as a dowry, so that he would have the best of both worlds, and he was willing to help bear half of the compensation. But I didn’t expect it to be rejected by Gu Yanxi mercilessly.

Cheng Qianyu cried and told the mother Su Xiaowan about Su Xiaowan. Unexpectedly, Gu Yanxi could give up everything for that wild girl. She was obviously better than Su Xiaowan, but Gu Yanxi would rather sacrifice the Gu family and Su Xiaowan. Together. The mother persuaded Cheng Qianyu to fight for Gu Yanxi if he still had feelings for Gu Yanxi. At this time, Ru Ying ran over to apologize outside the door, vowing to thunder and thunder if there was any deception, and the result was a thunderbolt.

Ru Ying had to slap herself instead to ask for forgiveness. In the room, Cheng Qianyu couldn’t bear to open the door, but found that Ru Ying was just two palms hitting each other. Cheng Qianyu was so angry that she slapped Ruying as a liar and wanted to rush. Leave him. Ru Ying explained that she came to the mansion to see a doctor and could not leave easily. He also stopped the two maids to scare them that they were both seriously ill. Hearing this, it was still a free clinic. The two maids called more people around Ru Ying free clinic.

Su Xiaowan and Xin Ziqian placed a lot of lucky bags for sale at the door, and they also let everyone see the value-added items in the lucky bags, which attracted many customers to check in the store, and the sales also rose. I think the strength of the Gu family should not be underestimated, but I am also worried that the offending of the prince is a major matter. In the end, it depends on the result, but it has passed the immediate hurdle.

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