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A Love So Romantic 少爷与我的罗曼史 Episode 18 Recap

After Xin Ziqian came back, she heard about Mrs. Ru. She was angry and looked at Mrs. Ru. She questioned Mrs. Ru’s evil deeds in the past. Mrs. Ru claimed to be framed by others. She also had troubles, and she could also take Xin Ziqian away. Explain everything after leaving. Xin Ziqian was unmoved, unwilling to leave with the mother of a murderer. Mrs. Ru was very sad and claimed that everything she did was for Xin Ziqian. If Xin Ziqian refused to leave with him, she would die in front of Xin Ziqian. However, Xin Ziqian thought that her mother would never die, and she felt unhappy over the years. It just made a fuss, and since then he no longer has such a mother.

Seeing his favorite son leave, Mrs. Ru burst into tears, broke the phoenix crown, and thought that it was not as meaningful to be alive as to be burned. When Gu Yanxi discovered the phoenix crown, the phoenix crown had been broken and was badly damaged and needed to be remade. The old lady fainted. Su Xiaowan comforted Gu Yanxi and told him to redo it as soon as possible. Time might not be too late, and she assumed the responsibility of taking care of the old lady.

Gu Yanxi split the phoenix crown into six parts, let people do it separately, and then assemble it, so that it might be possible to cancel the contract for some time. Xin Ziqian was unwilling to stay at Gu’s house, packed up the package and left. Xiaoya was followed by Xin Ziqian when she learned that before Xin Ziqian’s team clothes broke. Xiaoya also specially sews a pattern of a little duck, hoping that Xin Ziqian will remember her name when she sees the pattern.

Xin Ziqian found that Xiaoya had been following behind, and couldn’t bear her being in danger, so he told her to enter the store to eat noodles together. Seeing Xiaoya gobble up noodles, Xin Ziqian suddenly remembered the greedy Su Xiaowan. . The corners of her mouth raised, Xiaoya didn’t understand, so she asked Xin Ziqian about the reason for smiling, but Xin Ziqian refused to say anything.

Su Xiaowan specially prepared a supper for Gu Yanxi and took the initiative to help make the phoenix crown. Gu Yanxi asked Su Xiaowan to inlay pearls. Gu Yanxi smiled happily when she looked serious. But couldn’t bear to make Su Xiaowan work too hard, Gu Yanxi lied about going back to rest and left with Su Xiaowan.

Xiaoya heard about what Xin Ziqian encountered today, and persuaded Xin Ziqian that he should go back instead of leaving. At this time, it is important to do something to help and do what he can. Xiaoya also opened a room on her own. Next door to Xin Ziqian, Xin Ziqian felt much better after listening to Xiaoya’s persuasion.

Gu Yanxi asked Su Xiaowan to leave for a while, and waited until the limelight passed before picking up Su Xiaowan back. Su Xiaowan knew that Gu Yanxi wanted to distract her to avoid hurting her, so she resolutely refused. Su Xiaowan hoped to leave it alone. She wanted to face any matter with Gu Yanxi. The worst result was that the concubine’s birthday was delayed and she was exiled. If Gu Yanxi was exiled, she would go with him and wait for Gu Yan. Xi.

She also made some mistakes and was locked up. She was locked up next door to Gu Yanxi. The two watched the stars and told stories together. If Gu Yanxi is sentenced to ten years, she will wait for ten years. If she is sentenced for a lifetime, she will wait for a lifetime. Gu Yanxi hugs Su Xiaowan into her arms. Qiuxiang hurries over when Gu Yanxi is about to kiss Su Xiaowan. , The two were so scared that they separated quickly.

Gu Yanxi hurriedly asked Su Xiaowan to go to bed with Qiu Xiang. Su Xiaowan was full of disapproval, and kept muttering in her mouth, thinking that she should not let her go to bed without kissing her. Gu Yanxi suddenly rushed to cover Su Xiaowan’s mouth and took the big tree, vowing to kiss Su Xiaowan today. When Cheng Qianyu happened to see him, he was so scared that Cheng Qianyu covered his mouth and ran back to the room, but they were kissing while they were siblings.

Gu Yanxi reluctantly sent Su Xiaowan back. As soon as he entered the room, Qiu Xiang forced Su Xiaowan to honestly explain where he had gone. Su Xiaowan was shy and pretended to sleep in a cloak, Qiu Xiang had just left without interest, Su Xiaowan showed the sweetest smile and recalled the sweetness just now.

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