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A Love So Romantic 少爷与我的罗曼史 Episode 17 Recap

Cheng Qianyu left Ruying’s medical clinic and was very grateful for the beauty Ruying had brought, and refused to send her away. Ruying was delighted to catch up with Cheng Qianyu. It happened to meet the little prince who molested Cheng Qianyu in the street. Ru Ying hurried forward and pretended to be the little prince to get his pulse, saying that the little prince was already ill and she took him to the shop to see a doctor. The little prince broke free from Ru Ying and insisted on looking for Cheng Qianyu, but when he looked back, the figure of Cheng Qianyu was gone. The little prince ordered someone to investigate the origin of Cheng Qianyu.

Xiao Ya watched Xin Ziqian practicing Cuju game every day and she was very happy. She silently cared about and liked Xin Ziqian. Seeing Xin Ziqian fall, she felt more anxious and distressed than anyone else, and Xin Ziqian didn’t notice any changes in Xiaoya.

On the other hand, Gu Yanxi has already made the phoenix crown. Since the delivery date has not yet arrived, he was put away in the warehouse temporarily. Yuan He found out that it was indeed Ma Xiaoliu who bought kerosene from a firearms shop ten years ago. Because the business was off-season and a big deal suddenly came, the store remembered it very clearly.

Gu Yanxi came to the other courtyard alone and looked at the devastated courtyard. He remembered that his mother had died unjustly. But now that Ma Xiaoliu is dead, there is no proof. How to make Mrs. Ru fail the law is not easy. Gu Yanxi is unavoidable. Feeling down, Su Xiaowan heard that Gu Yanxi had gone to the other hospital to look for him. Seeing his lonely back, Su Xiaowan couldn’t help but hug Gu Yanxi, hoping to give him comfort and strength.

That night, someone in Gu’s Mansion saw the ghost of the lady, and the spread of the word was enthusiastic. Mrs. Ru, who heard about it, had been frightened and asked the maid to prepare the paper money for paying homage to the lady and the charm of exorcism. And Su Xiaowan has been sending people to stare at him secretly, and has checked the accounts for many years, and found that as long as it is before and after the death of his wife, Mrs. such as the wife will buy a lot of exorcism charms, which can be seen as a guilty conscience, so Su Xiaowan offered to pretend to be scared Mrs. Ru, forcing her to tell her what happened back then.

Sure enough, when Su Xiaowan pretended to be a ghost and appeared in Madam Ru’s room, she was so scared that Madam Ru was terrified. She confessed that she wanted to be the mistress, and this murdered Madam Ru. And Gu Yanxi took the paperwork and the old lady standing outside the door and listening, the paperwork recorded the words and deeds of the wife. At the same time, the old lady used Xin Ziqian as a threat, forcing Mrs. Ru to truthfully explain the reasons for the matter. Mrs. Ru hoped that Xin Ziqian would still be prosperous and wealthy, so she wrote down the whole process.

Mrs. Ru was connected to the mansion by the old lady. At that time, he took Xin Ziqian with him. After entering the mansion, Mrs. Ru was favored alone, but she could not sit in the position of mistress. For Xin Ziqian’s future consideration, Mrs. Ru sews The poison was in the clothes given to the wife, causing her to become unconscious. For example, the wife told the outsider that it was the wife who had gone crazy and asked the master to divorce her, but the master just kept the wife in another courtyard.

Later, the lady woke up and the poison slowly dissipated. Once Gu Yanxi went to see her mother. Her mother told Gu Yanxi not to let anyone touch his clothes. This sentence was heard by the guard at the door. The matter was revealed, for fear that Ma Xiaoliu would burn the backyard when his wife told the truth. Gu Xiaowan was the one who saw Ma Xiaoliu, so he could only take it away and get rid of it.

But I did not expect that not long after the wife left, the master also died in depression, as the wife was never righted. Gu Yanxi blamed himself after seeing the entire confession. If it weren’t for him, the mother would not die. Su Xiaowan comforted Gu Yanxi that his wife just wanted to protect her children, and the husband was the culprit. Seeing this, the old lady blamed herself for putting Madam Ru into the mansion, and left Madam Ru’s life and death to Gu Yanxi’s disposal.

Gu Yanxi thought about Xin Ziqian’s feelings, and was unwilling to hurt Mrs. Ru, but he was locked in another courtyard and not allowed to come out, so that she could feel his mother’s feelings back then.

Madam Ru’s maid was ordered to steal the phoenix crown before, and after she succeeded, she bribed the guard to bring the phoenix coronet in. Mrs. Ru didn’t want to continue doing evil, but just wanted to keep Xin Ziqian. At that time, she just wanted to steal the phoenix crown. Defeated Gu Yanxi, and at this time had no thoughts. But the maid persuaded Mrs. Ru to leave here with Xin Ziqian, presumably Xin Ziqian also hopes to be with his mother. This sentence moved Mrs. Ru’s mind.

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