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Unique Lady 2 絕世千金完結篇 Episode 13 Recap

Someone came to smash the stall and smashed her rice. She was about to go and argue with others, and Jiang Xuanyu rushed to stand in front of her. Jiang Xuanyu asked her why she was here, and Lin Luojing said that she was here to buy rice that everyone had said recently. Lin Luojing asked him if he was here to buy rice. Jiang Xuanyu said that he had come to expel the rice vendors under the trust of the Chamber of Commerce. Lin Luojing said that people came all the way to do some small business, and they didn’t let them enter the chamber of commerce. Now they have to drive them away, which is too unkind.

Jiang Xuanyu explained that Qiyu merchants were fine when they first arrived, but now their products are priced too low, which is disrupting the market and malicious competition. The crowd said that Qiyu’s rice is very good and they like it very much. If Qiyu vendors are driven away, what will they eat in the future. Lin Luojing found that there was a problem with this rice, which had been waxed.

Xiaoyu came to inform Liu Xiu that Wen Qiyu had cheated on rice and was discovered by Lin Luojing. Zhong Wumei had already entered the palace and asked him to find a solution as soon as possible. Zhong Wumei asked to drive away the Qiyu vendor and Liu Xiuwen. Liu Xiuwen hurriedly entered the palace and gave Shengjing an explanation. Liu Xiuwen tied the Qiyu vendor into the palace. The Qiyu vendor said that he knew it was wrong. He mixed white wax oil into the rice just to make the rice white. He really didn’t know that this thing was poisonous.

Liu Xiuwen scratched his arm and promised that from today onwards all Qiyu rice will leave Shengjing and never return. This vendor will be handed over to Shengjing to severely punish him, hoping that the saint will not anger other Qiyu vendors. The Holy Admiral asked the hawker to be taken away for strict interrogation.

Liu Xiuwen asked why King Jingyuan wanted to do that. He said that if it weren’t for someone to instigate, their Qiyu people would never do such abusive things. King Jingyuan said that people die for money, and birds die for food. Life is like this. Who can’t live with money? Who can blame him for such a human nature. Liu Xiuwen’s plan to get crystal beads to save his Qiyu people does not mean that he will tolerate King Jingyuan doing this kind of harm to Shengjing people. King Jingyuan said that Liu Xiuwen’s gentleman’s heart, the woman’s benevolence, throughout the ages, only one can gain from home, and a soft heart can’t make a big thing. It turned out that all this was the plan of King Jingyuan.

Since the rice incident, there have been no people selling Qiyu rice in Shengjing City, which seems to have caused a lot of trouble. Those who are accustomed to eating Qiyu rice will probably complain. Therefore, King Jingyuan proposed to hold a Chamber of Commerce competition, which not only stabilizes the popular support, but also silences those people. Sheng Jingfang sent a representative of Jiang Xuanyu to participate in the competition, and Prince Qiyu represented Qiyu.

The Chamber of Commerce competition officially started. Lin Luojing and others were all present. Lin Luojing asked Magpie to hold a sign. Zhang Ji refused to let her go, so he took the stage and held the sign. The person Jiang Xuanyu Fang showed off the ready-to-wear has not yet arrived, and Tang Meng waited very worried. In the first round, Su Yiyi appeared on stage on behalf of Qi Yu to show off ready-to-wear garments, and everyone was surprised that she was from Qi Yu. The exhibitor did not come, so Tang Menglin Luojing, Zhong Wumei and others had to play on their own.

Jiang Xuanyu introduced the costumes he designed. The costumes of the beauty of culture and etiquette are undoubtedly a rare treasure of Shengjing. The integration of totem copywriting deepens the cultural heritage. The fabrics used this time are the most common Material. Through this competition, he hopes to tell everyone that good clothes are in design. Expensive materials are good, but squandering is gradually becoming attractive, comfortable, comfortable, and grounded is the most important thing.

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