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Unique Lady 2 絕世千金完結篇 Episode 12 Recap

Zhong Wumei returned to the palace with Lin Luojing in his arms. Lin Luojing was a little embarrassed and asked him to let him go. Lin Luojing said that he would not forgive him if he decided to decide after seeing his performance. As soon as Lin Luojing opened the door of the room, the two maids who were eavesdropping on the door bumped into each other. The two maids clashed with each other and obviously lied. Lin Luojing left with the two maids, leaving Zhong Wumei alone in the room. When Zhang Ji saw this scene, he said a classic saying that he abused his wife and chased his wife in the crematorium.

The prince reproduced the scene where Lin Luojing stood in the courtyard to awaken his memory and read the poem she read at that time. Lin Luojing laughed when she heard the voice, and asked the maid to go out and bring him a word. After hearing these words, the prince broke into Lin Luojing’s room, and Zhang Ji grabbed the magpie who wanted to step forward to stop it.

The lord’s name was Lin Luojing’s concubine, Lin Luojing said that he had called others like this, so she didn’t want to call her. The master’s inspiration flashed, remembering the name stupid woman, so he called out. He thought she would like it, but unexpectedly she drove him out angrily.

The prince drank wine boredly, and Zhang Ji suggested that he go to Jiang Xuanyu for advice. The next day, Lin Luojing went to buy clothes in the thirteenth year. Lin Luojing asked Magpie which one she thought Lin Luojing liked. Zhong Wumei poked his head out of it and said that as long as Lin Luojing liked it, he would buy it all. Lin Luojing took Tang Meng and said that he would go to another place to see.

Inspired by Jiang Xuanyu, Zhong Wumei started a role-play, and was successfully forgiven by Lin Luojing, and the two rounded up the room. Magpie and Zhang Ji were lying on the floor and secretly listening to the sound inside. Early in the morning, Lin Luojing lay shyly in Zhong Wumei’s arms. The maid came to ask if he wanted to prepare the clothes of the little prince. The prince said that he was a fool. How could he only prepare the clothes of the little prince? .

That day, Wen Ruyu took a pill to test Lin Luojing. She said that she was here to collect debts and that it was a poison. As long as Lin Luojing ate it, she could serve them both. If she does not eat, it will be hard to quell her hatred, and Bei Yu will fight against Shengjing. If Lin Luojing eats, Bei Yu will fulfill the covenant, and she will also leave Shengjing, forgetting the blame. Lin Luojing took this medicine without hesitation. Lin Luojing said that she decided to stay because she wanted to face everything with Zhong Wumei. Since taking this medicine can save the situation, why didn’t she take it. Wen Ruyu told her the truth, it was a great tonic, and Wen Ruyu was here to say goodbye.

Lin Luojing went shopping and ran into Liu Xiuwen. Liu Xiuwen went to drink tea with her. Lin Luojing asked him what he said before to deal with matters within the clan is still going well, Liu Xiuwen nodded. Liu Xiuwen gave Lin Luojing a paper kite, and Lin Luojing was very happy. Liu Xiuwen told her that Yuanzheng Palace was not a lot of rare treasures, but he heard that there were blue coral and sweaty BMWs inside. Lin Luojing was taken aback. She said that it was impossible. The most precious thing in the palace was the costume of the concubine Zhong Wumei. Lin Luojing said that Zhong Wumei prefers old ones to expensive ones.

Lin Luojing heard what the people outside said. She asked Liu Xiuwen if he had opened another Qiyu store. Liu Xiuwen told her a good news. The other day he had a visit with Sheng, and Sheng promised him except for opening some channels. , And also allowed Qiyu’s businessmen to come here to do some small business. Lin Luojing said that it is no wonder that there are so many Qiyu shops in the city of Drunken Jingsheng. Congratulations to him.

After Liu Xiuwen left, Lin Luojing wanted to buy the more popular Qiyu rice. She managed to squeeze in and put the rice to the boss, but suddenly someone would come and smash the stall.

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