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Unique Lady 2 絕世千金完結篇 Episode 11 Recap

Lin Luojing was wearing a eunuch’s uniform, looking for opportunities to enter the palace at the gate. Seeing a large group of eunuchs preparing to enter the palace, he hurried over and pretended to know the father-in-law Zhang, and father-in-law Zhang mistakenly identified her as a little plum, and Lin Luojing successfully entered the palace with him.

Lin Luojing was walking on the corridor of the palace, and suddenly saw a Leng Wuxie man pretending to be a woman. She was a little surprised. It was so obvious that those people couldn’t see it. come out. Seeing the killer Leng Wuxie, Lin Luojing speculated that her fake father should be there. A killer Leng Wuxie also had an explosive bag. It seemed that her fake father was determined to make trouble.

In the main hall, the caravan of Beiyu Wang Beiyu often raised business disputes and asked him to give a solution. Zhong Wumei is in charge of the water transport. King Beiyu asked Sheng if his daughter Wen Ruyu hadn’t taken good care of King Yuanzheng, so he angered the Beiyu caravan.

Lin Luojing stopped Leng Wuxie and asked who he was. He said that it was a dancer from Beiyu, and Lin Luojing said that he would take him to change clothes. Leng Wuxie walked away quickly one day, when Lin Luojing suddenly saw a stone on the ground, two options appeared in front of her, she chose to outwit. Leng Wuxie noticed that someone was following and hurriedly hid in a room. Lin Luojing took the opportunity to lock him in and called the guards to catch him.

Lin Feiyu pretended to be a eunuch and stood in the hall. The court lady came in to perform the dance. He did not see Leng Wuxie pretending to be a dancer and decided to do it himself. When the eunuch brought food, he took the food and sent it to the holy superior, took out the dagger, and stabbed the holy superior. The saint stopped his dagger and called him father-in-law. It turned out that this person was Zhong Wumei. The two brothers of the Zhong family exchanged identities, and the two took off their human skin masks to reveal their original appearance.

Lin Feiyu panicked and yelled Bei Yu Wang for help, Bei Yu Wang turned his face and refused to recognize people. It turns out that Zhong Wumei had found Bei Yu Wang before and convinced him to tell him everything he knew. Seeing that he couldn’t escape, Lin Feiyu was about to ignite the explosives. Lin Luojing came in and stopped them. Lin Luojing threw a letter to Lin Feiyu. She told the truth about the dystocia of Lin Feiyu’s wife. Lin Luojing emotionalized the prime minister, but the prime minister did not ignite the explosive.

After the prime minister was arrested, Lin Luojing finally could not hold on and passed out. Zhong Wumei stayed in front of the bed, Lin Luojing woke up, Zhong Wumei told her a good news, the saint restored Lin Luojing’s status as a princess, and granted her innocence. Wen Ruyu talked to Lin Luojing alone for a long time.

Wen Ruyu told Zhong Wumei that she liked it for many years, and she decided to let it go. She knew that what Zhong Wumei did before was an illusion. She gave him a token from Bei Yu, so that he can go if he has difficulties in the future. Looking for him, she left.

Zhong Wumei learned from the mouth of Magpie that Lin Luojing had gone to Liu Xiuwen, and kept going to stop her from leaving. He said that he shouldn’t have lost his memory before, let alone forget her, and shouldn’t have failed to tell him in time when he recovered his memory, asking her for forgiveness. He said that although she had forgotten her before, he still fell in love with him. He promised that no matter what happened from now on, he would never let go again, and promised that nothing like this would happen again.

Lin Luojing had come to say farewell to Liu Xiuwen and thanked him for taking care of him for so long. Suddenly Liu Xiuwen didn’t go back, and the two were about to return to the city. Zhong Wumei picked up Lin Luojing and rode back to the city together. Liu Xiuwen watched them go away, and Yiyi reminded him that it was time to go back. Once again abandoned by Lin Luojing, he felt very uncomfortable.

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