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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 28 Recap

Since grandpa passed away, grandma has never gone out, how could she come to Beijing? Mrs. Huo was obviously playing tricks. Wu Xie simply kept doing it, claiming that if she didn’t let go, she would follow her all the time, and sat down in the seat next to Mrs. Huo in a fit of anger. Everyone was shocked, why did Wu Xie sit there? Mrs. Huo smiled lightly. If Wu Xie could sit in this chair until 4:30, then she would tell him everything about Xing Lei. Wu Xie didn’t doubt that he was there and still sat on the spot.

The auction officially began, Xiao Hua stayed far away, still waving to let Wu Xie pass, this place was not sitting in this place except for the old Buddha Zhang. And the thing to be auctioned today is extremely valuable, it is the ghost seal, exactly the same as the one that the little brother saw behind the door when he entered the bronze door. The original owner of the ghost seal was King Lu Shang. According to legend, as long as you get the ghost seal as a token, you can order the ghosts to die, and only the ghost seal can open the bronze door and witness the secret-the ultimate.

Everyone was dumbfounded when they looked at the baby. It was really rare in a thousand years. Under the auspices of the staff, the sky lantern was lit. Old lady Huo said with yin and yang strangely: It’s been a long time since no one lights the sky lanterns, Wu Xie is all about the old Wu’s parents.

Wu Xie was shocked. The sky lantern in the auction house means that no matter who bids or how much money is paid, he will increase it, and in the end he will pay the bill. If the show cannot be received today, I am afraid Wu Xie will be chopped off by the people at the Crescent Hotel. It seems that this old lady Huo has no good intentions.

As the auction began, the price of Ghost Seal was raised from 50 million to 100 million. Wu Xie almost jumped up from his chair. During the intermission, the old lady ordered him a section of Mu Ke Zhai. Wu Xie and the fat man talked about how to escape, but they were noticed, and the fat man fought with the people in the restaurant. Desperately holding back time, Wu Xie was asked to sit in that chair until 4:30.

Here Zhang Rishan knew what was going on outside, but he didn’t seem to be worried at all, and he listened to the song leisurely while wearing a headset, and let the secretary pat the door hard outside, but didn’t open it.

After some struggle, although Wu Xie finally sat down at 4:30, the Crescent Hotel was also smashed by them. Xie Yuchen approached Mrs. Huo, asked about Lu Huangbo and Shixing Lei straight to the point, and suggested that if Mrs. Huo took action, he must call himself. The Huo family is no longer what it used to be, and now only Xie Jia can help her, and the things that year have affected her generation, and the interests of the two are closely related. After hearing what Yuchen had said, Mrs. Huo readily agreed to his proposal.

The fat man beat the bodyguards of the Crescent Hotel to pieces, and took the ghost seal to escape from the chaos, but they were blocked by Liulisun’s people as soon as they left the restaurant. He came to Guixi today, but he didn’t expect Wu Xie to light a sky lantern, claiming to teach Wu Xie the rules of the rivers and lakes, and then ordered his subordinates to rush forward.

After a few rounds of fighting, Xiaohua drove there in time to free Wu Xie and the others from their plight and bring them to the home, but this is not a safe place. People at the Crescent Hotel will find it at any time and simply take the risk. Hid them in the old shop of Huo’s family.

In this way, Xing Lei was left by the third uncle, and the buyer was at the Crescent Hotel. It happened that the Crescent Hotel was auctioning the ghost seal. Wu Xie was still arranged by Jiu Sect, in other words, it was Nine Sect who chose him.

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