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The Message 风声 Episode 16 Recap

Wang Tianxiang ordered his men to celebrate the evening feast with great fanfare. He heard that Longchuan Feiyuan had gone to Houshan to see the wolf’s den. He hurried up the mountain to look for it. He did not expect to encounter a wolf on the way. Wang Tianxiang almost died. Fortunately, Longchuan had time. At that time, he was rescued.

Wang Tianxiang reported the invitation to Longchuan. He was uncertain whether Gu Minzhang would come to the banquet at night, but he was sure that her boyfriend Liu Zonglin would come. Wang Tianxiang investigated Liu Zonglin’s visit to the Gu’s house. Liu Zonglin explained that he and Gu Xiaomeng met in drama, but the conditions of the two were very different. Since dreaming went to the headquarters, they had too little contact with him, so he had no choice but to go to her house and want to watch it. Whether she will break up with herself, Wang Tianxiang observed that Liu Zonglin is a timid and fearless person, not a spy.

Bai Xiaonian’s uncle was paralyzed on the bed, and that was impossible. Long Chuan believed that Bai Xiaonian could not have been born in such a family. On the contrary, Secretary Bai was especially like someone he had met. Longchuan asked Wang Tianxiang whether he still thought that the biggest suspect was Wu Zhiguo after seeing these strange family members. Wang Tianxiang thought of Commander Zhang’s reminder, but smiled.

Gu Minzhang was surprised that it had been four hours since he sent the report. According to the rules of espionage, he should have responded long ago, but he hasn’t waited for Dai Li’s instructions for a long time, and he suspected that he was also closely monitored by Dai Li. Gu Minzhang was very worried about Xiaomeng’s situation, so he made a secret call to Minister Zhou. This information was quickly passed on to the CCP Hangzhou intelligence agent Tiger.

In the evening, Commander Zhang, Jin Shenghuo’s daughter Jin Ruoxian, Gu Xiaomeng’s boyfriend Liu Zonglin, and Li Ningyu’s husband Pan Hanqing attended the appointment as scheduled. The last one was Gu Minzhang’s butler, Ms. Zhao. Ms. Zhao said that Mr. Gu had an appointment with Minister Zhou in advance. Xiaomeng.

Jin Shenghuo told everyone in the lobby of the East Building that the people attending the banquet outside were like meat under a microscope for Longchuan’s detailed anatomy and analysis. Only Bai Xiaonian and Wu Zhiguo had no relatives, so there was no need to worry about revealing flaws. Li Ningyu played a piece of “Detective in Prison” on the piano, reminding the other four people that the purpose of Longchuan’s family banquet was to arouse their nervousness and panic, so that everyone could kill each other and must not be taken by him. .

Long Chuan heard that Miss Zhao took care of all Gu Xiaomeng’s affairs on weekdays, so he ordered Wang Tianxiang to replace all the items on the list that Gu Xiaomeng opened before giving it to Miss Zhao. Miss Zhao told Longchuan that she was Xiaomeng’s tutor and female companion. Xiaomeng was reluctant to leave when she grew up. She stayed at Gu’s family to take care of their lives. Longchuan warmly invited Miss Zhao to the West Building for a dinner. Miss Zhao declined, leaving Gu Minzhang’s gift to leave. At this time, Wang Tianxiang sent Gu Xiaomeng’s list of items. After taking a look, Miss Zhao said that Mr. Gu had confessed that Xiaomeng was a soldier, and the soldiers did not choose the cost of food and clothing. conditions of.

After Miss Zhao left, Wang Tianxiang felt that this woman was not simple and did not look like a subordinate, but Long Chuan decided that she was definitely not a qualified spy because she left a clear lipstick mark on the water glass, which is not the case for a professional spy. made.

Long Chuan and Wang Tianxiang came to the yard to accompany the family at a dinner. Long Chuan apologized to Chairman Gu and had to leave first. As soon as Wang Tianxiang poured the wine, Pan Hanqing also clamored to leave. You can also go. Zhang and Jin Ruoxian persuaded him to know the current affairs. Long Chuan said that he understood that Pan Hanqing’s past scenery and the current downfall were too far apart. He recommended Pan Hanqing to work in Shanghai, where the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in China needed him to be so proficient in English. Talent, Pan Hanqing proposed to pay three months in advance. He did not take the night shift at night. Long Chuan promised, but reminded Lao Pan that entering the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requires an examination, and Pan Hanqing dismissed it.

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