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Shuke and Peach Blossom 舒克与桃花 Episode 7 Recap

Tao Shu saw Ming Wanpeng standing beside his ex-wife Ye Huifang at the wedding of Tao Hua and Shu Ke, looking like “I am Tao Hua’s father”. Tao Shu was very upset and almost quarreled at the wedding. Shu Ke came out to comfort everyone and said a few kind words to them under the steps.

Tao Shu and Ming Wanpeng looked at each other and wanted to fight. At this time, Tao Hua came out. She carried the crown given by her father on her head. Tao Shu saw it at first sight and couldn’t help bursting into tears.

Tao Hua apologized to everyone. Tao Shu was a little drunk. She had to take responsibility for sending people back first. Tao Shu also left with her obediently.

Although her daughter still refused to forgive herself, she was willing to take the crown he gave him at the wedding. Tao Shu was already very satisfied. On the second day of the wedding, Tao Hua woke up and found that she and Shu Ke were sleeping in the same bed.

In order to cope with Ye Huifang, the two went to breakfast with harmony. Ye Huifang hoped that Shuke would think about going abroad again. After all, they had just got married, but Shu Ke had no intention to stay at all.

Shu Ke received Liu Yu’s message and went to the clubhouse to check. After dinner, he left home. He came to the clubhouse. Liu Yu said he wanted to reveal his hypocrisy. He said that he used three abuses to eat the soft rice of pottery flowers. Shu Ke was so angry and directly took action with him.

The two hit the ground. Suddenly Shuke caught a glimpse of a group of masked people with silk stockings out of the corner, and the person they were looking for was Liu Yu. Shuke suddenly became the actor, begged the masked man to let him go and ran out to ask for help.

Liu Yu had no idea what trouble he had caused. The boss of the masked man took out a picture of a woman and gave it to Liu Yu, but he still didn’t know Qiu Xiaoling. Liu Yu was severely beaten.

Just when the boss took out his knife, the police rushed in in time and caught the group of people. At this time, Tao Hua was crying with her best friend Zhou Yingying, saying that she and Liu Yu were completely impossible, and the phone call came from the police station.

When she learned that Shu Ke and Liu Yu were fighting, she immediately thought that the two were fighting for her, so she quickly dressed up and went to the police station to protect her.

After Liu Yu came out, he did not look for Tao Hua, but wanted to talk to Shu Ke alone, which made Tao Hua puzzled and could only watch them leave angrily. Shu Ke did not escape, but saved Liu Yu, which made Liu Yu change to Shu Ke.

When Ye Huifang went to bid for the company, she happened to meet Liu Yu and Zhong Yuhua. She saw that Zhong Yuhua’s business ability was extraordinary. Compared with her, her daughter was really much weaker. She originally expected her daughter to marry Liu Yu and inherit the company, but the bridegroom changed to Shu Ke.
Shuke was in a very bad mood.

At night, he also brought strings and wine home. He planned to take Pangya back to his hometown in two days. He seemed to have feelings for Tao Hua, but Taohua looked down on him at all. He was afraid that he would fall. Since there was no result, he suddenly wanted to escape as soon as possible.

The next day, he went to see Liu Yu as promised. Liu Yu wondered why Shuke and Tao Hua were married. Shuke said that he was going abroad, and Liu Yu suddenly realized it. But he saw that Shuke was not the kind of person who did such things for money. He liked Shuke’s design drawings and hoped that he could give a final rendering.

After Shuke came home, she said that he wanted to go back to his hometown. Tao Hua could not understand the worldly feelings of Shuke. In her world, things that could be solved with money took no other thought. Shuke no longer pestered with her and went to prepare gifts for her family. When he was ready to come to the real estate company, he found that the manager was extremely enthusiastic about him.

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