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Shuke and Peach Blossom 舒克与桃花 Episode 6 Recap

Tao Hua and Shu Ke were about to have a wedding, so Tao Hua proposed to live together. Shu Ke said that her house was being renovated, so he could only move to Tao Hua’s house for a while, otherwise her mother would definitely not be fooled. Shu Ke had to Agree by default. Putting aside these things, Tao Hua said that she wanted to see Fat Girl. It happened that Fat Girl had some doubts about the two of them recently, and she also asked to see Tao Hua. The mention of Shu Ke made Tao Hua nervous.

Ye Huifang came to Ming Wanpeng with an invitation card. She and Tao Hua were going to work on the wedding. The company had to rely on Ming Wanpeng to take care of it. Ming Wanpeng was very happy. After all, Tao Hua grew up with him. If there is a happy event, he is naturally very happy. Tao Hua was married, and Ye Huifang was alone again. Ming Wanpeng liked Ye Huifang for many years. When he wanted to mention the relationship between him and Ye Huifang, Ye Huifang made an excuse to leave. Ming Wanpeng could only leave first.

Tao Hua and Shu Ke finally chose to confess to Pang Ya and told Pang Ya about the fake marriage. Pang Ya assured them that they would keep it secret. Before leaving, Pang Ya asked Tao Hua to help her talk to Tao Shu. Talk, stay in Tao Shu to learn tea art. Although Tao Hua agreed, she didn’t want to see her father, so she wanted Shu Ke to go. Who knew that Shu Ke also threatened her not to accompany her if she couldn’t handle it well. Tao Hua was furious and wanted to sign a cut-and-break agreement with Shu Ke. , So as not to temporarily regret Shuke.

Tao Hua was stopped by Shu Ke before he left. He took out the crown Tao Shu entrusted him to give to Tao Hua. Tao Hua knew that it was given by his father, but didn’t plan to take it. Shu Ke insisted and told her the origin of the crown. , And gave the crown to Tao Hua, even if she wanted to, she had to return it to Tao Shu herself. Tao Hua knew that Shu Ke was deliberate, so she went to her father’s tea house. Tao Shu cleaned the inside and out of the tea house long before she came. She saw that she had been prepared.

Tao Hua did not embarrass her father. She sat down and talked with Tao Shu. Tao Hua looked around. The teahouse had changed a lot. From the old big bowl teahouse to the empty tea shop now, it looked very deserted. Tao Hua asked for the fat girl. Tao Shu agreed without saying a word. Seeing that the matter was done, Tao Hua left awkwardly. Although she didn’t drink a sip of tea, she managed to talk to her daughter. Tao Shu was still very pleased.

Tao Hua and her best friend Zhou Yingying went out to play at night. She suddenly wanted to meet Liu Yu. When the two met, they could clearly see that there was something in each other’s eyes, but both of them couldn’t hold back their faces, and finally left without saying anything. The wedding went on as planned, but Tao Hua suddenly flustered and wanted to escape the marriage. Fortunately, Shu Ke met him. He advised Tao Hua not to be impulsive. With so many guests below, Ye Huifang was about to be out of high blood pressure, and the conversation between the two was taken Liu Yu who came over heard everything, but Liu Yu didn’t say anything, just left the meeting place.

Regardless of whether Tao Hua wanted it or not, she finally could not escape being led by Ye Huifang, Tao Hua tremblingly took the microphone under everyone’s gaze, and finally vowed her vow, exchanged diamond rings to complete the ceremony, and the two went back to change. A dress. Before Shu Ke asked Tao Hua to go out, he took the crown given by Tao Shu. During Tao Hua’s hesitation, when she heard her father’s heartfelt words after being drunk, she knew that he had been hurting and loving herself, and could not help but blush. He is still the father who knows himself best.

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