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Shuke and Peach Blossom 舒克与桃花 Episode 5 Recap

When Tao Hua woke up, she found herself sleeping in Tao Shu’s shop. She carefully did not wake Tao Shu, she just covered him with a piece of clothing, and then secretly left his shop. But Tao Shu actually found her home. He wanted Ye Huifang not to rush to hold the wedding, but Ye Huifang didn’t plan to talk to him more from the beginning. It was because he was Tao Hua’s father that he let him finish. Finally, he was driven away mercilessly.

Tao Hua found Shu Ke again, hoping that he could finish the wedding with herself, but Shu Ke blamed Tao Hua for the murder of the fat girl, and for a while, he treated her coldly and tore the cheque given by Tao Hua directly. I have done a lot of benevolence and righteousness, and I don’t want to be too entangled in the nuclear pottery flower. Tao Hua is isolated and helpless, but her mother is still urging them to go through the wedding process. Tao Hua can only deal with her mother and find a way to solve the matter by herself.

Tao Hua walked on the road in a daze. There was a car accident. Her first emergency contact set up Shu Ke’s phone number. So the doctor called Shu Ke. It happened that Tao Shu was holding Shu Ke’s phone number and received a call from the hospital. On the phone, the two immediately put aside the matter they had just made, and rushed to the hospital together. Tao Hua fell into a coma, and Shu Ke looked very anxious. I don’t know when it started, he couldn’t let Tao Hua go.

Tao Shu’s daughter was eager and couldn’t restrain her voice. Seeing her daughter had been in a coma, she couldn’t help chatting with Shu Ke. Tao Hua woke up under his loud voice. Tao Shu hurried to find a doctor. Shu Ke looked helplessly. Tao Hua warned her not to joke about life in the future, and promised to accompany her to finish the wedding. Tao Hua didn’t actually want to commit suicide, but Shu Ke dazedly agreed, and she didn’t need to worry about it anymore.

Shu Ke came home and talked about Tao Hua’s car accident. Beta also said that Shu Ke and Tao Hua quarreled. Fatty suddenly became anxious, worried that Shu Ke quarreled with Tao Hua because of her going to the nightclub. She was overwhelmed, so she had to tell the truth about her going to the nightclub, and then Beta took the fat girl to the police station to record a statement. Zhou Yingying learned of Tao Hua’s car accident and immediately told Liu Yu. Liu Yuhui ran to the hospital before finishing the meeting. Shu Ke was a fake fiance, and immediately took Tao Shu out of the ward, leaving it for Liu Yu and Tao Hua. space.

Liu Yu said that there are three questions to ask Tao Hua. If it is affirmative, keep the status quo, and if it is negative, wake up. When he asked whether the second Tao Hua really loves Shu Ke, Tao Hua remained silent, Liu Yu did not. Asking the third question, I just warned Tao Hua not to do any more and left. When Tao Hua finally reacted, she found that Liu Yu had already left. Tao Hua lay in the hospital for a long time. Tao Shu was able to cultivate a relationship with her. He took out the crown he had prepared for his daughter and gave it away, but Tao Hua was still unwilling to accept it. She was always dissatisfied with her father’s departure.

The next day Tao Hua and Shu Ke went to try their wedding dresses. The wedding planner asked them about their love story. Tao Hua had planned to cut this link, but Ye Huifang suddenly arrived, and the two immediately pretended to be affectionate. Ye Huifang was also very curious about the story between them and made a hearing. Shu Ke was immediately driven into battle by the ducks and made up their love story. Seeing that he stumbled and couldn’t tell, Tao Hua hurriedly relieved and said that he would give them a copy afterwards. The transcript, the two sang and played together, and then they were confused.

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