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Shuke and Peach Blossom 舒克与桃花 Episode 4 Recap

Ye Huifang’s idea was very simple. The invitations were all sent out. Now this Shu Ke looked honestly and worked carefully. If the two of them truly love each other, marriage is not impossible. Tao Hua doesn’t know how to refuse, so she can’t tell for a while. Words come.

At this time, Shu Ke was annoyed because Tao Hua refused to help him. He returned to the shop of Uncle Shu, and the fat girl learned about the certificate. He heard that Uncle Shu said it. Shu Ke didn’t lose his temper anymore. He asked Shu. Regarding his uncle and daughter, he persuaded Uncle Shu to melt the iceberg between him and his daughter.

Tao Hua came to Zhou Yingying and wanted her to help her out, but she still had to tie the bell to untie the bell. After thinking about it for a long time, Tao Hua finally decided to go to Shu Ke’s sister Fatty to help Shu Ke solve this problem, and then talk to him. He discussed his own affairs. Shu Ke and Tao Hua went to see Ye Huifang and said that they were going on a business trip for a year. Ye Huifang was on the spot and asked for a wedding before his business trip.

Tao Hua dragged Shu Ke out of the ward, accusing him of talking nonsense without discussing with him. The two of them were arguing in the hospital corridor and didn’t notice the corner at all. Tao Shu heard their conversation. Tao Shu had come to give Ye Huifang a gift, who would have run into this.

Tao Shu couldn’t listen anymore, so he rushed out to fight Shu Ke. After Shu Ke explained, it turned out that Tao Hua was Tao Shu’s daughter. Tao Hua took the excited Tao Shu and the innocently injured Shu Ke to the outside of the hospital.

Tao Shu severed his friendship with Shu Ke on the spot. He devoted himself to protecting his daughter and preventing Shu Ke from marrying Tao Hua, but Tao Hua never waited to see him. His father, Tao Shu was ridiculed by Tao Hua in the end. Tao Hua felt that she had read Shu Ke wrong and ignored Shu Ke, but she went into the ward and saw that her mother was happily choosing a wedding plan for herself. She felt more uncomfortable in her heart, ashamed that she had deceived her mother so much.

Tao Shu recalled all the things before, feeling melancholy, and for a while, he told Leopard about her daughter being dumped. Leopard is a lover of personality. He immediately took his brothers to Liu Yu’s company to make trouble. The drunk Tao Shu immediately became sober after receiving the call. He is unwilling to let his daughter Liu Yu go, but not in this way. Tao Hua learned about this afterwards, and only blamed herself for being too involved at the time, so she had this mess. Now she has a headache when she mentions the wedding, and Ye Huifang has made up her mind to hold this wedding.

Shu Ke signed a contract with Liu Yu, and soon it was the delivery date. Liu Yu met with Shu Ke again. They were in the fencing hall. Shu Ke was beaten by Liu Yu and couldn’t help but complain about them. The rich man’s world is too complicated, who knows that Liu Yu didn’t plan to let him go, and asked him to hand over the design drawings before he left.

At this time Tao Hua was drinking in the bar. She received a call from Shu Ke’s sister Fat Ya. Fat Ya asked her about the safety of the nightclub. Tao Hua just lazy to reply. She didn’t take it seriously when she went to the nightclub. Fat girl hung up the phone happily.

Fat girl eagerly went to the nightclub to find her own netizen. As soon as she entered the room, she was filled with alcohol. She called Shu Ke in a panic, but no one answered, so she hurriedly sent a message to Beta, who knew she was caught by the netizen. see. Fat girl ran out of the room in a panic, and met Liu Yu in the hallway, who came out to sober up. Liu Yu rescued Fat girl out of good intentions. Beta also arrived in time and brought a few guards. He did not pay attention to leaving silently. Liu Yu left the nightclub with the fat girl.

Tao Hua got drunk at night and came to Tao Shu’s shop. Tao Shu saw that she was his daughter, and quickly took her in. The drunk Tao Hua finally shouted “Dad”, Tao Shu instantly red eyes, he looks like When Tao Hua took care of her as a child, the grievances in Tao Hua’s heart gushing out. She didn’t want to get married, but she didn’t want her mother to be disappointed in herself.

Watching Tao Hua like this, Tao Shu’s heart was broken. On the other side, when Shu Ke came home, she saw Beta drugging Fat Girl. Fat Girl didn’t say who she was going out with, but said that she had asked Tao Hua nightclub whether it was safe or not. Shu Ke was unhappy when she heard it and ordered Fat Girl. Ah, you are not allowed to contact Tao Hua in the future, and neither do you.

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