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Shuke and Peach Blossom 舒克与桃花 Episode 3 Recap

When he went to work the next day, Shu Ke welcomed his sister Fatty from his hometown. Now the slim Fatty is renamed Ouyang Xueqing. Tao Hua only found out after sending her mother to the hospital that her mother had fainted after being stimulated to cause high blood pressure. She regretted it for a while, but at this time, if it was to be more irritating to her mother, Zhou Yingying suggested that she should calm down first. Ye Huifang, let Shu Ke cooperate again, and wait for Ye Huifang to say anything else.

After Ye Huifang woke up, she asked to see Shu Ke the first thing. Tao Hua could only bite the bullet and call Shu Ke. After learning about the situation, Shu Ke agreed to help and changed her outfit and appeared in front of Ye Huifang. Ye Huifang questioned Shu Ke, asking them one by one from his life experience to the status quo, and asked them about their future plans. Shu Ke answered honestly, but as the questions became more and more difficult, he gradually coped with it. However, Tao Hua, who was eavesdropping at the door, ran to the nurse and interrupted the conversation between the two in the ward.

Shu Ke came out of the ward and breathed a sigh of relief. Now things are getting worse and fakes will never be true. Sooner or later Ye Huifang will see through his identity as a worker, and the real estate manager keeps calling. Shu Ke is busy with business. There is no way to be on call. No matter how much Tao Hua spent to compensate him, it would not be able to make up for Shu Ke’s loss. After Shu Ke left, Ye Huifang reprimanded her daughter politely. In her eyes, Shu Ke was a typical Phoenix man, Tao Hua wanted to borrow This opportunity broke up, but Ye Huifang didn’t know that their documents were fake. In her opinion, breaking up now means divorce, and Tao Hua was speechless for a while.

When he returned home, Shu Ke had to deal with the fat girl who came from afar. After thinking about it, he finally pushed the fat girl to his friend Beta, let him take the fat girl to play in Beijing. After Shu Ke booked the room, Beta brought Pang Ya back. Shu Ke also took the opportunity to clarify with Pang Ya that he already has a girlfriend and hoped to stop her from thinking about it. Who knew that Pang Ya offered to give him a check. , Meet his girlfriend’s request. The fat girl left without waiting for Shu Ke to refuse, and Beta looked at Shu Ke helplessly.

Now that Tao Hua and Shu Ke both have their own difficulties, they hesitated for a long time and decided to have a talk with each other. And the crown Tao Shu gave to his daughter that day was also delivered to him. Knowing that it was Shu Ke’s heart, he mustered up the courage to find his daughter. He accidentally learned that his ex-wife was hospitalized. He hurried to the hospital but got Tao Hua’s cold face, the crown was not sent out in the end. Tao Shu returned to the store, just as Beta took the fat girl around in his shop. Beta explained the situation to Tao Shu privately, and left the fat girl in the Tao Shu shop and went back to work.

Shu Ke went to the hospital to see Tao Hua and brought her mother some soothing tea. It happened to be the business elite who came to visit Ye Huifang. Tao Hua could only take Shu Ke into the ward. Fortunately, Shu Ke came prepared. Ye Huifang didn’t lose face. After sending off the uncles and aunts, Tao Hua said she was very satisfied with Shu Ke’s performance. Shu Ke took the opportunity to say her request and wanted her to persuade her to leave. Tao Hua did not immediately agree to Shu Ke and walked back to the ward. .

After what happened just now, Ye Huifang improved Shu Ke’s opinion. After Tao Hua said that he was very good to herself, she suggested that the wedding should be held. Tao Hua is terrified now. Are they really going to fake the show? Yet?

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