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Shuke and Peach Blossom 舒克与桃花 Episode 2 Recap

After Shu Ke decided to cooperate with Tao Hua, he asked Shu Shu to learn about the business of applying fake certificates, and then went to an abandoned car factory with Tao Hua. Tao Hua and the third child both said they were going to the toilet, and Shu Ke was there. Here to help deal with the guests. It happened that Tao Hua brought two men with him when he came back. Shu Ke introduced the business here in a decent way. Who knew that the two in front of him were police officers, so Shu Ke and Tao Hua were invited to the police in embarrassment. Bureau.

Fortunately, the police caught the third person who really sold fake certificates, and then released Shu Ke and Tao Hua, only to educate them. The people on the third side suspect that Shu Ke brought the police there, if not there Uncle Tree stood up and specified that he would be troubled. Shu Ke was overwhelmed by buying fake certificates, so he didn’t want to do it, but when he received a call at night saying that Tao Hua was drunk and couldn’t go home, his sense of justice still defeated the idea that he didn’t want to pay attention to this rich girl, so it was a big evening. He went to pick up Tao Hua again and took her to the home of himself and his friend Beta.

The drunk Tao Hua began to cry. She regarded Shu Ke as her father and cried out why he abandoned herself and left. Just like Liu Yu, Shu Ke had no choice but to follow her words and apologize to her, hoping to To ease her emotions, Tao Hua leaped forward and bit her. Fortunately, Beta saw it in time and saved Shu Ke. Tao Hua finally fell asleep on the bed exhausted. After Tao Hua woke up, she found that she was fragmented, but at any rate Shu Ke and the others were good at serving. She went back and praised Shu Ke’s work.

Liu Yu was worried that Tao Hua would be deceived. After learning about Shu Ke’s name from Zhou Yingying, he investigated this person. He proposed to meet Shu Ke. Shu Ke was riding a tiger. If he didn’t take the initiative to find Liu Yu, Liu Yu would have to Come to the company to find him. Shu Ke asked Beta to borrow his blind date shirt. He thought about Tao Hua everywhere, and planned to test Liu Yu’s attitude towards Tao Hua. Shu Ke dressed up as a talent, but Liu Yu knew his true identity. They almost met him in a car accident. Shu Ke forced to leave and pretended to be calm. Liu Yu stopped him and let him disappear from Tao Hua.

Liu Yu simply didn’t want the liar to deceive Tao Hua, but he slandered Shu Ke, who was originally innocent. Shu Ke was immediately unconvinced. So after Liu Yu challenged him, Shu Ke took up his challenge. He had a design. The teacher’s dream finally took over the burden of decorating Liu Yuxin clubhouse. After seeing Shu Ke enter Liu Yu’s office, Zhou Yingying sent a message to Tao Hua. At this time, Shu Ke had already signed the contract given by Liu Yu. He did not look at the contract carefully. If it did not reach the industry average, he would have to double Times the indemnity.

Before Shu Ke left, Liu Yu took out his mobile phone. After Tao Hua was drunk last night, he sent a message to Liu Yu. There was his voice in it. Liu Yu only believed in his own judgment and felt that Shu Ke was frivolous and Tao Hua. He did everything Shu Ke said. I don’t believe it, when Liu Yu finally sent him away, he was not as energetic as when he came in. On the other hand, Tao Hua also made an appointment with her best friend Zhou Yingying. They talked about the matter very different. Tao Hua had no idea about Shu Ke’s visit to Liu Yu, but she knew very well that she and Liu Yu would not be able to go back long ago. .

Tao Hua and Shu Ke’s fake certificate have been completed. They met for dinner and chat. Tao Hua already knew what happened. She had seen the design drawings on Shu Ke’s desk, and she should be able to handle it. It was the first time Tao Hua heard Shu Ke talk about the reason why he asked for money, and felt that he was very righteous, and Shu Ke rejected the money she paid, saying that it would be deducted from the design fee, and the two reached a consensus to let Liu Yu Face-slapped, this meal has become what they call a scattered meal.

After dinner in the evening, Shu Ke sent Tao Hua home. Unexpectedly, she happened to meet Tao Hua’s mother Ye Huifang. Ye Huifang sent out a wedding invitation for Tao Hua and Liu Yu. Now it’s too late to regret her mother. Tao Hua is disappointed with her mother. Not caring about herself at all, she mentioned her father but was slapped by Ye Huifang. Before Tao Hua could react, she saw her mother had a headache and passed out on the sofa. When Shu Ke went to work the next day, he actually saw his sister Fatty from his hometown.

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