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Shuke and Peach Blossom 舒克与桃花 Episode 1 Recap

On a sunny day, someone was going to jump off the building where Shu Ke was working. The manager sent Shu Ke to persuade him. But Shu Ke called the police, and he fell from the building, making the matter completely upstairs. The manager was furious. His jump damaged the image of the company and lost millions. The woman Shu Ke saved was his proprietor Tao Hua. Tao Hua’s boyfriend Liu Yu encountered a bottleneck in his business and planned to sell the wedding house, and this clock Jinghua was sending him to the door to invest.

Tao Hua’s family is wealthy, and it is a flower in a greenhouse. Because her parents have been spoiled since childhood, she is extremely willful, and she always engages in affairs with her boyfriend. Her good girlfriend Zhou Yingying also persuaded her not to do it again, but Tao Hua was very unwilling . Tao Hua went to her boyfriend’s company to find him, just in time to see Liu Yu sending Zhong Jinghua out.

Tao Hua was so angry that he would argue with him when he got out of the car. Liu Yu had a serious career. For his company, Liu Yu sold their wedding room if they said it was sold. It was true that it was wrong, but Tao Hua irrationally chose to threaten him by jumping off the building, which made Liu Yu no longer want to argue with Tao Hua. Before Tao Hua had finished speaking, he left with an excuse to discuss business.

Tao Hua returned to her post in a low mood, and finally greeted her mother’s accusation. Tao Hua’s mother Ye Huifang is a typical strong woman. She accused Tao Hua of not being able to work well, having a bad relationship in love, and forced Tao Hua. Prepare for the wedding as soon as possible, so that Tao Hua has a hard time. Ming Wanpeng was Ye Huifang’s right-hand man and was familiar with the two of them, but there was no way to come forward and persuade a few words.

Shu Ke is a sales clerk in Beipiaodi. He has talent and good looks, but he has no car, no house and no money. He is planning to go abroad for further study, but he is very upset by jumping off the building. He comes to the shop where he pays Taoshu in his new year. , Beta has already told Uncle Shu about the story of Shuke heroes saving the United States. He didn’t know that Tao Shu was Tao Hua’s father, he only knew that his daughter was about to get married. He loved his daughter very much, and he even prepared a wedding gift for her.

That night Shu Ke wanted to go to the banquet to discuss with Liu Yu about the withdrawal of the lawsuit. She happened to meet Tao Hua. Tao Hua took Shu Ke into the banquet. Only then did she know that Liu Yu was also there. She immediately went to Liu Yu. At this moment, Liu Yu was chatting with Zhong Jinghua. Tao Hua saw this scene and went straight up to grab Liu Yu’s glass, and angered the behavior of the two of them. Liu Yu didn’t want to entangle her, so she quietly picked up the glass to calm down. Who knows Tao? Hua leaned over to grab his glass, and accidentally pushed it to Zhong Jinghua, causing her to fall and crash into the glass behind him. Liu Yu couldn’t bear it. Under Tao Hua’s irrational scolding, in front of everyone, he broke off the marriage contract with Tao Hua.

Tao Hua was anxious and was about to leave this place when she suddenly caught a glimpse of Shu Ke watching the show. She directly dragged Shu Ke to Liu Yu and said that she fell in love with others at first sight and wanted to marry Shu Ke. Tao Hua’s irrationality was exchanged for other people’s rumors, but she was powerless and could only continue her work. Tao Hua’s work happened to be connected with Shu Ke. In order to make Liu Yu feel in crisis, she renewed Recovering Tao Hua, Tao Hua’s best friends and Tao Hua forced Shu Ke to confess with them.

Halfway through the string of words, Liu Yu called and said that she was going to the office to find Tao Hua. The next day Tao Hua saw Liu Yu coming over, and she began to play the music. Before the two officially started talking, Zhong Jinghua called and asked Liu Yu went back to discuss business as soon as possible. Knowing that Zhong Jinghua became Liu Yu’s partner at work, Tao Hua immediately quit, threatening Liu Yu to either break up or break up with Zhong Jinghua. Her unreasonable troubles exhausted Liu Yu’s last patience. Before Liu Yu left Tao Hua He also insisted that he had obtained the certificate from Liu Yu, and Liu Yu gave her a hopeless look and left.

Tao Hua found Shu Ke and gave him a day to consider, apply for a fake certificate with her, and give Shu Ke money. Shu Ke hadn’t had this idea, but when he knew that Uncle Shu had finally saved money to buy a crown for his daughter to be rescued, and that the deposit for buying the crown was about to be lost, he began to shake.

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