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llustrated Book of Beauty in Martial Art 武林秘案之美人圖鑑 Episode 8 Recap

Shangguan Rufeng won the championship of the martial arts competition. As Gao Yue had expected, Shangguan Rufeng took out the beautiful pictures to enjoy with everyone, and planned to find martial arts secrets with martial arts people. Shangguan Rufeng knew that this beauty picture was involved in many ways, and that many schools of martial arts and martial arts were stolen by Shenshui Palace, so that the school fell.

He decided to contribute the beauty picture and go back to Soul Valley with everyone. Hu Wanhua told Leng Xingchen that Chu Yunxiao had already returned to Chu Mansion with Ji Xuanyuan first. Leng Xingchen was very worried about him, and then went to Chu Mansion.

When Chu Yunxiao returned to Chu Mansion, he first asked Chu Tiankuo if he was his biological son. Chu Tiankuo was surprised, Ji Xuanyuan explained that Chu Yunxiao recalled the assassination incident five years ago. Later, Chu Tiankuo told him that his real name was Tie Chengyang, the son of Tie Zhongtang, the general of Chaozhong Zhenguo. Tie Zhongtang was harmed by the treacherous courtiers in the imperial court and harmed the whole family.

He was the only one who was escorted to Chu Tiankuo by the Tie Family Death Guard, and Chu Tiankuo raised him as an adult. Chu Yunxiao realized that his father Tie Zhongtang had been ordered to destroy Shenshui Palace when he was in danger. Leng Xingchen, who came to Chu Mansion to find Chu Yunxiao, heard their conversation and ran away heartbroken.

Chu Yunxiao chased it out, and Leng Xingchen kept crying in the small pavilion in the suburbs. She felt that it was Chu Yunxiao’s father Tie Zhongtang who killed her mother. Chu Yunxiao wanted her to calm down and waited until he found out everything. But Leng Xingchen couldn’t hear anything right now, she even forced her to die, and did not interact with Chu Yunxiao.

Chu Yunxiao was drunk all night, and Shangguan Qianqian stayed with him beside him. Chu Yunxiao cast his anger on Ji Xuanyuan, thinking that not only did he not tell himself the truth, but he also kept it from himself with his father. Hu Wanhua persuaded him that Leng Xingchen was just a momentary impulse. When she calmed down, the two of them would just leave it alone.

At this time, Leng Xingchen met a bad guy on the road who deliberately pretended to be fainted by the old man, who stunned her and stole the gem necklace. Shangguan Rufeng took the martial arts people back to Soul Valley, and rescued the unconscious Leng Xingchen on the way. Leng Xingchen, who was awake, found that his gem necklace was missing. Shangguan Rufeng sent a letter to Hu Wanhua, saying that Leng Xingchen had gone back to the Soul Valley with him.

Hu Wanhua quickly told Chu Yunxiao about this, but Chu Yunxiao didn’t care about it on the surface, and was unwilling to go back to Soul Valley with Hu Wanhua. Leng Xingchen found that he had some headaches, and guessed that it might be caused by drugs.

When Shangguan Rufeng learned that Leng Xingchen was unwell, he asked Yulong to prepare some concentrating herbs and send it to Leng Xingchen tomorrow. At this time, Leng Xingchen had already broken with Chu Yunxiao, but he still wondered whether Chu Yunxiao was well recently.

Chu Yunxiao thought about it for a long time, and decided to say goodbye to his father, but he still couldn’t rest assured Leng Xingchen. Chu Yunkuo also wanted to understand. He no longer prevented Chu Yunxiao from leaving the house, but he told him to pay attention to safety when going out. Gao Yue came to Chu Tiankuo and the others, and everyone decided to go back to Soul Valley together.

Leng Xingchen was a little dizzy on the way, Shangguan Rufeng asked everyone to rest. At this time, everyone in Chu Yunxiao entered Huihun Town, except for Shangguan Qianqian, everyone else felt that someone in the whole town was staring at them.

A man in black touched Chu Yunxiao’s door at night, but when Chu Yunxiao came out, the person was gone. Early the next morning, they were besieged at the inn by people from Huihun Town. They believed that the mayor’s granddaughter Do’er’s disappearance was related to them, and a group of people quickly fell into a melee.

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