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llustrated Book of Beauty in Martial Art 武林秘案之美人圖鑑 Episode 7 Recap

At night, the headless general came to Nangong Ye’s room and set aside the smoke in advance. At this time, Chu Yunxiao had been waiting for him for a long time. When he raised his sword to kill, Chu Yunxiao jumped up and put the quilt on this person’s face. He pulled hard, and there was a man behind the armor. There was no headless general. Said, it is totally artificial.

He wanted to catch up with the man in black, but he had an unbearable headache when he heard the xun, and he chased out and stopped again because of the xun. He told Ji Xuanyuan and Hu Wanhua that the murderer ran in the direction of the Wanshou Garden, and Hu Wanhua immediately went after the murderer. Gao Yue and Leng Xingchen found the size one armor in Nangong Ye’s room, and they knew that the headless general was pretending to be a ghost.

Later, Nangong Ye woke up and asked the two to untie herself. Leng Xingchen learned that Chu Yunxiao had an accident and rushed over. Gao Yue did not help Nangong Ye untie. Hu Wanhua saw the murderer enter the Wanshou Garden with his own eyes, and he also rushed in. Bai Yunzi’s junior and senior disciples prevented him from entering the search on the grounds that they were doing things for Bai Yunzi. Chu Yunxiao was hit by the strange poison of flowers from the other side.

Fortunately, Leng Xingchen was knowledgeable and could heal this poison, otherwise Chu Yunxiao’s life would be gone. Hu Wanhua, Ji Xuanyuan and Gao Yue came to see him, and Chu Yunxiao was a little discouraged when they learned that the murderer hadn’t caught it. At this time, Qing Yunzi was lying on the bed with a pale face. The doctor checked his pulse and said that he had only a simple cold syndrome.

Hu Wanhua got nothing last night, but he did see the murderer enter the Wanshou Garden. Gao Yue told them that the Kunlun faction had always had a good relationship with the Jin family. When they came to participate in the martial arts convention, they even lived in the Jin family’s Wanshou Garden. However, if they wanted to enter the Wanshou Garden, they had to obtain the Kunlun faction’s consent.

They asked Master Jin to come forward, and Tong Yunzi still insisted not to let them in and search until Shangguan Rufeng brought Master Tianhu, and Tong Yunzi could only let them in. However, Tong Yunzi still refused to accept Chu Yunxiao, so he had a few tricks with him. Chu Yunxiao said that he had acted against a murderer. He suspected that Qingyunzi was the murderer. If he could compare with himself, he could judge whether Qingyunzi was the murderer.

When he was fighting with Qingyunzi, Hu Wanhua and others searched under the tree to find evidence that Qingyunzi was a headless general. They took the evidence in front of everyone, and there were all personal and physical evidence. Qing Yunzi hurriedly ran away and was stopped by Chu Yunxiao. After that, Hu Wanhua and Ji Xuanyuan held Qing Yunzi in her arms. His eyes turned red and he was very irritable. Leng Xingchen rushed to give him a shot. She said that Qingyunzi had been poisoned, and her skill would be greatly increased in the short term, but her mind would also become unclear.

Qingyunzi killed Baiyunzi because he was jealous of his master’s petting him, and killing Zhao Lingzhu and others was to take the position of the leader of the martial arts. Gao Yue was not killed because Qing Yunzi liked her. Soon, Qing Yunzi became more irritable, overturned Hu Wanhua and Ji Xuanyuan, and slapped Chu Yunxiao.

Before Chu Yunxiao fainted, remembering some memory fragments, he said a thoughtless word to Leng Xingchen. Leng Xingchen rescued Chu Yunxiao. After he woke up, he recalled the past. Ji Xuanyuan seemed to know something, but he didn’t tell the truth. The martial arts conference has come to an end. Shangguan Rufeng and Nangong Ye competed.

The former was slightly better and won the beauty picture. Leng Xingchen got better, and called Ji Xuanyuan into the room. In his memory, a man in black used the cold ice palm to kill him, and he said that he was the remnant of the Tie Family. Ji Xuanyuan had to tell the truth, he was not Chu Tiankuo’s biological son, but was adopted. Chu Yunxiao couldn’t believe it, and clamored to go back to Chu Mansion to ask for more details.

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