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llustrated Book of Beauty in Martial Art 武林秘案之美人圖鑑 Episode 6 Recap

The news of Zhao Lingzhu’s murder soon spread throughout Luofu Town, and Hu Wanhua told Chu Yunxiao and others about the incident. Knowing that Gao Yue was a major disciple of the Huashan School, they were worried that she was in danger, and everyone hurried to find her. At this time, Liu Qingyuan of the Western Regions stopped Gao Yue, and the two sides fought, Gao Yue was injured, and Hu Wanhua appeared in time to rescue her.

Chu Yunxiao stopped everyone, saying that although Zhao Lingzhu died in Qingfeng 13th style, she was not necessarily the murderer. Chu Yunxiao said that he could find out the real culprit within three days. He went to check the corpses first and found that the heads of these corpses had indeed been chopped off and their heart veins were destroyed. I wonder who was so cruel.

Hu Wanhua drank and knocked on Gao Yue’s room door. No one answered, he opened the door without authorization and went in. Seeing Gao Yue asleep, Hu Wanhua was lying on the table. When Chu Yunxiao came back, the first thing was to find Leng Xingchen. Gao Yue woke up, thinking that Hu Wanhua had guarded him all night. Hu Wanhua was very embarrassed and was about to come in to see Gao Yue.

Seeing Hu Wanhua present, he turned and left lonely. Shangguan Qianqian saw Chu Yunxiao, but did not step forward to take care of him. Shangguan Rufeng could tell that she liked Chu Yunxiao. Chu Yunxiao and the others analyzed that the murderer had killed the big disciples who had won the arena one after another. Perhaps the other party wanted to kill everyone who might win the championship.

Chu Yunxiao thought of a way, and Gao Yue was willing to be a bait to attract the murderer. Ji Xuanyuan was worried, but Hu Wanhua said that Gao Yue would be fine with him. They didn’t even know that the walls had ears, and their plans had long been heard. Shangguan was waiting for Leng Xingchen like the wind.

There was no lack of appreciation for Leng Xingchen in his words, but Leng Xingchen was unmoved. Chu Yunxiao and Leng Xingchen checked Bai Yunzi’s room, but found nothing. Seeing Bai Yunzi’s corpse, Leng Xingchen found that his corpse was different from the corpses of the first two, so they guessed that the murderer might know Bai Yunzi. Bai Yunzi’s junior, Qing Yunzi, expressed condolences to Gao Yue, and the two soon separated.

After the martial arts competition was held as scheduled, Wudang sent Zhang Youxia’s second disciple Deng Zhilong to fight against Chu Yunxiao. Chu Yunxiao’s martial arts is good, Deng Zhilong is not his opponent at all. In the next few competitions, he won without suspense. The young master of the Nangong family heard that the winner would be killed by the headless general. He immediately sent someone to investigate the matter and saw Gao Yue among the people off the court. He went to talk to her, but Gao Yue had no feelings for him. , Let him die early to marry her heart. Gao Yue played against Chu Yunxiao. According to the plan, Chu Yunxiao deliberately lost to her and Gao Yue won.

Nangong Ye from the Nangong family played against Gao Yue. Gao Yue didn’t want to fight him, but the rule of the game is to refuse or lose. She can only choose to fight. Chu Yunxiao could see that she was not Nangong Ye’s opponent, and Gao Yue really lost. Leng Xingchen looked at Gao Yue’s injury, and it was not a serious problem. Chu Yunxiao guessed whether he was related to the headless case, but Gao Yue understood Nangong Ye and felt that he should not be the murderer.

Afterwards, Chu Yunxiao, Hu Wanhua and Ji Xuanyuan went to Nangong Ye for a while and talked to him about the headless general. Chu Yunxiao wanted to discuss with him and let him deal with the headless general, but Nangong Ye also wanted to help justice, so he didn’t agree. Chu Yunxiao pretended not to talk about it, and Hu Wanhua poured wine for him, knocking him unconscious. Chu Yunxiao planned to pretend to be Nangong Ye tonight, hiding in his room, waiting for the murderer to appear.

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